7 Replies to “Luigi’s Mansion 3 All 13F Gem Locations – Fitness Center Gems”

  1. Timeline:

    [0:07] Gem 6 Yellow Location

    [0:35] Gem 1 White Location

    [1:08] Gem 3 Blue Location

    [1:39] Gem 2 Red Location

    [2:28] Gem 5 Purple Location ( Flash the radio 3x to turn it on)

    [3:25] Gem 4 Green Location

  2. I'm stuck on- you guessed it, the purple gem. Thing is, I DID flash the radio three times (I even remember finding the clue for it on the phone at the start). But the ghosts aren't showing up… I just came here to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Did my game bug out?
    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. I was waiting too long between flashes.

  3. TBH always feel guilty about watching these vids and not figureing it out my self but the purple/blue gems are total BS

  4. How do you trigger the crystal ghost to appear for the white gem? I am pressing the bell and nothing is happening.

    Edit: bruh I figured it out like 7 seconds after making the comment.

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