is it best on or off? it’s okay like this. I’m nervous. I always keep them on They’ll turn off sooner or later. Which camera do I have to look into? No that’s– to greet the audience I look here? You don’t greet the audience It’s not the Maurizio Costanzo Show Can’t I say “Hi” to those watching from home? is this already recording? So we can start — whenever you are ready, I’ve been here for 40 minutes we have already started, so you can greet people from home. Hi guys! – we have three cameras I don’t know which one — I’ll look into this one too three hours to set up the cameras, but we are ready, so I would say that we can start this sir confidential, the second episode where I was asked by many two people: one — yeah like when you say “many of you asked me”, but in reality no one asked you My grandmother and my aunt – ’cause you asked them to. Having said this there was the ballot between Guido Meda and you, dear Albert and so here we are and I say to start with the topic no longer hot because we’ll get to the hottest one later – why is there a hottest one? Yeah.. we are all happy and good right now we’ll be at peace with God but let’s talk about the first victory where I don’t even remember when I fucking did it, like in ’93 also because there were not all these promotional championships that are there now, which are made much better and in any case are more i competitive in a sense because the how can I say? the one who maybe doesn’t have many possibilities but has the handle, runs then and there, like D’Ambrosio he goes fast he goes at like I don’t know how but he manages to go fast, so I wanna know how was this first fucking victory It was — Suffered so much because it was one of those things that I always saw there, I was always about to catch it and it slipped through my hands. We know because before every weekend we were there with vocal notes saying: ok, in the wet I was giving 17 seconds so this is THE weekend.. and then it was never that weekend. Damn it, I threw it! You gave him 17 seconds, and yet how is that possible? It is not clear. It is not clear. But what I want to know, just after the finish line Whether there is something better or not. In the first. There is nothing better. Anything. It is the most beautiful thing there is, because it is all the good things together condensed in that moment there, as soon as you see the checkered flag and you know you don’t have the one behind that will come to annoy you and so you give it that last push of gas and you see that it gets closer and closer, then you start enjoying the moment. Let’s say the danger this time is was you Those last 10 curves everyone was holding their breath. Don’t throw it, don’t throw it. you probably have many visits by the nurse, no fuck — the cardiologist, by the cardiologist, from the cardiologist because, really every time it was it was a delirium. Infact Patrick– he lost all his hair I can’t speak, but — he lost them all again I don’t want to know the feeling though On the one hand, the very word it expresses is “finally”. It’s something I worked hard for I sweated, I struggled, for a long time not only in these two years of racing but also in all the years before when I wanted to race but I couldn’t so you have to go and add those too and therefore it was a mix of joy and emotion anger, because in any case you take out all that anger you had inside that you wanted to vent and more than anything else I realize that in a certain sense it has unlocked me because the moment you pass the first one then the rest will come, exactly, so I will no longer have the anxiety of being in the leading position, of being in front, of being first, of being afraid of throwing everything away – months – and yes, then in the end when you find yourself there yeah it’s not like being at the bar drinking beer, though – or when you feel like you’ve got the chance like me last year in stock 1000 which started raining 3 minutes before the race and after one a half curve and I was already in the gravel, but talking now about the world championship why a lot of people and you told me this too, compares you to pilots practically in the world championship.. I have no clue. No idea. An another thing that makes me laugh “Naska with the €180k bike goes at MotoEstate” but ok you have the assistance and that’s fine, but the bike per se it’s a r1 standard with suspensions with electronics, and that’s it. They don’t get it. You can go 20km/hr slower than me on the straight road just look at the prints of mugello 2 84 like my 2017 r1. Same! I don’t get it. In fact the other day they sent me a post, the screenshot of a post on facebook by the way in reality, now on facebook I no longer have a private profile, so I’m there are only with the page, so I don’t even see these things, but they sent it to me because it was funny, there was someone I don’t know – a genius – who did a collage of pics with me on the r1 and perotti on the r1 saying enough saying that this is an amateur because he needs to be compared with those like perotti I’m like, sorry, but how the fuck can you compare me, I have been running for two years, with a fast guy like perotti who has been running for how many years? 17, 18? yeah something like that. It’s like saying, you did boxe right? two years? yeah. Like me on the bike now I say guys there’s luca salvadori who did boxing for two years, stop comparing him with amateurs, we have to compare him to tyson You gotta on the ring with Tyson, so they say. That wouldn’t be nice. Why not? You have boxing gloves right? Of course, so go fight Tyson. here it’s even worse ’cause the means are different I don’t understand it, my opinion it’s due to the fact that If you think about the career of a rider, where by rider we mean one who works as a rider, because in a way You’re becoming a little of both, aren’t you? ’cause you were born as a rider but now you are becoming a YouTuber. You go from a 100 percent rider to 80%, but you are doing the opposite. yeah but can really call me a rider? who knows? because, moreover, what is the definition of “rider”? and here a debate opens rider is the one who does it for work, in the sense that he makes money from riding So perhaps this year I get sponsors who pay me, I earn money does that make me a rider? and if I don’t earn, I’m not a rider anymore? the pro etc so if we talk about F1, half of them are not pilots ’cause they pay to be there it is something that is not well defined — I think that a rider both the one who pays and the one who does not pay from my point of view it only counts how much you give, so already if one falls below 53 at mugello from my point of view he is a great rider and we know very well that apart from what we do and very few others around the world are able to earn, not even being — yeah not being in the first six of the motogp nor in the first 6 of the SBK, from there and all there is undergrowth there are a lot of riders that run even faster than the 52 at mugello who pay to race understand? so — who is the rider? what is the rider? the big question mark, then you say, under the 53 at Mugello they are rider maybe there are former Italian champions who are running a CIV or national with the bike they don’t like and yet they run at 55, they are no longer riders? I don’t know, just see the national last year, we had in the top ten 12 titles among Italians, world yet they are not there in front the vehicle matters too much. And so you find people who compare me with these guys, with these Riders with capital R and I wonder why? what comes to mind is this: that if you take a rider, how does his career start? a rider who has a certain prestige starts, runs runs runs runs runs runs for ten years 15 years 20 years whatever until he gets results with the results he gets he becomes famous by becoming famous for the results he has achieved people are like “He’s cool, I’ll follow him” and he starts having followers, I have – infinites– infinitesim– whatever, you get it less followers than you — that’s what I am saying, I worked my ass for longer, and I have less followers, so it creates a bit of friction also for this, and in fact if you notice the major frictions are amongst those who follow the track, yeah exactly — let me show something for a comparison I’m looking for back to this topic of – I don’t know, you take a very fast rider who runs motogp, if you look at his Instagram page he has 266 thousand followers and 15,000 likes in photos, ok I have almost 400 thousand followers on youtube 160,000 on instagram and I do from twenty to thirty thousand likes per photos. They will hate you a lot for this — I’m trying to explain this, if you take a rider any other great rider arrived at the motogp level see that the media impact it has on social media in terms of numbers is comparable to the media impact I have, whoever looks at us says they have the same media impact on social media, then he says and so they are the same. No, he is a phenomenon that gives gas, who has made a career as a rider I am a neophyte who started yesterday but I started as a youtuber not as a pilot. but also something if you think about it create more interaction among the people who follow you instead the rider is simply what you see far away, there is less connection I think it’s also because of this, because you can be more in touch with the follower, get it? the rider is seen more as a superior entity far away, that doesn’t come close to you indeed, moreover his job is to be a rider, he is not there to make videos every day, because you can’t run in motogp with the camera to do a blog my job instead is making videos, not being a pilot, of course, they are two completely different jobs, but people keep mixing them up and I don’t know why they keep comparing me I mean, thanks I guess for the credit compare me with people of that level. But then I’d like to go back to six years ago, don’t make certain mistakes and I think you too, but unfortunately time goes on and, you’re almost 30. Almost 29, don’t rush it! I’m 27 we still have things to do, but at 35 you gotta start thinking — stop fucking around – Biaggi won the world championship at like 43. What the fuck are you saying? Biaggi? No! 38, 37, I think, Superbike.. perhaps we are saying wrong stuff but I think 36 37 onboard aprilia he’s 43 now, he retired — trust me si è however we close this parenthesis and we move on to something very nice I took, let’s say this idea from American shows where some the person was asked about his exes obviously you will not know who we are talking about, based on what he says we will understand let’s see if you’ll make it clear about who you’re talking to or not. But the cool thing is that you may not be diplomatic there is a name written there that they don’t see and I can say what I think about that person? exactly, they are colleagues that we hang out with , maybe even opponents, etc., because there are so many names so based on what good Albert will say you can understand or not … Go, go,. Good from which do we start… this one? this one? on the left I met him in person, he is a very good person in my opinion he has achieved great results, making it all by himself and he started even ten years before me so I only have admiration for him I tell you that over time all the things we said at the beginning were confirmed finally! A shit! You said that! I only say that the things we said at the beginning have been confirmed period. perfect This? Yup. I do not understand why everyone hates him so much, this makes me understand even more that people are simply envious I mean if one has the possibility to do something -I hope you can’t see that camera If one has the possibility to do something and does it because one has the possibility why do you have to annoy him? just let him do it I don’t get it I can’t say more otherwise they understand the name But according to me he was very good because he doesn’t give a shit about quality, but now he has the numbers and so he does everything with minimal effort Right. there is not a person in the world who has spoken to me well Not one who spoke well of him. I haven’t found even one. I’ll say one word — next! Damn you! They understand who he is! He always fucks me at every race always always always always always always always not the last time! Yeah, for once! the one on the right? the most hated person by your followers Yeah ’cause said stop recoding him, he sucks. He’s great his bike has be twisted for the past 17 years — yeah we should all learn from him not like you! here…? What can I say? I think they are both very good I always have the utmost esteem for those who commit themselves, try hard… both of them I agree Ok so— no more? Yeah you went too fast wanna go back? Let’s go back to this one — about what we said which was confirmed well… when you hear things from one person, okay, when you hear it from 2, okay, from 3 — 20, you’re like ok maybe it’s tue what can I say there is not much to say, if there is some other name to propose in this sir confidential it’s better I’m afraid they’ll read the names somehow no look it’s hidden no worries don’t turn it!! keep it down! They can’t see it! You say that they see everything there! Look it’s on the black ok now let’s go the hot topic is over? No, we are getting there. Right now I’m in a no comment situation how’s with girls? No comment on my side so– we both know, but do you have updates for me? I don’t even have time to think about it we’re gonna do something tonight — don’t go there Ok so nothing. Just imagine that my last date it was a dinner, on Saturday night, of a race weekend, that’s the situation Can we say it? Around Bologna we can’t say. Ok! Ok so we’re both in no comment mode, nothing hot here, let’s move on I had a question for you: the thing that you like best both in the social world and in the motorcycle world, and what you like least. Social or bike first? social social The thing I like most about the social world is the fact that anyone from this can create content, can put their ideas online and without a euro, that is, without being anyone, you can become someone because the web is a meritocratic world, in the sense that if you do cool things, that work, sooner or later people will see them, and you grow likewise being a world meritocratic if you do objectively bad things but you have someone launching you that someone will launch you but if you are not then able to fly you go down so this is the most beautiful thing ever because today anyone can try and do something now some say “no on youtube now it is impossible to succeed” “youtube is saturated” is absolutely not true, there will always be a niche there is always something that someone has not done, it is saturated, it is obvious that if you start doing motorcycle blogs that there are already a lot of people who make them or gaming where you just play it is obvious that you are not successful because it is not that the world is saturated, it is that you do something that others have already done you gotta do something new like lewis who in a year made millions of subscribers. I love him, I watch all his videos remember the boxe thing? Nice! see.. the talent emerges. but that’s psychopathy come on! when you watch him you’re like “I do that too, just in my room when no one’s watching.” While he shows it he has the courage to show it, when goes like — I do that too! and then the lift opens or when you’re in the elevator and you hear people approaching and you press the close doors button Instead we are selfish he had the courage to externalize those things that we all do in reality, but yeah he’s been recoding himself randomly since he was 5 or 6 moving on this is the best thing about social media, while the worst thing about social media the fact tha Everyone can express their opinion, that in reality this is a sacrosanct right of all, no it is not some competence… through social media everyone can have their say which is everyone’s right, the problem is that who reads from outside is not able to understand if who is saying that is competent or not So if you find people who just say random things, nonsense, and others end up believing them! I gotta tell you, the other day I read a comment.. ’cause I do sometimes read your comments Ok so, qualifying lap at Imola: “I don’t ride, but I do watch all the motogp races and personally I believe that you did that curve too wide” I can’t — I mean, come on! he was nice to have given you an opinion thinking of helping you, but those who say that you’re an idiot you’re getting something wrong, and he’s never put his ass on a motorbike Come on.. get on a bike fall down x times — how high sides have you done? well I don’t know.. while you did more damages by falling once than me in an entire career, but I did get fair share of pain. I’m sure you more than — so the problem with social media is this everyone can have their say and even if they have no idea what they are saying what they say is amplified and people believe in it and false news is spread I mean like — when the “Rebubblica” posts things or “Lercione.it” there are the sane comments, those who share their thoughts.. what can we do? so back to the main thing– you were just supposed to tell the me about the silver lining of social media what about the bike? the positive thing about bikes I’m talking about the track, but also about going on the road, it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world because it gives unique sensations incredible, indescribable, and you know it better than me, not just riding a bike but above all when you start racing, competing all the rest, then the battle, duel, the friendship between pilots, the team that cheers you on from the wall, the victory, all beautiful things What’s bad, and that I only realized when I started racing as long as I worked in the world of motorcycling how beautiful, wonderful, all who help each other, all who love each other, all who lend a hand absolutely not the motorcycle world should be divided into two. I agree. There are not in terms of those who have fun and those work, but rather beautiful people in motorcycling willing to help you, to give you a hand, they want you – I mean like in every setting there are very few people on that side there and there are so many on the other, as in any setting, unfortunately yes yeah.. Like, you see a pilot like D’Ambrosio who before the start he stops, gets next to me, he says “use your head because you can win this race”. I mean, it’s my opponent in the race, understand? also, the higher the level the less you see certain things, but when you’re racing the championship where there are millions of euros at stake.. you do everything to win, but the opposite is not true either, that is, it is not that at an amateur level, they are all good because — that’s what I saying, the world is divided in two perhaps they struggle more and find themselves in the same difficulties, in the level amateur compared to – no said no no i am seeing this thing, because you are already here at the level of the professionals instead i am living in the amateur level so as long as I worked behind the scenes so I spent 18 hours standing, with my bicycle to mount the cameras, to shoot here and there, with the Punto that didn’t start everyone was kind of nice to me, no a lot of people who appreciated me, respected me, loved me there was a really nice environment, you say “oh fuck how beautiful motorcycling, all friends, everyone loves each other” when I started racing and to do maybe every once in a while by mistake, maybe even a lap, a tenth faster than someone who may have been running for ten years, suddenly, people who appreciated and respected me before now they hate me… and I’m like I’m still the same as when I was walking around with the Graziella, only instead of going around with Graziella, now I’m going with the r1 but it’s like this I don’t — I started not understanding what the problem was, actually, because to some people I did nothing, and then you realize that Unfortunately even at the amateur level there are many people who die of envy, live on envy, and even die of envy especially perhaps even more at the amateur level, much more. it is a strange world because you go from the typical biker bro to that who starts to do well, and so rivalry comes out at some point. I mean, those 40 riders are those who go in the CIV, and then the world championship.. it’s always them instead there the situation is more — I have some important examples to do because For example, groups. I was a member of all the groups on facebook, now I’m out I used to participate ’cause I liked to give some tips advice that is to say straight from my humble point of view, meaning that one asks me how to turn in 27 at Cremona look, if you find out, come tell me too but if someone asks what retions you use for the r1? look to do the amateur championship that they do I used these, maybe it’s useful to you I participated to give help, support, and instead I realized that there, where should be an environment of amateurs that help one another, with the bro biker — not at all just a continuous daily contest of who has it longer when the contest to who has it the longest you do it in motogp, in the civ, in superbike, but not in how much you time you do here and there but all the things that really displeased me, because they brought down the beautiful image I had of this world but in this castle that has collapsed, however, I save those little oases, those friends, those people who have proven to be really true friends, I have the utmost respect for them, and all I can do for them I do and — Even my opponents in the championship, if by chance they had a problem one day, and I can help in some way I do it more than willingly Last year Palladino fell, smashed his helmet, I lent him mine In motogp you don’t see these things and then another thing: let’s take the example of us two, two years ago – three years ago, when we met we could have easily hated each other I have all the reasons in the world to hate you, because you had the chance to race that I never had and above all you also go fast so you are annoying, because you go too fast, so I hate you and you had all the reasons to hate me, that you still give me ten seconds per lap At the time maybe you had a lot less followers than I did, when you opened the youtube channel you did 500 views and I did 100.000 and you say, why do I, who have been racing for ten years, I break my back, tI do 51 Mugello, and have 500 views, when that guy who isn’t even able to put his knee on the ground yet, makes 100,000 But what have we done instead of hating ourselves as the morons do on the web? we said: why don’t we give each other a hand? you have taught — you have tried to teach me how to race it’s a long and hard job, however many already know it, many amateurs know what it means to turn under 2 at mugello that’s like a 40 minute call 45 minutes on the phone with him telling me what to do but you don’t know that a few years ago they called him “Salvadori demolition firm” because he broke so many bikes I ran with an R6 with a crooked frame! then I can understand — you know what? I already start in a certain sense learned, because people always remember about the last race, so I have the status that now anyway I go fast and don’t fall down or at least not often, instead you are already in the spotlight, when you’re still learning a lot, so dumb things are seen by everyone — that’s what I’m talking about! the comparison between the rider and me that is never ending the rider became famous after he raced for 15 years so all the stupid things he did, no one ever saw, like falling off at the box lane some still do it — Locatelli, world champ, told me that that he once fell at the box lane to warm up the tires, and he did a high side! get it? but when you reach a certain level no one has seen the shit you did before, it’s important to reach the end of the career when you have learned it all — what I have just said? it’s fine, it’s always nice to come with new things we were saying that I became famous — “famous” you gotta learn it all to get to the world championship ready to show it all and show your worth. In your case, you’re under the spotlight now it’s a mess. it’s a mess. it’s a problem also when I race, ’cause aside from the pressure of winning, not making mistakes, I know that everything I get something wrong the world will know same thing for me, it was easier once, but still, now I get 2nd you suck, you got 2nd! but they don’t look at 3rd, 4th, 7th, 10th, they don’t look at who were them like I had I gotten 39 out of 40 they won’t care about the last, they still just look at you ’cause all eyes are on you. Same thing for you, no one pays attention to those behind they just care that there are 4 in front of you, until you win — actually you gotta win all the time they are never happy ’cause if you were to win by 15 seconds, “oh come on” you have the hp 4 which costs 80 thousand euros but they don’t know that you have an exotic bike and you have a motorcycle competitive in itself, that is I would like to spend 80 thousand euros to make a super bike not to have a carbon frame that’s the think. I think we’ve talked too much. I want to conclude with something pretty deep. God. I’m scared so we had the hot moment about the girls, what’s the deep thing gonna be? since it all started, I can’t live a race The weekend starts and I enter a tunnel. once I used to race and it was also sort of easiness ’cause I did my thing, went out with friends in the camper van until one in the morning, now it’s all: you wake up, you know that from 8 in the morning until 11 in the evening video cameras, shoot, go on the track, detach, download, shoot also, a guy wrote to me “I saw you at the box but you didn’t pay attention to me” understand that we are entering a qualifying that will allow us — in that lap you either do well or fail big time and they think you are there to say hi back to us, I live the weekend from the videos, and not while I’m there. I’m link in a tunnel from Thursday to Sunday and then I wake up on Monday and say, let me see what I did, what happened same here. It’s something from home they don’t get which I sometimes say in the videos but then they insult me however many envy the fact that I am doing a whole series of beautiful experiences that are undoubtedly beautiful but what they don’t know is that most of these experiences, as you say, I’m not experiencing them also the journey I didi in Sicily awesome I– don’t recall a thing I didn’t live it because I wasn’t there to enjoy the trip and to look at the view, I was there to do a job so get that every time you see a beautiful panorama it is not that you sit there to look at it, you say “what a view let me get the drone, get the camera, shoot this and that, ok wait the other left, get back on the bike” same when racing I didn’t even enjoy my victory ’cause once the race was over get the cameras, did you shoot this and that, send me the pics to post online, I gotta do a story and I get home at 11pm and I’m like “wow I won” no wait tomorrow morning I have to go and make that video, so download the camera, charge them you enter a loop where you do a whole series of beautiful things but in reality you are not experiencing them don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful job I want to continue doing it all my life but you get that what you feel about not really living the moments since you have to capure it, in fact, something that I always thought of when you see people at concerts rather than watching the concert they make the video, just look at it! same thing when you’re there on the bike if you have to make the video you’re not really living it, it’s the same for me unfortunately this is downside, of doing this job, a beautiful and wonderful job, but it has this downside, we can say. Since we’ve been here for.. Jack, how long? 50 minutes perfect! ok so to wrap it all up perfectly.. I wanna ask you a 10 year forecast is impossible, so let’s just talk about 12 months – one year. bike goal goals one year from now you mean end 2020 or July 2020? let’s do end 2020 because otherwise you’re halfway through the season and so let’s do 1.5 years. Yeah, of 2020. end of 2020, ok I’d say winning a championship, but if I win it this year it’s hard though if I don’t win I don’t know if I’ll do it again, I don’t know. We have to do the 200 mile race, to make the podium. If they organize it we can do it if we do it, this is the strategy: two hours of competition, Luca will do 50 minutes I will do 20 he makes the other 50, we will win because he goes fast, and I will raise the cup on the podium ok guys — ok what? I gotta finish I know you’re hungry — yeah we gotta order you have to be fit for later, we have an evening that awaits us, exactly, the first time I go dancing after two months bike goal? Can I give you time goals? ’cause winning — championship goal I can’t stay, it depends I can give you the time goals Mugello. 56 that is 3 seconds from him, holy shit! the other day Facebook memories reminded me about a post that was like “an r1 that’s slow than the original at 52” so I mean — you also have the advantage of the big tires are better. I don’t have them but I could put them on ok so 52 — you gotta use them though. Otherwise I’ll end up in the crowd I’ll do it like this Cremona. 28 also like 28 99 — it’s not impossible we’ll see how I do I’ll do a crowdfunding for the bike I can ride your bike with your name on it can we show…? so they can shit in their pants 3 days of panic I’d be nice! There’s would be people taking pictures — I mean I fell at Mugello and facebook knew before my team did Yeah ok so Misano 41. That’s fast So ok within 2020. Also 41 99 is okay You have to start going faster — you’re right, also for the 200 miles race you have to keep my pace, don’t fuck it up 57? Wow 57 you, and 53 me, so that’s 55 on average to get on the podium deal? what if I throw it? the rule is not to throw the bikes around. You can’t tell me to go fast and not throw the bike ok fine, we’ll see ok so this video is too long, I’ll close it guys, as usual if you are not yet subscribed to the channel, Naska’s, sign up, the link in description if you’re already subscribed to mine, activate the bell otherwise subscribe – no, unsubscribe – twitch and all, subscribe! all the info in the description below and? gas, see you next video! bye!


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