Lola Tala comes down to Earth | Starla (With Eng Subs)

Daddy Greggy… Teresa… It’s Starla. She’s gone. She’s dead. [SOBS] Grandma Tala? Buboy! I’m alive? Starla? Starla! You’re alive! Starla, Grandma Tala
brought you back to life. Huh? Grandma Tala? Grandma Tala! You’re here! Yes, Starla. Wait. Why am I still alive? I didn’t die even though
I granted a bad wish? You knew it was a bad wish and you knew you’d die
if you granted it. Nevertheless, you
still granted it, because all you cared about was saving a good friend. Starla, everything
you need to learn in the academy of
wishing stars, you learned here on earth, together with those people. While you were helping them, you learned a lot. You learned the
importance of friendship You also learned the
importance of family. What fathers are capable
of doing for their kids. And what children are willing
to do for their parents. You learned the true
meaning of compassion. You would help others
without being asked or asking for
anything in return. Most importantly, Starla, you learned the true
meaning of love. You were willing to
sacrifice you own life, to save a dear friend. You may not have met the
number of wishes required, but you learned all
the important lessons to help you become a
full-fledged wishing star. You have all the qualities
of a true wishing star. That’s why I will give
you an extra wish, so you can become a
full-fledged wishing star. Really, Grandma Tala? Thank you, Grandma Tala! Buboy! You know the drill! You’ll make a wish,
and I’ll grant it! What wish do you want
me to grant, Buboy? Hurry! Tell me! I wish the cops would
catch Attorney Dexter, so he won’t hurt
anyone anymore. That’s an awesome wish, Buboy! Say the word and I will
grant your wish, and give you what
your heart desires. Right here, right now!

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