Local CrossFit gym helping kids keep active and healthy this summer

MATTERS AND IT’S SOMETHING THAT I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT SO THAT’S WHY I’M HERE. I’M EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THIS EVENT FOR SURE.” (ANDY:) MAVERICK BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB SERVES MORE THAN 1,000 KIDS IN OUR AREA EVERY YEAR…HELPING THEM BECOME RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS. (ANDY:) IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY TO MOTIVATE KIDS TO EXERCISE AND STAY ACTIVE, ESPECIALLY DURING THE SUMMER. KAMR LOCAL FOUR’S JASON BRITSCH EXPLAINS HOW A LOCAL CROSSFIT GYM IS TRYING TO HELP BY MAKING WORKING OUT…FUN. (JASON BRITSCH:) FOR SOME KIDS, EXERCISE IS NOT THE FIRST THING THEY THINK OF WHEN THEY THINK OF FUN. BUT PALO DURO CROSSFIT IN CANYON, IS LOOKING TO CHANGE THAT NOTION. (ASHLEY REEVES/PALO DURO CROSSFIT COACH):”We just want them to realize that fitness is fun and that they can be healthy and that it’s an important goal in their life.” TWICE A WEEK, FOR AN HOUR DURING THE SUMMER, DOZENS OF AREA KIDS GATHER AT P-D CROSSFIT FOR THE LITTLE BEASTS PROGRAM, WHICH REEVES SAYS IS A LITTLE TWIST ON EVERY DAY EXERCISES. (REEVES):”Things they learn in P.E. like jumping jacks, burpees, stuff like that and those kind of things and we incorporate that into games. We play lots of different games that they love including that they don’t believe they’re working out but we get the conditioning in and the strength work and have a little fun with that.” THE RESULTS ARE APPARENT, JUST ASK TEN YEAR OLD RILEY MCCLELLAN, WHO SAYS IT’S BETTER THAN STAYING INSIDE ALL SUMMER. (RILEY MCCLELLAN/LITTLE BEASTS PARTICIPANT):”It’s way more fun because you can just get off your couch and you could do an activity and do games. Have fun.” IGNITING THE WANT TO WORKOUT, LIKE MCCLELLAN, IS WHAT REEVES SAYS IT’S ALL ABOUT. (REEVES):”Just the desire to want to come here and want to better their lives and be fit in their daily lives and in the future. We see kids that want to come with their parents to Crossfit and so it’s awesome that they’re excited about fitness and they’re excited about health.” IN CANYON, JASON BRITSCH KAMR LOCAL FOUR NEWS (ANDY:) IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN SIGNING YOUR KIDS UP FOR THE WORKOUTS… (ANDY:) WE HAVE A LINK WITH MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE AT MY-HIGH-PLAINS DOT COM. (ANDY:) A MAN IS MAKING HIS WAY ACROSS THE UNITED STATES…BY FOOT. TODAY…HE MADE A STOP IN AMARILLO. (ANDY:) COMING UP…WE’LL TELL YOU

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