More Dumbbells

Dumbbells. Nobody’s doing enough with dumbbells. They’re amazing, amazing tools and they’re hyper-friendly for everything that we do except for things that they make it even harder. The unwieldiness of two things brings all of the wonderful neurological dynamics that translate to the increased strength that I get looking at the difference between parallel bars and rings. The independent axis of the ring makes the ring man a stronger parallel-bar guy than the parallel-bar guy is. Put a parallel-bar guy on the rings, they shake. Why? Is it inherent instability on the rings? No, they’re inherently stable. In fact, from rest, every direction is uphill and takes work. But what you’re seeing is white noise, it’s brain noise. And you have to learn to not transmit that. And so as soon as the rings are stable, you’re stronger on the parallel bars. Isn’t that interesting? It’s my theory that the p-bar guys are doing those movements but the parallel bars don’t move so you never see that brain activity. I put him in that environment, he does. So what this means is that the slackline is good dry-land training for stability and not the endo board. What I want is to find a friction-free environment—I don’t know how far down you want to get into this but I think it’s cool as shit. Dumbbells. More dumbbells, more dumbbells, more dumbbells.

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