Mobility and Flexibility Overdose (WHEN IT’S TOO MUCH!!)

Are you finished yet? We interrupt this excessively long mobility
instruction routine, to get you back to your regularly scheduled workout. Alright! Good! You’re good, you’re loose.
I promise you’re as loose as you’re going to be today for this workout. The problem is a lot of guys are actually
turning their warm ups into workouts. And I wanted to address that here today. Yes we’re poking a little bit of fun at it
because it’s something you probably see in the gym. Some guys will literally show up now an hour
before their workout or at least 30 minutes before their workout, just to get ready for
their workout. Meanwhile, 4-5 years ago that didn’t exist
at all. So where is the happy medium? What should
we be doing? What should you be doing when you get to the gym to get ready for your workout? Now as a physical therapist, believe me, I
value mobility and flexibility. You have to make sure that you’re attending
to your joints just as much as your attending to the show muscles that you’re all here in
the gym trying to develop. As athletes we need to make sure that we’re
moving as well as we can and that starts with the mobility of our joints. But I’ll tell you this, if you think that
you need to go through a 30 minute, a 20 minute, sometimes guys do it for an hour, routine
to get ready for a workout, then you might be doing the wrong workouts. One of the bigger issues I see today is not
that guys are not mobile enough to attack a workout, it’s that their range of motion sucks so bad,
that when they go to train their losing a great opportunity to work on the mobility. If you take your exercises through a full
range of motion, and I mean a full range of motion. So if we’re talking about a Lat Pulldown,
that bar is going all the way up which guess what, is great for shoulder and thoracic mobility. And you bring it all the way down, you’re
now taking your body through a full range of motion. Yes, you’re working your muscles through their
full range of motion which is good, you’ll actually probably see better muscle gains
by doing that. But more so it’s those other benefits of actually
taking the joints and getting your shoulders through full elevation and tying in shoulder elevation with thoracic
extension, so that we’re getting the functional carryover that we need, that we probably could
avoid with all the extra stuff. Now, granted, some guys have individual orthopedic
concerns. They’ve got to break out a foam roller because they have such bad kyphosus
in their back, right, this kind of positioning, that they need to work on mobility. And they
don’t have a physical therapist, like me around that could actually do manual mobilization
down their spine, so a foam roller is a great tool to do that.
But does that mean you have to do the Pec stretch as well? Could be! Because a Pec could actually get
tight because you’re in a kyphosus. So yeah maybe that. And then you’re rolling out your hamstring,
you’re rolling out your calves, then someone told you it’s good to roll out your I T Band
(Iliotibial Band). Someone said it’s really good to roll out
your adductors. Right, then make sure you’ve got to take out the rolling stick, I didn’t
even show you that. A rolling stick and start massaging your thighs,
and massaging your arms and your shoulders. And then you’ve got your stretches. You’ve
got to make sure you do all your stretches. That’s not how it goes guys. Don’t start turning, just because you’ve seen
other people do these things, you keep adding to your routine and adding to your routine. And before you know it, you’re not even spending
any time working out and that’s where you’re going to be able to have the most impact. I’ll leave you with this one thought. One
of the bigger problems we have is not strengthening ourselves in the range of motion that we have. So if you come into a gym, and you start doing
your temporary mobility techniques, like your static stretching, which we talk about all the time, should not
be done prior to your workouts. But you’re going to use your static stretching
to give yourself more room in your hamstrings, you’re going to try to elongate your hamstrings
before you go do your exercise. If you can’t control the weight in that new
temporary range of motion that you gave yourself, you might set yourself up for an injury. You might be doing more harm than good. You need to be able to control your strength
within your available range of motion, within your active range of motion. Meaning what is the range of motion that you
can actively get yourself into? And if you’re in that range of motion and
you’re able to control the weight in that range of motion and progressively get stronger
in that range of motion, that’s where you want to be. If you’re creating artificial range of motion
just to feel as if you can move through an exercise with a little bit more freedom but you don’t have the strength, in that extra
range of motion, because you’ve never trained in there because you don’t actually have it,
that’s a problem. Guys we can go into a lot more depth on this,
and I actually will go into a lot more depth on this. Matter of fact in our first ATHLEANX LIVE
Event, we’re going to cover this entire topic in it’s entirety. However, and if you haven’t heard about our
Event guys you can go to ATHLEANX.COM/ATHLEANX-LIVE and set up for our Live Event. It’s coming up here in August. That being said, you’ve got to start bringing
it back to reality a little bit guys. You can get in with a nice warm up for your
body in about 5 to 8 minutes. Get your heart rate going, get a little bit
of a sweat going. You can do that through Jump Rope, you can
do that on an Elliptical, you can do that whatever, whatever makes you loose and ready
to go. You can go through whatever your very particular,
one or two or three mobility drills are, that are specific to your circumstances, if you
have a circumstance but if you’re not and you’re just in general
good health and you want to get going, you’ve got to get into your workouts. And in those workouts, take your exercises
through full range. This is the best way for you to adapt and
utilize the mobility that’s already there in your joints and to increase that as you
increase your strength. If you’re going to be doing Squats, Squat
as deep as you can. Increase the mobility of your hips. Take that through all of your exercises, like
I said, the Lat Pulldown as well. If you guys found this video a little bit
refreshing and maybe even a little bit relieving, so you don’t feel like you have to turn these
30 or 40 minute workouts into hour and 40 minute sessions, then leave your comments and thumbs up below,
and make sure you let me know whatever else it is you want to see and I’ll cover it here
in these videos ahead. Alright guys, I’ll be back here again soon.

100 Replies to “Mobility and Flexibility Overdose (WHEN IT’S TOO MUCH!!)”

  1. i feel like i always do too little warm up, i only stretch my pecs for a few seconds, foam roll back and and hams like 20 seconds each and i warmup with my first exercise. is this sufficient?

  2. I use to stretch for atleast 45 mins prior to any workout, stopped that and realized that infact when you do an exercise like squats and benchpress you are stretching with the exercise itself.

  3. Hey Jeff, I understand you just went on a rant about how too much stretching and mobility is bad, but I'm in a situation right now where I may need some. I injured myself about nine months ago because I had an asymmetrical weight shift on my squat and dead lift, where my body would shift to the right, and it eventually caused a major SI joint injury and dysfunction. I've researched about the problem and sought professional help, and the pain has thankfully stopped but my body still shifts to the right.  I don't want to do the same thing under load so I haven't been lifting. I'd appreciate any feedback, from anyone here too, if it helps. Thanks.

  4. As a martial artist, I struggle with strength training and keeping my flexibility. For example, I would like to be able to deadlift 500lbs. and not worry about losing my high kicks in the process of working up to that weight. Maybe my order is to tall?

  5. Jeff I love your work outs.. I think you are great! I work with visuals and I keep getting distracted by the wall paper that is supposed to be brick work.. it is slightly off so please don't take this the wrong way… but it doesn't ring true since the line is off slightly… it is distracting from what you have to say educationally… which is the best with respect

  6. I have a Question? What Meals do you eat And do you take any supplements with your meals . Please make a video about this .

  7. Hey Jeff I like watching your Videos a lot but I dont really Train that way u do.I mean u just have to overload muscles to get bigger but where is The Progression u know what I mean?(Progressive Overload)

  8. Hey Jeff i hope your doing well today, i watch your videos very week and use your tips every chance i get. i want to thank you for the tips and advice, and i want to thank you for that.  I would like to see a video on developing over all power and explosive speed and strength with simple workouts like squats and bench press. once again thank you and your doing a awesome job.

  9. Hi Jeff.

    I used to run track in high school and in college and it wouldn't be unusual to see some athletes warming up (stretches included) for 45 min. to an hour, especially these professional athletes these days. I guess it's all on how the individual feels and what they're used to doing for a routine. What are your thought on that?


  10. Can you do a video on elevation masks, I see a lot of guys at my gym these days what's the deal. I've been doing nxt for 16 months now and I know conditioning is really good, but can this really help any?

  11. In most cases I would agree that mobility and flexibility can be overworked. But I disagree when it comes to people who are new to strength training or exercise in general.
    A half hour mobility session for new starters is a great way to ease in to regular training, but most importantly it's the best way to get a good feel for your muscle groups, which ultimately leads to excellent form and awareness of which part of the body should be doing the majority of the work I.e. it's practice for the nervous system. How many folks have poor form at the gym? How many have no control over their scapula? Surely if they had started with longer mobility sessions and learned to control their body it would have saved a lot of time and effort. I say this as I made many mistakes which were corrected by longer mobility sessions. Now, I do only 5 minutes mobility after a warm up, which is enough.

  12. Good points, but I still prefer to save a bit of ROM. In pull-ups, for example, I don't like to over-extend, and keep the shoulder ever so slightly locked. Same for the bench press, I prefer to end the motion with the bar a couple of inches from the sternum. Sure with lighter weights it is good to test full ROM, but with overload it seems risky. (just a layman opinion, of course. that is, it has worked ok for me, so far).

  13. Hi Athlean-x Jeff, what about top olympic weightlifters who are foam-rolling and even static stretching before their workout then why are they doing it, wouldn't they know the risks of the injuries one could get from static stretching and foam-rolling before a workout? And wouldn't they know that it decreases the muscles maximum effort when working out by making the muscles be slower in producing less amount of force? Thank you.

  14. Jeff is my freakin hero! Not only does his program work, he calls out the guys who are giving you wrong or misleading info. And… the beginning was pretty damned funny.

  15. Sometimes comments are funny on here: "Hey Jeff liked the video, can you make a video about (everything I need to get the results from your programs without actually buying your programs)?"

  16. It was a great video. Do you think you can touch individual muscle imbalances and stretching muscles that need it?

  17. Agree 100%…short, dynamic warmup, hit it hard and get out. Then do mobility, flexibility & recovery separately. Great into…lol.

  18. Hey Jef, Great video. I suffer from the fact that my hip mobility is quite limited and to improve it I have been (recently) doing about 20 min stretches before my workout.
    I will take your advice and train a full range of motion with the weight that I can do do …


  19. Jeff,
    Could you put together a series of strength exercises specific to running… not jogging, but real running, as in collegiate-level competitive middle distance racing.

  20. Is the foamroller good for healing my pulled hamstring? And how should i do it, because some says that you should sit on it until your pain starts to go away, some says you should roll on the painful area and some says you should avoid the painful area. It´s confusing, haha.

  21. Really i had a belly laugh for the first time after i have seen ur videos…
    Is there any exercise that develops muscle below the chest pecs, covering the rib bones????? I mean any exercises to grow muscle over the rib cage???? Plz do it..

  22. Just remember kids, "squatting through full ROM" is easier said than done. I would sooner refer to you to Dr STEWERT McGILL before saying, "Go improve your hip FLEXIBILITY (which should be viewed different than MOBILITY) by squatting as far as possible on every rep." Regardless of the type of squat (air, back, front, overhead)
    I agree with mr athlean for the most part but there's simply more to it than stressing your max range of motion WHEN a person needs to improve it from the start.

  23. can you become flexible enough for jiu-jitsu while still lifting heavy? particularly heavy squatting and the flexibility required in the hips for things like Eddie Bravo's Rubber Guard system. or is it a thing where you have to chose only one because one hinders the other?

  24. I just realized that after losing weight and working out for the past 4 months I can sit in various ways I havent been able to since I was a kid. Resting my elbow on my knee with my foot on the seat o my chair! This is awesome!

  25. Does this mean that we should immediately start our workout after 5-8 mins warmup, and let the workout itself help us to get to a full range of motion, but we have to start with light weight?

  26. I stopped lifting altogether for 3 months to address mobility and flexibility issues that were preventing me from being as explosive as possible and now I'm in the best shape of my life and I feel more powerful than ever. I just turned 28 today and I'm on the verge of dunking on a ten foot goal for the first time in my life.

  27. Do you have any videos about hyper-mobility? I am trying to find exercises that could help me get a stronger back/neck, for the past couple of months I have been having pain and lot's of 'cracking' in my back and neck. Thanks!

  28. What if I just want to be flexible and dynamic until I'm an old geezer? Isn't it worthwhile to spend time improving these areas for the purposes of longevity? I get it, if you're just wanting to do muscle work then you don't need to do all this stretching, but if you want to improve beyond the regular range of motion I don't think you'll get that with doing weights. Which is why I like things like cossack squats and that sorta thing.

  29. Fuck, "You see someone else do something and you just keep adding and adding to your routine…" me as hell :(((( I do gymnastics though so a lot of the time I need to increase my flexibility and mobility to do things better/more efficiently.

  30. How can you find that balance between strength and mobility?

    Is it Strength first and Mobility second? (Strengthen a part of the body then do mobility exercises when it starts to stiffen up, or should you always do mobility?)

  31. My physical therapist told me that I don’t have as much ROM in hip extension because of the way my structure is, that I just can’t extend as far as other people. Now is this true? Or can I work on mobility to make it better?

  32. This is bs I'm genetically and environmental susceptible to shoulder impingement and fai so ur saying I just go head and work out and with fai and rounded shoulders ur crazy

  33. Could you do a video on a good stretch routine for lower body, legs/glutes/groin and lower back. You've said before that stretching should be done before bed, but I don't know if I trust some of the other videos I find online. Could you do a video on this as I have exceptionally tight groins and hamstrings as well as bad lower back pain.

  34. I was always wondering about this. I would stretch before I do a workout and I always felt like I was spending too much time doing it. It make sense to perform the motions in the workout.

  35. I warm up with a general 5 minute back stretching routine, then I do just the barbell for sets of 5 3-4 times and then I start adding weight

  36. Lol you crack me up! Thanks for these videos btw! You do a great job! My husband loves watching you and has improved a lot in his muscle growth and is now helping me in areas! Thanks so much!

  37. Can bad flexibility, effect your running speeds? I broke my leg a few years ago and have lost a ton of flexibility/mobility and I was wondering is it because my muscles are so tight

  38. Stretching and mobility are hugely important, especially with our modern unbalanced lifestyles, and deserve more time than you give them credit for. I'd rather sacrifice strength gains than neglect a tight hip flexor. Of course these would be done after your strength workout, not as a warm-up. Funny intro though.

  39. I know ex nba players leading training with a 30 min warm up and 15 min cool down. That is half our gym time. Waste

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