Loso Loaded – Goat Mode [Goat Mode]

one two one two
ya’ll know what the fuck going on goat mode, three goats motherfucker
three goats, the three headed goat what the goat said. come on bro you already know what’s going
on loso loaded what it do!
boy rari i’m the motherfucking goat goat goaty
loso let it ride All these plays in motion, come in, ride me
baby, roller coaster I just popped an addy now I’m focused
I got lil nephew with me and he loc’n, nigga Ever play with bases loaded, I’ma leave a
nigga brain open Loso Loaded fully loaded, leave your main
thing choking I want that top, I want it like a hat
I get your bitch and stash her in the back I got your main thing, LA fitness with me
and she working, doing jumping jacks If I see it, want it, I’ma tip it
See that big old ass that I be grippin’ (Huh) Smith & Wesson, fully loaded nigga, you won’t
never catch a nigga slippin’ I’m in that Hellcat, a nigga racing (Vroom)
All I do is count them faces Your baby daddy on that hate shit, that’s
a massive foul, that’s a flagrant (Watch out) I ain’t doing no debating (Oh no)
All this gualla I been chasing (Gualla) Racky’s on my back, nigga I ain’t never cuttin’
slack (Oh no) Going big, I feel like a Mogul (Going big)
Them Bloods said they gon play, they gon roll him (Blatt)
Run it up, I’m meeting my quota (You know it)
12 smelled, but Scotty that’s oder I ain’t letting up, free Yola
Tell that boy hold down his composure (Hold it down)
Nigga fake, they sold baking soda (Fake) I just poured a deuce in my soda (Faygo)
Hi-Tech, Loso Loaded straight up out the project (Project)
Loso Loaded straight up out the 9th Ward (9th Ward)
And I got a fully loaded cartridge If he woof, we blow him down
Go ahead and give me the crown (The King) Goat mode (Goat mode)
I done went in mfn’ beast mode (Beast mode) I’ma kill the game, nigga reload (Reload)
Easy like a mfn’ free throw (Wow) I done got the mfn’ cheat code
Tell her open wide, that’s a deep throat (Wow) I’ma go to war bout that cash (To war)
If a nigga play, that’s his ass (You know it)
Monday Magic, boy I’ma spaz After, hit the mfn’ gas
I’ma do the mfn’ dash After, I will spend me a bag
I’ma end my night off in Crucial (In Crucial) Throwing money right on you boosters
‘Member I was down bad and broke (Racks) I ain’t ask too many for shit (Oh no)
All these bitches know I’m a dog (A dog) Yeah, they calling me Michael Vick (Grrr)
And I’m in that mfn’ hog (Vroom) And it got the mfn’ kick (Skrrrt)
I done went Supreme to the draws (Supreme) Then I put the raw on the fit (The raw)
I ain’t for the glamour, the glitz (Oh no) Make a nigga’s bitch take a pic (A pic)
Make a nigga’s bitch take a film (What it do Tete)
Make a nigga’s bitch do a trick (Yeah, yeah) Hold this MAC if bitches can swim (Woo)
All my diamonds water, they glisten (They go) Water, water, water, water, water, hold up,
water Hold up, water, hold up, water, hold up, water,
water, water Woo, woo, brrrt, what up Fly Guy?

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  1. great video my friend👏👏👏. full support from our channel. see you soon # 1like 1 sub 1 comment zx vc

  2. Gass brotha♨️😤, subbed and hit your bell🔔🔔^ fo sho gona keep up wit you . Hope you do the same brody , let’s grow together ✔️

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