you what’s up elite Penix athletes it’s Chris area welcome to another video of official 10x today I’m here with legend Mike Rashid Mike was Mike motherfucker that’s right and we’re gonna go with a sick back and bicep workout let’s do it all right so let’s get this workout started the first thing we’re gonna do is reverse Australian chin-ups then we’re going to go into weighted pull-ups then weighted chin-ups bar curls pen lay rows one arm assisted pull-ups and then finally we’re going to go to the rope climb you want to do this four times to complete this workout so the first one reverse Australian chin-ups I’ll go first we’ll go for a deep angle last ones tough yeah you guys got no I’m completely out of my element you got this I’m always up there John I’m an acquisitive B so let’s do it nice they’re really a tough move man I remember I did that move on one of my other YouTube channels and they’re like dude why don’t you just do dumbbell curls why be ordinary right all right so we’re gonna go for weighted pull-ups all right here we go you’re gonna show up now man this is everyday all right you got to do it every day you got this belly’s lightweight like me everything is lightweight baby sure it’s not that mindset quick trip quick light laughter y’all out there listening and youtube-land when you hear people say lightweight it’s easy I always say this is fucking easy everything is easy I don’t care how hard people think it is you got a fucking psych yourself up so you go into a thing in his heart it’s gonna be hard you’re mentally defeating yourself you know grow strength real powers in our mind psychological all right so what that be it says this is me all right actually we have weighted chin-ups next so we’re gonna go over load on that bicep let’s go for it it’s like with each exercise this just gets more easy it’s like I feel like I can do more reps like those see ordinary people get tired as they go along we get foggy you know I’m we perhaps car sometime I finished life the beam or I saw please you know it really would such a really would be great again you know I got to go out when I got the line behind them so I’m gonna go for you you know what Lyon is one of my favorite animals I’ve got some lovely but I’m actually making the transition I’m evolving what’s dad gonna bump you next with if I told you yo I’m you’re bobbing out of the line what would you think is a nice brother ain’t nothing after that and everything I’ve seen a lion taking out announcements bigger stronger wiser that’s true longer sure it’s not all about don’t eat meat that’s true let’s get Oh easy money baby I said that’s it ain’t nothing but a peanut Oh another my peanut oh man it sounds cool but that’s your but I don’t even know about Ronnie he’s on me though bro you know all right next one bar cross I’m gonna take it down here all right we’re gonna curl to the forehead what ah come on tiger let’s do it see that’s a tough one man shoot that was sick I think he’s got people nearby sir that’s that natural high she kept alright penlight rose let’s do this the reason why we put it down is so normally the hardest part is first picking it up and after that you can just go on the rest so we’re gonna do the hardest part everything look are you ready let’s do it okay yeah just keep going sit sit sit all right back to the bars one armed assistant pull-ups this is when the workout gets interesting like Mike said the more you do the stronger you get so now we’re just using one hour I’ll go first come on come on go back up all right you got this Mike Fox I meet with ninja you already a ninja bro snappers yeah well I get snapchat ready that artist is day and age it’s been a no video ain’t no footage didn’t happen oh damn Mike how was she pulling up there I want her huh how much are you pulling up there I want him how much you weigh now like 232 that much too damn much more much all right we’re gonna go with the the grand finale right here oh shit I don’t do this awesome you ready to laugh at me all right I’m gonna start on the floor I’m burnt out that’s about the tough there you guys have it this is a sick sick sick workout if you’re up to the challenge I want to see all the youtubers out there try to do that mean like you’re right here and I’m not to work with these bookmarks my keys right across your goal of mine so we’re training all the time cool Craig you man thank you my man you rock man definitely check out Mike machine youtube.com slash Micra she don’t forget to Like share subscribe let us know what you want the next video to be about let us know if you want more collabs with this guy right here I let us know what other clouds you want us to do until next time guys peace out oh wait one last thing you going to LA for the FedEx box course catch this boat lay the next ball


  1. Alot of love and respect for these guys. It's what is pushing me and motivating me to become more and do these challenges.

  2. Mike makes Chris look small lmao…but then again they both train differently, at the end of the day they’re both beasts at what they do 🔥

  3. Gym person have more muscle, bigger, and wider. Calisthenic is more powerful in coordination, stability, and balance.

  4. For kind information for some guys mike has more bodyweight than chris and is diifficult to do him bodyweight excerise but do u know dejan stipke he is a beast but can do bodyweight excercise with high reps
    I am saying that mike is not a beast. He is also a beast

  5. The 2 best youtubers period. I've known about Mike for a while and I'm recently learning about Chris.. I was so shocked to see use training together. Thanks for the motivation hope to see use work together more in the future. Peace

  6. "tHiS iS fUcKiNg EaSy"
    Proceeds on doing 0 pull ups/chin ups… (he chin was under the bar people I don't care if this isn't his sport or how much you respect him he is acting quite big and I personally dislike his attitude in this particular video)

    P. S this my opinion and the fact he is doing the exercise wrong is undeniable.. Don't hate me for my believes

  7. Ummmm… maybe this is Racist but Chris talks more "African American" slang when he is with this guy? Why is that? Why because a Black person is around people start talking like them? Insecurity? Prove you can hang? … I don't get it lol

  8. Best bodybuilder
    With no bubble gut , i’m proud of you bro
    What’s music’s name when rashid did weighted chin ups?

  9. Mike has gym body and chris has more of calesthenics body . Clearly calesthenics makes you more powerful and attractive

  10. Dude, anyone else needs a friend like Mike? That dude is terrifying and fucking full of wisdom at the same time.

  11. Is the the reverse australian chin up for the back or biceps? I felt my back while doing it but i might be doing it wrong

  12. Крис красавчик! Спасибо за подсказки! 💪💪💪💪

  13. For you ignorant people Mike is 230lbs and chris is 160 lbs. So Mike has to pull an extra 70lbs of bodyweight every rep. And also Mike does boxing and bodybuilding not calisthenic, so what he did was fucking amazing alright ?

  14. Mike is cool.
    But Chris, make some videos with some advanced calisthenics athletes, like Vadym, Stipke or Larosa.
    I think that'd be fun!

  15. "Mike motherfucker Rashid"… Don't get carried away to look awesome … I didn't like that thing you said like an illiterate guy … It doesn't looks awesome

  16. Whatever exercise does Chris heria do its look complete and perfect … But Mike Rashid exercises look incomplete and stiff

  17. Not for me i dont say its easy. I say its hard asf. But thats because im a person that is too stubborn of a man to allow anything to hold me back ill always knock it down untill i trully cant keep trying and thats when im dead. Keep that in mind as a warrior. If im breathing ill keep going

  18. Even when you big their are stoll muscle needing to train but thats exciting it can always get you that extra inch

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