Logan Franklin’s Chest Workout | Building Classic Pecs 💪

what’s up guys Logan Franklin here with
MHP and muscle and strength we’re at Iron City Gym in Houston so stay tuned
we’re gonna get you guys a good chest workout we’re gonna warm up with some light
incline dumbbells we’re just keeping the bench at a 45-degree incline and just cruising with it until we get some blood in the muscle right now just with my chest I’m trying
to get some overall fullness but I’m really really trying to isolate my upper
pectoral so I can get that Arnold Pec and it’ll sit out like a shelf I feel
like I close the gap on my chest and I’ll be a lot harder to beat I mean if it’s my heaviest set I might
as well go for the 135 so for the second exercise today we’re
moving on to a flat Hammer Strength machine so trying to get that mid-range
and a little bit of upper PEC so what I did was I just lowered the seat just
slightly so it’s a little bit higher than mid-pec and just keeping shoulders
back keep your chest up and just squeeze in all chest you don’t ever want to let
your shoulders round forward because then you’re gonna hit shoulders so make
sure you’re keeping your scapula retracted and just press with your chest
I’m gonna go as many as I can and then drop it and then go to two another thing for a lot of you guys that
are just now starting to get in here or maybe I’ve been in here for a few years
and you’re trying to develop the physiques a certain way man don’t come
in here you know and thinking you have to be the strongest person in the gym and
lifting heavier than everybody else I mean you know strength is gonna come but
really we’re in here trying to shape our muscles and look best on stage because
the strength isn’t going to show on stage your physique is so come in here
and focus on form focus on squeezing the muscle and focus on having that
intensity in the gym and you do that and it’s going to go a lot longer a lot
further of a way than just coming in here and trying to lift as heavy of a weight
as you can with sloppy form the goal is to give my chest like no
pump as big as it is with the pump but that’s everybody’s fucking goal right
a little trick on these flies I try to tell everybody that starts training
with me or or guys that are just now starting to work out and they’re trying
to have some help activating more their pec on their
flys is think about not bringing the weight in with your hands like thinking
of doing this think about trying to touch the insides of your elbows
together and it’s gonna get more of a squeeze of your chest a lot of people wonder how I stay so
lean in the offseason and this is where it starts is right here and it’s that intensity in
the gym all right guys so the next exercise
we’re moving into is some dips do not neglect these guys I’m telling
you I neglected them for about a year and a half and I saw the decrease in
chest fullness from just not doing this exercises so make sure to keep these in
your routine it’s going to train a lot of the pec major so a lot of that
roundness of your pec is gonna help push the chest out for the last thing we’re doing on our
chest day just some flat bench just trying to make sure that we give
everything that we’ve got you know leave no question no doubt that we annihilated
our chest so I’m just going to go as heavy as I can for as many sets as we
can that’s it for our chest workout today
here in iron City Gym Houston muscle & strength thank you guys for
watching subscribe below

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  1. “Lotta people wonder how I stay so lean in the off-season. It all starts right here, with that INTENSITY in the gym”…

  2. For people who don't know
    Logan Franklin quotes
    My back is turned to the negativity but my face is towards a brighter future!

    I’m not just trying to climb to the top of the mountain. I’m trying to build my house there.

    Building and working toward the perfect physique! It doesn’t happen by sitting on the couch!
    Now you owe me a SUBSCRIBE 💪😍

  3. Gonna give this workout a try. Been usually starting off with bench press, guess it's time to start giving other workouts a try. Good video as always!

  4. I'M IN #CLASSICMODE 24/7 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #OLD SCHOOL

    This channel is REAL Motivation👌🏻

  5. One of the best channels which spreads the knowledge around the world and makes us better! Greetings from Greece! 🇬🇷💪

  6. If you are to weak to re-rack your weights,please ask the front desk staff and one of the ladies will be happy to assist you.

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  8. Weak fuck, Ronnie coleman did 200’s on the incline and your whining and grunting on 130’s. Get your act together man. Seriously… 😝😂 joking

  9. YEAH LOGAN!!!!!!! THANKS M&S!!!!!!! Love this dudes music choice and physique and personality. Guy is going to be top 5 Olympia FOR SURE

  10. This guy has aged,all this druggies looking ten years older right now,look at Sergi too,drugs are supposed to make you look younger and hotter for the chicks not older

  11. Lol it was hilarious listening to this guy grunt during each set, it sounded like he was cumming like Arnold lol 😂😂😂

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