Memorial Day Crossfit Challenge

on this Memorial Day a family who lost their loved one 15 years ago honored him by taking on the mirth challenge it’s an annual CrossFit workout that recognizes the men and women who served and sacrificed Nick Dieruff a Lexington Marine was killed in Iraq in 2004 his widow took part in the challenge today and raised funds for a charity run in the fall Alexa Hellwig has her story push-ups pull-ups squats and running this is how Emily Dieruff chambers and hundreds of others spent their Memorial Day she took on the widely known Murph challenge which honors the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed it’s not another day of work or a day off school for us it actually is a true day of remembering for us it’s remembering our hero Nick and my grandfather a veteran 15 years ago Emily’s husband Nick was killed in Iraq in the years without him never get easier but on this Memorial Day the community at Cross Fit Maximus showed her the support she needs on this anniversary think about all the veterans that have lost their lives and gave the ultimate sacrifice and it just kind of motivates me and I feel like there’s no way I’m sitting on the couch in October Emily and 12 others will run the Marine Corps Marathon in Nick’s name she made a vow 15 years ago to never let his name be forgotten so we’re raising funds today for tragedy assistance program for survivors that’s the charity we selected to work for and it’s one that’s near and dear to my heart the pain and sweat that these athletes endured this morning is their sacrifice to honor the men and women who gave everything in Lexington Alexa Hellwig lex18 news

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