Mikko Salo – Making Athletes | Part 2

You have read the rules. It is the time of the year again, when you have to dig deep. no need to go crazy but you have to dig deep. That time of the year. If you face a problem during the workout, don’t ruin the workout but solve the problem. Or we solve it together. Yes, I’ll finish it. And whatever it might be, rowing machine or something else unexpected, just keep calm and continue the workout. Just focus on the performance, you know. There are days left to do this for several times again. Yeah, exactly. And you know and I know that there are no such thing as 70% performances, but this is the kind of workout that you can do many times. But there are no 70% test efforts. There are only full efforts and improving the full efforts. That is the way it goes. I rarely do anything at 70%. I know that too. I left my shoe. That was almost 13 full rounds. How many? 360, plus eight, 368, 378, 381. We’ll improve from this. I know the medicine how you get to the 14th round.

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