#MemberMinute Brendon Hudson, Planet Fitness

My name is Brendon. I am the Club
Manager here of the new Planet Fitness in Olathe. We’re happy to be out here.
For those of you who don’t know, Planet Fitness is the judgment-free zone. That
means that we are providing a comfortable, not intimidating
atmosphere for our members to come workout in.
We’re accepting of people of all fitness levels but we do cater towards that
first time gym user that way they feel comfortable and they have a place where
they can come work out. As were advertised, we do have a ten dollar
membership that is offered. We do also have a premier membership. It’s called
our Black Card membership. It’s $22.99 a month and that one comes
with a little bit of extra access in the facility, use of tanning equipment,
use for massage equipment, you can bring guests at the everyday if you’d like to
as well. I recommend anybody come down to the
facility and take a tour. Anyone behind the desk’d be happy to show you around. We
are open 24/7 and we do offer tours during that during those hours so feel
free to come down and take a look around and get signed up with us.

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