Marcus & Max, The Tennis Players – Redefine Your Limits

Oh, he’s running again. The people who give excuses will never know their limits. And they maybe live a life which they don’t want. They noted when we were three or four that we have a special disability, it’s called Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia. Not many people have this in the world and they don’t know that much about it. Every half year we were in the hospital and had a new operation and it was also frustrating because after the operation, you start to get back into life and I was also able to walk again, often. And then the next operation came and you will start at point zero. No muscles anymore. No function in your legs anymore. In my mind, I never accepted that I am a wheelchair driver now. If I dream today I never sit in a wheelchair. I always thought “Ok, they run, I drive”, but I didn’t want to think about that I’m driving. Why sitting alone at home or doing nothing while others have fun and live their lives? My mother was the one who searched in the internet for a wheelchair tennis club. I’ve never heard about that. And after I hit the first ball I knew, that’s my sport. There was always a problem with my shoulder. I couldn’t play tennis for so long. I started to search for help in the Internet and I found Freeletics. It was so tough at the first time. I wanted to quit and then there was a question “Do you really want to quit now?” and then I thought “for real, I don’t”. When you are in a rally you can’t stop, you have to give your best to be as fast as you can and that is the same way you do in Freeletics. Try to be better than you were yesterday. You like to dive, is that true? Yes, like a water rat! Together with your brother? Actually, at the beginning I was scared. The pool was very deep and I did not dare (to dive). And then, after I tried it once, I wasn’t scared anymore. In my dream, I thought I was going to the pool at my grandma’s house. And in the night I woke up and thought “Oh, let’s go to the pool” and I tried to walk but then I recognize “Oh Damn, I need the wheelchair”. We made everything together. We felt the same things. The same pain. The same story. It’s not every time that you can do it by your own. Sometimes you also need the help of friends. Don’t find excuses. Move forward. Freeletics is supporting them to fulfil this dream.

19 Replies to “Marcus & Max, The Tennis Players – Redefine Your Limits”

  1. This is beautiful. Very inspiring. Gives realization of the things we take for granted. Also the deep bond shared between the duo is heart touching. Love you guys 💓

  2. Any 1 can get off their lazy butt & start working out, but to be physically challenged beyond obesity & succeed that's determination. I also hope they thank whoever trained them to be so mentally strong. They're right don't make excuses, don't give up!

  3. I was doing freeletics back in 2014-2016, then i got myself injured while shifting some loads. Had disc bulging at sections C5-C6, T4 & T10, L4-L5. I thought I should stop working out, looking at this video I realized I had been giving excuses.
    Thank You FREELETICS!! BAM!! Clap Clap!!

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