Make Your Core Work for Everyday Life

– Our core is literally
the center part of our body that produces all the movement that we do and also helps us stabilize
or stop or protect us from movement that happens to us in life. So we want to train our core the way life would require us to move in different ways with different stability
and different strength. Here are some of my favorites to do that. So at home, if you just
want to follow along with me you can use your hands,
a very light dumbbell, a book, a little soup can,
something that gives you just a little bit of weight. The first one we’re going to
do it’s called the V swing. So set your feet, find your place, feel the floor,
be intentional about that. We’re going to bend our knees and our hips so that we sit back a little bit. You can use your hands, I have a dumbbell. We’re just going to put it
right to the side of our hip. Our chin and our chest
and our belly button are working together to
turn just a little bit. We’re not bending, we’re not arching over. Our chest stays up. We don’t have to go deep. We start from here, we
push through the ground, we come up to the midline
and we come back down and receive the weight with
our legs and our trunk. We turn nice and slow. Get your pattern first. So after we’re done with this, if you’re just using your
hands, just work on coming up and then coming back and sitting down. Nice straight back, chest up,
everything’s in line together. Then you would do your other side and then if you want to connect the dots we can go from side to side. Knees stay over our
shins, over our shoelaces so they’re not caving in. Once we get the pattern
done first by itself we can start to move with it in a more functional way like this and actually have it work
for us without hurting us. One of the other exercises
that I really like is called a front raise. So we’re just going to stay here. We’re going to make light
fists with our butt cheeks. It’s not a 10 out of
10, maybe a 5 out of 10, so we get a little squeeze there, which will bring our belt
buckle if we had one on up, brings our abs back toward our
spine and we just lift here and we return to the front. Lift here, so what this
weight is trying to have me do is go forward so my spine and
my core are stabilizing me to keep me solid right here when life, or when something around me wants my body to do something different. Once again, no pain. Don’t go higher than your shoulders. Just coming up and coming back
strong through the backside and through the core. Another one I love, just
keeping our hands close we can go side to side
just out to the edge where we feel like it’s
just about to pull our feet off their balance but it’s not. We’re staying stabilized. This is going to use our shoulders, once again part of our
trunk, trying to pull us a little bit away we’re going
to balance and bring it back. Very light weight, very slow movement. Just feel the movement, feel the movement. The last one we’re going to do
is just an in and out press. So once again, making those
muscles with our backside, abs come down, shoulders are relaxed. We’re just going to press out and I actually probably
lean back away from this just a little bit. We press out, you don’t have too far, you go to the range of motion that you feel comfortable with. Out strong here, here. Own that, you’ll feel it in the shoulders, you’ll feel it in posture. Just keep moving through that. You can do reps, you can do sets. Feel the burn but what
we’re really trying to do is train our core to control
and direct things around us so that we can do it safely.

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