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You always wonder how you get into a private equity fund and become an investor of the big boys Moon fare can help you Alex. Give us a presentation about your amazing company And you recently raised a lot of money no indeed in relative terms quite a bit Is that I Think it’s not working, you know, but I can yeah, but I can start and we try to figure it out. So People like doing business with people they like and trust When I was growing up I want to become an engineer simply because my father was a textile engineer at the time Now after graduating I figured out early enough the textiles wasn’t gonna be the University of the future and while not being the industry of the future I thought I was smart enough to choose the industry of the future back then and I became an investment banker now you can question my judgment and maybe you would be right but I was lucky enough at the time to Land a job at JPMorgan and I spent a few years at JPMorgan and then I spent a few more years at KKR Now people that are not in the finance industry They won’t know KKR But for people that are part of the finance industry KKR is one of the largest Well respected and best performing private equity funds globally And I’d take you out something quite interesting happened I was working for a firm that was generating for their clients or for its clients more than Now it’s working no this this one is what’s working Oh Oh good. So I was working for KK are generating 20% return on really for our clients, but at the same time when I looked at my private savings, I was generating less than 2% on my bank account and Granted I was lucky not to ended up not to have ended up as a textile engineer So I had a bit of savings but still 2% was dismal bit small and at the time is when I met My business partner and co-founder Stephan Powell’s who not onl only had identified the problem But he had also identified a solution Stephan was a managing director with KKR for 12 years He was one of the most senior executives in the European team and what Stefan’s vision was was to fundamentally challenge an established system and help people like you and I Get access to those big fans and those big returns of 20% annually now Easier said than done because you see private equity and the asset management industry generally has very high minimums for Accessing those top tier funds we’re talking about fifteen million dollars twenty million dollars minimum for accessing those top tier funds effectively cutting out most individual investors from having direct access We’re talking about five million people in Europe alone just so to get just to give you a bit of a feeling about the size and That problem was exactly what we tried to identify and solve when we started moon fair three years ago Moon fair is a technology platform that helps individual investors and their advisers get access to top-tier private equity funds We do three fairly simple things, but yet quite complicated The first thing we do is we provide access to the best funds and I’ll talk about it in a second number two We run technology through our operations effectively decreasing fees for our investors and number three we use technology To have an able end-to-end platform that gives access to people within 15 minutes to their favorite private equity fund in the industry What we effectively do is fairly simple to understand we go to the likes of KKR any cutie We take 20 million commitments, which is a big commitment for an individual We cut it down in smaller pieces and we distribute those pieces to our investors as simple as that You can see what I’m talking about on this slide Now why is this interesting? It’s interesting because private equity has been the asset class that over the past 40 years has consistently outperformed most other asset classes on a risk-adjusted basis and What’s also even more interesting is that when you see? the portfolio distribution of Institutional investors. These are big sovereign wealth funds. These are big insurance companies take comp insurance companies The likes of Yale endowment fund they invest 25 percent of their capital in private equity like products When you look at an individual’s portfolio, though less than 5% is invested in private equity Again, why because there is no access Individuals have very limited access or suit of products to access private equity today When you look at what we’ve done over the past three years It’s fair to say we were quite under the radar for a period of time We started commercially early 2018 Since then we have raised more than a hundred million euros of assets under management It makes us today one of the fastest growing faint egg businesses in the asset management space in Europe, and we’ve worked with some of the leading funds EQT Carlyle Warburg Pincus Oakley sin van Permira and many more to come again people not from the industry They wouldn’t necessarily recognize all those names but people from finance. I’m sure they would tell you These are some of the best performing funds globally now Why today why ask why no one has done it before The simple answer is technology technology allows us to do two things number one decrease fees for our investors number two We have a technology platform that within 15 minutes enables people to invest in their favorite fund Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about Comparing an old private bank and incumbent to what moon ferry is doing with fees an old bank has the following fees placement fees management fees a IFM fees colas Asian interest administration fees depository fees Additional fees this is one of the three slides Describing fees of this private bank for access to private equity now no question finance is still opaque and in transparent Let me tell you what we do at moon fair. We have three bullet points when it comes to fees We charge a 1% setup fee upfront For setting up the vehicle which houses all our individual investors. Number two. We have a management fee of 0.5% This is the fee we charge for the access we provide and we charge it over a period of 10 years and number three Individuals do pay a cost between zero point two two zero point three percent for the vehicle They operate as we increase the size of the vehicles this cost come down. It’s as simple as that This is what we do on moon fare and we change the system upside down Now very similarly what we do For the fee for the complexity. We typically take a process that take two weeks for people to invest emails back and forth communication with Investment bankers with account managers you need to print the documents. You need to read them scan them back All that is archaic in our view It’s a broken customer experience within 15 minutes with moon fare you get access to your funds securely You can subscribe and then do that over and over again with streamline reporting now we wouldn’t be able to do what we do today without the team that we have put in place and we have a team that combines seniority Experience and network together with a team that is young is hungry and get things done Fifty percent of our team today works in product in tech. The rest of the team comes from backgrounds such as JPMorgan. Take care BC partners a parks Goldman and the likes but What I’m most proud of apart from our team and what we have achieved in the past three years is the moon for community The moon for community started when we first raised our capital Marco mentioned earlier We raised twenty five million dollars, excuse me, 25 million euros from a group of Individual investors. These are all shareholders of the business today There are more than a hundred and they’ve put money and capital into our business, but it’s not only them Today we have as I said more than 100 shareholders We have more than 250 investors and clients we have 2,000 people registered on our platform and we have a community of 10,000 people following us and This community is a community forum unfair in the community of people That like to do business with people they like and trust. Thank you very much You

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