Max visits a CrossFit Competition

Tell me that it is workin.. Yes it is Hello friends of competetive sports Welcome back on my YouTube Channel Great that you are watching again we are sitting on the train, well I am and Florian. Enough from Florian We are on our way to Berlin Max is back on the road letely Berlin – Berlin Throwdown Basically CrossFit No further explanation needed. German Weightlifting will be there With a booth, well the shop And And we will make some action over there, I guess watching the competition Maybe there will even be some time to visit Berlin Me personally, I am a big fan of Berlin from the City itself. Let’s see how much time we will have or not Therefore…. Maybe we will see each other there. Right ? *off voice Florian : yes you could say it that way, German teacher 😉 See you later, have fun watching.. Today is the 6th of july, I just remembered that is the birthday of my first coach If he is still awake at half past six, hmm? If he sees the video, Happy Birthday coach, wishing you just the best Maybe we see each other soon again A lot of people think, if Max sits on the train, he cant watch football. But that is not true There you can see that I have no connection again, but But it is still 2-0 So today we registrate people who want to donate stem cells So this is about people who suffer from blood cancer every sort of leukemia So If I get this right, the reason you are doing this is, that you have a girl in your bow who suffers from leukemia, right? So we taking this opportunity here and we are taking the innitative to find donators That’s it already? That was really easy. *Off voice girl: Thank you You are welcome, I like to help when it is possible You too!! So, Welcome back to day two out of Berlin Berlin Throwdown and since yesterday was really hot, is the weather today moderate. With …. Wind from direction North – West felt temperature 15 degrees what is not so bad because I saved some heat from yesterday. Mostly in my face, that will last for today well, whats on the plan ? The same as yesterday with the only difference that I will be active as a coach today as well NIKE asked me to do a small workshop And of course I said OK, I will Therefore, am I really happy to do so and I will show the girls and boys how to snatch properly Be excited… I just walked around the village and as a premiere on this channel I found somebody who can really lift in contrast to us 😉 Here is Max Say Hello For the four abonoments who doesn’t know him already, Max Lang we will show his Instagram and Facebook below He is doing sports He is doing weightlifting There is only one question; If you have to take a guess, are you better in crossfit or are we better in snatching? Did you already see one of us snatching? In fact, that is a difficult question *off voice Hipster of the Doom :”well you can be honest now I have to admit that might even be a draw If I see how this CrossFit WOD’s start with running. I am out right away. So Thank You *guy: I do a bit more Crossfit now And we will surely see again on one or another channel Great As a “Fanboy” I will need a pictue.. I will take a look now where my class is Today there will be a basic weightlifting course with focus on the snatch After a two day hussle on the Berlin Throwdown, I still felt asleep at the end of the day And woke up on some service stop I have to come home, but not too sure how… But, what I can say is, that this were two amazing days Hard, but amazing! I got to know, met and met again, pleanty of great people Talked to a lot of people and had a really good time The sun was overdoing it a little bit , as you can see on my very dark teint. But still, was it great to do this NIKE Weightlifting workshop I hope they liked it! But before it gets too dark, we should look for a way home Me and my suitcase. If you liked the video thumbs up And if you didnt’ like the video, Thumbs up! And sharing the video is desired. Tell your grandparents, that Max has been on tour and that they can watch something new now. And I make my way heading Steuritz Maybe you can even send your grandparents to pick me up

13 Replies to “Max visits a CrossFit Competition”

  1. Dass du mal ein Crossfitwettkampf besucht und ein Video daraus gemacht hast ist echt super. Vielen dank Max.

  2. Max, steckst du noch auf dem Rastplatz fest? Sollen wir dich abholen? 🙋🏻‍♂️ Beste Grüße aus Hamburg 🍍

  3. Hey Max,mach doch mal einen Online-Technik-Workshop mit Alex und Shagel!Die haben's nötig und alle anderen ne Menge Spaß beim zuschauen und lernen hoffentlich auch noch was 😉

  4. Ich hoffe, dass dir bewusst ist, dass du jetzt noch keine Stammzellen gespendet hast.
    Es kommt immer so rüber, als wäre es damit erledigt.
    Cooles Video by the way 😀

  5. Super Video Max! Vielen dank für den tollen Content. Kannst du mir vielleicht sagen wie das Lied der ersten 3-4 minuten heißt? Das wäre mega!! Weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deinem hochqualitativen Kanal!!
    LG Vince

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