100 Replies to “Lose Stubborn Belly Fat – 5 Minute Home Ab Workout”

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  2. When doing those workouts my mid of back muscles get tired easily dont let me do all, so can you give me advice what to do ? Thanks also how to breath?

  3. My thighs are paining more than my abs while doing these exercise, I cannot do these all continuously…
    What to do ?

  4. Can this workout be good after 16 hours of not eating anything? (Intermittent fasting) Or its good to eat something (a heavier meal lets say) and wait 3 hours and then working out? Which one would be more impactful on helping losing weight WITHOUT LOSING MUSCLE?

  5. Ab workouts don't burn belly fat and you can't specifically target any region of fat you lose it gradually through your whole body

  6. This was a lot harder then my other ab workout I did, I really loved this one and my goal is to be able to do it just as good or even better than you did, I have a ways to go but imma work on it!! Thank you Chris🙌🏽

  7. Hey Chris, I'm planning to do this 3 times a day but can i spread them out across the day or should I do the workouts consecutively 1 after the other?

  8. At first i could only do it up to Russian twists now I can the whole thing without stopping 🔥🔥🔥

  9. great workout . i do this plus others for 55 minutes(yes 55 minutes ie nearly an hour of HIT, cardio and core together) every morning now for 6 weeks. – only missed like 3/4 days lost loads of weight. more to come. but who are the 1300 ppl who dislike this? either lazy ass idiots or trolls.

  10. There are so many more efficient ways you can burn calories and lose overall fat than this workout, i really dislike that the thumbnail and name of the video suggests that this workout is great for losing 'bellyfat'. Sure it is fine for that purpose but lets really be honest, this is more of your usual ab workout which, yes – will help you build muscle and lose fat, but should not be called a "Stubborn belly fat workout" If you want to see changes in your physique, more specifically in the abdominal area you might want to do more cardio on a regular basis and if you really want to use this workout, use it as your ab routine- not a fat burner.
    Do sprints, go swimming, play intense sports, go run, do some HIIT, but don't do ab exercises and expect to lose an inch of bodyfat.(at least not efficiently)

  11. Targeted excercises don’t work, just eat clean and excercise and your flat belly will come.

  12. Hey Chris I have done this workout for two days now and I wanna know if it helps with loosing fat. If someone could answer my comment I would appreciate it

  13. Great Workout, can't keep up the two first without a break because my back hurts like fuck same for climbers rest is good 🙂

  14. Look chris your tips and ab workouts are great but your true colors are rude and disrespectful please do some good stuff next time!

  15. I wish there was a magic app to only "watch" YouTube workouts and magically get the results.
    I would be faithful to this for sure

  16. If I am bulking tho, won't my muscle gain be affected when doing some of the cardio in these ab exercises?

  17. Finally someone who shows step by step instructions. Where are you located as I would like to be trained to be built correctly?

  18. Hey Chris please tell how many times we've to do this workout in a week and how much sets per workout…if anyone knows please tell…🙂🙏

  19. Bro i Like Your Intro Music Bro Make its Full length music I will one ☝ who has its first Like. People will love it. My Perception for this music says that " There was a person who was alone, afraid, hated, bt now he changed his Life by Changing his control over body and Mind and also HE became stronger and Loveable (to Subscribers) "
    Sorry my English Bro!!! Just Understand My feelings. ☺☺

  20. I used to do 1 set of this every morning 4 weeks ago, now i've mixed 2 other 5 min circuits of chris's and follow up with this is my cool down 🙂 THENX 4 life!

  21. I just had a small bag of Lay's… but I had run 8 kms in the evening. Hope the snacks didn't do much damage! 😁

  22. I love to watch this video while I am having my triple-meatlovers-pizza, double cheesburger, large fries and a very large diet coke (don't want to gain weight).

  23. Intensely Awesome! I am literally dripping right now! Hahaha Chris You Rule man! Many Thanks Bud for the Best Workouts EVER! Will send b4 and Afters Soon! 💪🏼 ✌❤🙏

  24. Having an issue of leg fatigue. I’m not able to work my core enough because my legs get tired first. Any suggestions?

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