Before a competition I’ll change my diet , so that I’m cutting down on calories. The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to loose weight and that’s due to that I’m a heavy athlete. I don’t want to get too light but I’d liked to be as ripped as possible without loosing strenght. And to keep the energy up when I’m practicing and competing. So we are trying to cut body fat and reach the optimal amount of eight percent. So the procedure starts with a visit to a guy who helps me with my diet and we’ll do a check on the body which you could compare with doing an MR X-ray. That shows how much muscles, fat and so on you have on your body. Then we’ll do an evaluation based on that test and get the results of how many kilos of fat I can lose. After that I make sure I eat alot of carbs. Crossfit is a sport that involves alot of
lactic acid and a sport which demands that you load up with carbs rather then fat. So I eat alot of carbs, protein and salad. If you feel you’re getting low on energy you have to raise the intake. If you’re not losing weight you’ll have to decrease the intake. You have to be able to adjust. You adjust you diet depending on what level your week is on. The important thing is that you’ve energy so you can keep up with the workouts. I’m not the fastest swimmer but I make sure to sprint so I’m the first one at the ocean. Then everybody has to get by me instead. That’s not nearly as hard as being in the middle of the group. Do you start to crawl then? If there are waves I just jump out and try to walk out as far as I can. When I have water up to my waist I start to dive. As I said, if there are waves I’ll try to do breaststrokes under them. If it’s flat I’ll start to crawl immediately. During preseason I take Betanidin And then I start with Bikarbonat but I often end up shitting myself. And that’s not preferable. Or I mean it works, but you’ll have to pick your choice of workout. And then there’s the caffeine of course. I also have my own line of products. Which I made together with Svenskt Kosttilskott. It consists of one PWO, one endurance and one recovery So I’m using that aswell. That way I maximize my workout. And I get good recovery This is my PWO “Core by Lukas Högberg” That’s that. It’s awesome I didn’t bring my endurance, but I’ve got my recovery supplement for after the workout So that’s the products I’ve got. Protein and carbs, in all three. People are generally scared of stuffing themselves with carbs. But if you train hard it’s super important to get some form of energy Of season I eat a little bit of everything and try to take in a lot of calories. My diet is pretty relaxed. I try not to think about the diet to much by that time. It’s quite draining to constantly think of hours of sleep, all the training and your diet. But it’s a never ending mindpuzzle but essential for your training when the season is on. And to get some time of all of that is important. You need some time of it in order to Recharge your batteries and then do it all again. His mental game is on point. Whenever he enters the gym he’s totally focused on his training. He’s relaxed prior to workout, but when he starts it he is so in to it. And what he does really good is that when his workout is finished, he goes back to being calm and relaxed again. He can separate workout from free time aswell, He doesn’t mind if things goes bad in the training one day He goes home and plays Fortnite and smiles. He’s not defining himself out of a bad workout on a given day. That’s where many others fall. They blame themselves and feel bad. But Lukas can separate his feelings. It’s genious. I’m really looking forward to see him in the Games. I’ve never seen him in the shape he’s in now. It’s looking good. His shape is splendid. It’s fun to see him stoked again after open where he struggled a bit. He had back-pain and had a cold, and he got a bad start. The rest of the competition he managed very well. And that’s who he is, he’s crazy. He can perform regardless of the conditions. Lukas lowest standards are insanely high. And that’s what’s required from you if you want to be in the games. Which he’s done several times. Come on Oskar! I felt I had more to give in the end. Should have pushed harder, I overestimated the situation. But it was tough. Fun to see my friends joined today and that we pushed together. Only two days left. Max & Emma asked if we wanted to come over tonight. You want to run in and get the charger? Where is it? In the station over there. Forgeting things as usual. Almost forgetting phones, wallets, keys and myself.


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