100 Replies to “Locked out of my House”

  1. I am I’ve lock my self out of my grandmas house to many times and everyone in my town knows I live there so I’m safe UwU

  2. i wanted to say that my birthday is on the day you have birthday so……. uuhhh…. yeah. (idk why i said that you wouldnt care anyways)

  3. That doesn't make sense…
    Okay, that hood above the door is covering the people to look down and look at you, so how can they look at you…?

  4. Reminds of the time I was drunk and came home late one night and actually climbed the side gate which was a lot more stupid then just opening the the gate. I'm surprised I didn't manage to die that night by falling off it. My parents always kept the back doors unlocked and then our dog started to bark at me which was a whole another can of worms but I made back into the house woke up with cheeseburger cheese in my hair, some fries down my outfit and a couple bruises.

    I don't remember getting the food that night but I always will remember climbing the fence 🤦🤦🤦

  5. That's a funny story, but I also have a funny story, it was about 2 AM, and I suddenly noticed a large frog was in the middle of my room. (My room is on the second floor of my house) (I got the frog outside, it was fine.)

  6. This is the third time I commented about Endigo's remix. Who cares! Type up on
    YouTube, "Boom! Nice! Song Jaiden Animations."

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