LIFT YOUR BUM and LOSE FAT in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide

Today’s home workout is going to be a
lift your bum and lose fat workout guide in 14 days. All you need is a chair or sofa. The puppy is optional! Let’s do this. We’re starting by exercising our hamstrings. We’re going to work your bum! Digging your heels in and lifting the toes up. Come up nice and high. Squeeze. 10 seconds. Recovery will be 10 seconds. Squeeze! Get down on the mat. This time we’re going to stick the right heel in. Lift the pelvis up and push off. I know this is tough! come on push it all the way! Changing sides. Dig that heel in. Let’s go. Nice and high with the pelvis. Good work. Lower down from there. Wow! Your hamstrings should be awake. Flattening your feet. Now come up into a bridge. Open. Touch the knees together. Keep the core nice and tight. Keep the bum squeezed. Squeeze with the inner thighs touching. Hold! Come onto the toes for me. Nice and high with your bum. Nice and high with your pelvis. You’re going to pump up and down. Squeeze the butt muscles. If you’re feeling it in your lower back, move the feet a little bit further away. Flatten the heels down. Come up onto all fours from here. Make sure the chair or sofa is out of the way. Start with fire hydrants. Spreading the fingertips. Lifting out to the side and lowering half way down only. Working into the outer bum here. Sculpting and rounding the bum. You’re smashing it! Hold it up and squeeze it. Just
pump it really nice and fast. Five seconds, come on keep pushing! Sit back. We need to even you out now. Come onto the other side. We are doing fire hydrants. lowering down halfway only. Hold it, then pump it. All the way to the end! Come on! 15 seconds. Your butt should be on fire! Mine is! Move the chair out of the way. On you side and I want you to lift your heels up. Open, straighten, touch the feet, then touch the knees. Keep the core nice and tight. Try to lift your waist off the mat, if you can. Hold it straight. Lower down your underneath leg and just pump it. The underneath leg is bent, the upper leg is straight. Back behind you into extension, flex the foot. From there, lift and lower. Should feel this in your big butt muscle. Squeeze your butt muscles as hard as you can. Go a little bit higher, pump for 10 seconds. My booty is on fire! Straight only the other side. Starting off with a clam. Open, straighten, feet, knees. Hold your leg straight. Lower down your underneath leg and pump it. You want to feel that outer booty. Glute Med, come on! Nice strong core, keep pushing! If you can move it further forwards. Back into extension. Move this front foot a little bit further forwards. Now flex the foot. Heel digging backwards. Going to lift and lower. Really dig your heel backwards. Squeeze the booty. Hold. Pump. Let’s go. Even higher. All the way to the end. Come up into a bridge. Dig your heels in. Lift your toes. Squeeze the butt as much as you can,
you’re going to walk the feet out. Bring them back in. Control your movement. Keep your core tight. Keep the pelvis high if you can. Now every time you come in, want you to
go up high and then walk out. Hold your legs out as far as they can go. Feel the hamstrings burn! Come up into sitting. Face the fingertips outwards. Place the feet apart. Knees together. Lift up, open close, half way. Pull that core in tight. Hold the inner thighs together and just pump up. Squeeze that booty! Straight up into standing. You’re going to need the chair or sofa. Come down, just short of the chair. Like you’re going to sit down, but you’re not allowed to. From there you’re just going to pump the legs out. Good work. You’re smashing it, come on, all the way! If you’re too sore, stand up and rest, then come back down. Don’t sit down. We’re going back to that first exercise now for the hamstrings. Hamstring bridge. Dig the heels in and
lift up. Lifting and lowering. 20 seconds hold it there and pump it. Squeeze the booty, work the hamstrings. Single leg, digging the heel in and lifting up. Back up into standing, and we’re going to go for the squat again! Come down nice and low. Weight back through the heels, and push out. Come on! Good! Really pushing your knees out. 20 seconds. Wow squad! Finishing up with some bridges. No chair required. Inner thighs touching,
toes apart. Nice and high for me, let’s pump. Inner thighs are touching. You can do it! We’re nearly there! Hold at the top guys! Dig the heels in. Feet away from the bum. Lift your pelvis. Make sure you touch the inner thighs together. If the back is sore, make sure you bring your heels in closer. Continue. My doggie is something else! Another set of walk outs now. Heels digging in. Lift the booty. Walk the feet out then in. The further away you walk the feet out, the harder it is! Let’s finish up these hamstrings. Hold them out as far as you feel they can go! Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!
Pump up. Under 10 seconds left. Finishing up with the exercise we did before. Lifting the pelvis up, fingertips facing outwards. Making sure your touching your inner thighs together. Hold when you get to the middle. Squeeze those inner thighs together and hold. Ten seconds, hold. Head over to Instagram right now for an Instagram live! Going to have the tunes pumping. It’s going to be a vibe. You don’t want to miss out.

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