100 Replies to “Mass Building Chest Workout with Connor Murphy”

  1. You should do a video on your workout starting when you were younger and how you transformed it as you grew. This way others can follow a plan and find out what works.

  2. Is it just me or did connor look more ripped back then? You can clearly see his chest muscles, incredibly low body fat.

  3. i would walk into that gym Connor Murphy standing there 0:40 I just turn around and walk out and go to McDonalds and cry into my big mac.

  4. As a guy who's aiming for gaining weight I'd love some advice about how much I should eat before I get into work routines.

  5. Watching this video and him working out makes you think he's a cool guy trying to improve his body. Watching his other videos makes you think otherwise…

  6. How do you keep the bar so stable. Is hard for me to control the bar. Im not good at balancing it. I've tried this other tips and still can't do it. Heeeeelp

  7. Im a big connor murphy fan love all his vids rly!😜😍😍👌🔥but guys look at him in this video and look him in his new videos.Like how he can only be 1pound smaller..:/ i need to say in the past his on some gear 🙁

  8. Go should go to Unflexal webworkouts if you'd like to learn more about workouts. Good new solutions for everyone I think.

  9. 0:08 If I had to guess the weight he's benching, I'd say each big plate is 20kg (44 pounds) 4 plates =80kg (176 pounds) Plus the little plates on the end which I'd guess are 5kgs (11pounds) 4 big plates + 2 little plates + 20kg bar = 110kg (242 pounds) for 10 reps. That's actually pretty impressive. Tho the bar could be 10kg which makes the total weight 100kg (220 pounds) but I think it is an Olympic bar which 90% of the time weigh 20kg. Good stuff famous YouTube guy who I'll never meet =)

  10. The dumbbell fly and the incline bench press have been the most effective moves in my chest development. Both of them work chest and shoulders at the same time.

  11. You know if you just didn't wear a shirt at all, we wouldn't see that I'm awesome face you pull every 5 seconds when you take it off. Just a suggestion.

  12. Bruh i bench 2 plates for 7 and eat hella food and the right food and my chest does not look like that

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