Moms Gone Strong – Close Grip Lat Pull Down

The close grip lat pull down is great
because it’s a shoulder friendly upper back exercise. It counteracts that mommy posture that a lot of women struggle with. Now, if you have a lat pulldown
machine at your gym, that’s great. If you don’t, you can just pull a bench up to a
cable machine. So Amanda is going to grab the implement, palms facing in, grip nice
and close and she’s going to sit down at the machine, make sure she’s a nice, good posture. We don’t want to let that bum tuck under.
Okay, it’s going to be nice and neutral, she’s got a teeny bit of a forward lean
just to keep the ribs over the hips and she’s going to perform the movement by
pulling her shoulder blades back and down. That’s perfect Amanda, good. So
shoulder blades back and down, she’s almost thinking about tucking her
shoulder blades back and down into her back pocket, good, getting full extension
of the arms and initiating the movement with the shoulder blades and then
following through with the elbow, nice proud chest at the top, perfect, good job.
And that’s a close grip lat pulldown. If you don’t have access to a pulling
machine at all you can also do it with a band.

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