Machines Work Fitness Magic If You Use Them Correctly

Hi everybody. We’re back at Snap Fitness
with Carl Millsap. who’s going to talk with us in this video about once you’ve made the decision and
commitment to improve your fitness Carl suggests
that you come in and let him show you how to use the
equipment so we’re here with the equipment. Carl tell
us what you do next. okay jackee. One of the first things
we do for each one of our members is we we schedule them for an equipment orientation. During that time it takes about 30 to 45 minutes but what we’re doing is going
over with them is how to set equipment properly so
that you One, get results from it and Two, you don’t cause injury. All of our equipment has the name on it will give you a card where we write the name on the piece of equipment and then we write your settings which are conveniently
found right here are so that you’re properly set up to
work out and hit the muscle group that you’re trying to exercise and Carl already made adjustments
for me on the seat so we had to put it up and down a couple of different times but now the setting’s perfect and my feet are on the ground. so what’s next? okay so then
the next thing we would do is, we would adjust the weight for you and we figure out what’s a good
starting point for you. let’s go forward okay we’ll figure out what’s going to be a good weight for you that’s going to cause you to be
challenged but also allow you to complete the exercise. so what happens is it causes your body to
adjust to lifting that weight so it’s something you can achieve easily
for with the slightly challenge causing your
muscle to burn more calories And about how long will this orientation
to each machine take? on the overall orientation takes about
30 to 45 minutes. we take you around show you what we call our basic eight so
it’s gonna be eight machines that are gonna work you from head to toe.
okay so the maximum results will be if I’m using the machine right?
correct. yes, if you want to get results and target the muscle properly you need to know how to set the machine correctly for your size. and you said to
stick to my routine I need to do this again to see results
two to three times, three to four times a week? we recommend two to three times a
week so that you’re consistent because if you try to fit in a workout
more often than that, you’ll skip it because there’s other things you would
like to do besides going to a gym. I can are already feel the burn! alrighty. we hope you’ll come visit
Snap Fitness and talk with Carl or some of his other employees about a routine that’s gonna work for you. So,
thanks for taking us through this Carl and thanks for watching our video
everybody. stay tuned. we have some more coming so
See you in the next video Bye. Bye. thanks

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