SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore-based Silicon Box opened a $2 billion advanced semiconductor manufacturing foundry in the city-state on Thursday in a bid to broaden adoption of chiplet technology.

The two-year startup said in a statement that the 73,000-square-meter factory would create more than 1,000 jobs with the support of Singapore’s Economic Development board.

Silicon Box was created by American chipmaker Marvell founders Sehat Sutardja and his wife Weili Dai, along with current CEO BJ Han.

Silicon Box focuses on “chiplets,” or tiny chips, which can be as large as a grain of sand and are put together in a process called advanced packaging, a cost-effective way to assemble tiny semiconductors into a single processor that can power everything from data centers to home appliances.

The global chip industry has increasingly embraced the technology in recent years as chip manufacturing costs skyrocket in the race to make transistors small enough to be measured in number of atoms.

(Reporting by Fanny Potkin. Editing by Sam Holmes.)

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