Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal for a Senate resolution in favor of admitting Ukraine to NATO is not going down well with many MAGA Republicans.

The South Carolina Republican said in a tweet Friday that he would “work with both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to pass a resolution urging Ukraine’s admission to NATO,” prompting some to express concern that the plan could Help plunge the planet into World War III.

“The best way to prevent future wars and promote peace is to create security guarantees that make aggressor nations think twice before starting a war,” Graham. tweeted. “Ukraine’s membership in NATO is vital for the future security of Europe and the world. I think there is an overwhelming majority of senators who support this proposal.”

Some Republicans known for their loyalty to former President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly claimed he could end the Russia-Ukraine war within 24 hours of the deal, expressed particular outrage at Graham’s proposal.

Lindsey Graham NATO Ukraine MAGA Republican reaction
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in Washington, DC on June 23, 2023. Graham faced backlash from MAGA Republicans on Friday after proposing a Senate resolution in support of Ukraine’s admission to NATO.
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“This is crazy,” tweeted Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. “Everyone in Washington should urge peace and stop the war in Ukraine. Don’t bring us to the brink of World War III. The war in Ukraine is destabilizing Europe and changing the economies of the world. The United States does not support this.”

“Absolutely not”, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky tweeted. “This is exactly wrong, as usual, and could very well lead us to war with Russia, something nobody should want.”

“I’m sure Lindsey Graham knows this, but this would mean US troops on the ground in Ukraine.” tweeted Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado. “The American people will not sit idly by and allow our troops to die in someone else’s war.”

“Why is Senator Lindsey Graham enamored with the idea of ​​World War III?” conservative commentator Carmine Sabia tweeted. “If Ukraine joined NATO, World War III would start on that day.”

“Warmonger Lindsey Graham wants to expand NATO to include Ukraine and guarantee endless proxy war with Russia.” tweeted Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. “I’m sure he [sic] The military-industrial complex is salivating at the unlimited money his resolution would funnel into its coffers. Boooo!! End the endless wars!!”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday outlined a new roadmap for Ukraine to eventually become a member of the strategic military alliance.

Stoltenberg also promised more immediate support for Ukraine, while making it clear that the deal would not force the United States or any other NATO member to defend Ukraine by fighting Russia.

However, the ongoing war presents significant obstacles to Ukraine being admitted to the alliance in the near future, as Article 5 of the NATO treaty would require NATO members to defend Ukraine by fighting Russia if it were a member.

While Graham himself has been a strong Trump supporter, his stance on the war in Ukraine has pitted him against the policies of the former president and many of his MAGA supporters.

During a Trump rally in Graham’s home state last Saturday, the senator was booed by the crowd as he took the stage. Some later suggested that Graham’s support for sending military aid to Ukraine was to blame for the outburst.

Graham also likely drew the ire of Trump supporters by praising President Joe Biden in an additional tweet Friday for his controversial promise to send cluster bombs to Ukraine, a move that has faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

“I support and appreciate the Biden Administration sending cluster munitions to Ukraine,” Graham tweeted. “We must provide the Ukrainians with the tools they need to dislodge the Russian invaders.”

news week has reached out to Graham’s office via email for comment.

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