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Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly healthcare feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health. Recently, Essentia Health invested in a pilot project to provide heart rate monitors during physical education class. Today on Medical Insight, we talk with Amy Bennet and Drew Johnson, physical education teachers at Hermantown High School, to hear more about this project. The kids come in and they put the heart rate monitors on their forearms. And the information from the heart rate monitors is directed to a couple receivers that are throughout the gym. Those receivers send all of their data to
an iPad, which is projected onto a screen. The heart rate zones go from blue to red. There are 5 different zones. The blue and the green indicate the kids are working less. The yellow through the red indicate they are working harder. Mr. Johnson explains how the monitors are
changing their curriculum and evaluation process. As phy-ed teachers, we need to be advocates of being physically healthy. By using the heart rate monitors in each class period, it gives us quantifiable data to hold students accountable for being physically
active in our classes. Whereas a math teacher would use an assignment or a test to hold kids accountable. We have our heart rate monitors where our
students work toward the goal each day in class. These monitors allows every high school student to be active, regardless of their fitness level. For so many years, gym has always been about, you show up, you change, you play. And that’s great if you’re athletic or
competitive, but there are so many people and kids and that’s just not their thing. But that doesn’t mean there is not value
to being here. We have seen a huge uptick in participation and activity in our class. Students are really working more towards goal setting which is really a huge part of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Working towards goals every day is a good
habit to have so we hope to instill that in our students. For Medical Insight, I’m Maureen Talarico.

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