Matrix Workout Tracking Network

Your members work out in a lot of places. But they can store and access all that workout data in just one. The Matrix Workout Tracking Network. It makes your facility the focal point of everything your members do to stay fit and healthy no matter where they do it. That kind of connection fosters a powerful relationship between your members and your brand, and it enhances the value of all the other programming and services you offer. The Matrix Workout Tracking Network is more than tracking. The network also gives your members access to thousands of song titles that they can use to create playlists to enjoy while they exercise. And they can create personalized goals and applaud their peers through the social feed. It’s a complete solution that brings together exercise tracking, entertainment and virtual communities all in one platform. What’s even better is that you get to offer the network under your brand. You can customize the dashboard. Add your logos. Give it your own name. And offer challenges that boost engagement and retention. Matrix makes it possible, but the experience you deliver is your own. It’s a robust tracking solution that gives your members everything they need. A dedicated website. The dashboard. The social feed. Personalized goal setting. Member challenges. Workout history. Integration with popular fitness apps and devices. A native app that offers greater ease, functionality, and the ability to track workouts any time, any place. Connectivity has never been more important to your members. And thanks to the Matrix Workout Tracking Network, it’s never been easier.

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