Mon programme sportif : FREELETICS (Avant/Après)

Hey, I’m back today to talk about a subject that a lot of you look forward to! I hope you are all very well, you enjoy the summer vacation, I took advantage of it! As I said I spoke some time ago that I had made a sport program and a better diet. So I will tell you today about this sporty program. I started Freeletics six months ago (January). It is a mobile application that generates a program tailored to your goals and your fitness over 15 weeks. The application can be free=you have access to some workout (not all) but you do not have a suitable program if you pay=29€ for 3 months (much cheaper than a gym) You must pass an evaluation with a virtual coach that asks you questions about your goals and makes you do some exercises with feedback to give workout late for the coach can adapted the program to you. In the feedback you are asked if you found it too easy or too hard, if you were really tired or not, etc. to adjust the program better At any time of the program you can pass again this assessment to readjust the level if you stopped for a while by example You will decide the number of workout you want to do in a week (2 to 5 maximum) and you must choose about your goals if you only want a cardio or strength program or both. I had taken the both program is that the coach had recommended me and I started with 3 sessions per week. At first It looks like it was very simple because I was already athletic but you will see that the level rises up very quickly. The state of mind of freeletics is not to hurry and to botch or to give up, you have to finish the workout no matter how long it will take you (for there is a stopwatch). You have short sessions, long or medium and it’s pretty well done This program requires no hardware, it is the body weight (you just need a draw bar if you have chosen the program strength, that’s it!) It allows you not to spend money in the sports equipment If you have the space or if you are outside, some exercises can adapt (footing or 100m) if you do not have space you can change it and the footing is replaced by similar exercises I loved the program because there is a social side, community, where all people who use this app can comment your workout and encourage you. (There are a score and a ranking for each exercise). When you have a competitive personality that motivates you a lot!!! I need it, to feel pushed, “I must do it” because I want to see the results, improve my scores I want to continue, to evolve, and at the end I felt bad when I was not doing my session! When you start sports at the beginning you have trouble getting motivated, some are not able to work alone, for me it’s okay. Finally, when you go into the community and workouts, it becomes much easier and you become addicted to the sport, it’s not a myth, it’s true! This is not a program suitable for everyone because we all have our preferences and ways of working But people create groups on Facebook by cities to bring people to train together and to stay motivate. The strengths of this application is that you have a video for each exercise to show you the correct move to make It is very detailed for you can not go wrong You also have a simplified version of the exercise if it really is too hard for you allowing everyone to succeed. You have no reason to give up thanks to all this reasons After the seventh week you have a “hell week” is a week when your workouts are more difficult or more (15 weeks=5 mandatory workouts!) It allows not to tire, stimulate your body and motivation by changing your pace. For me there are no negatives … I love this program and I continue to renew my subscription I find great to have training adapted to everyone, because it is difficult to create your own workouts Regarding the results, for me it was very satisfying They were very slow for me, it took some time (depending on the metabolism of each) I had to wait 1 ½ months before I start to see changes while I was careful with my diet (my diet was not too strict because I do not think this is the solution for the long term but it was healthy) I didn’t understand at first, but it really depends on your metabolism It does not take much to get discouraged because when you start to see results it’s very motivating. I started to have the size that is refined (I looked slimmer when I was little) the most sculpted thighs, buttocks lifts a more athletic and stronger body, a refined silhouette that suits me much better The results will not be the same for everyone, it depends on the number of workouts per week and your diet (very important). If you do a lot of sports and you eat anything next to it will not help! Another plus of this application, it also offers a nutritional program (also limited, not mandatory). Even if right now I’m a little less attention to my diet, the results are still there because my body is used to this pace I highly recommend this program if you are looking for a true motivation for sports Playing sports is really positive, both on your morale on your fitness, you can accept yourself better and takes confidence. I show you the pictures you see what happens, even if it will be different for everyone and I was not 100% perfect I was still very happy with the result. We must let go of anything, never give up. We become stronger mentally, it’s great! If you know Freeletics, feel free to comment on the video, I answer your questions I hope you enjoyed the video, for me the experience was very positive! I invite you to subscribe to my channel if you like the videos and see you soon!

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