MSIA | John-Roger Finding Heaven through Exercising Compassion

We gather people around us who are joyful,
who are laughing, who are uplifting. Some of you, you may not see for fifteen years, and they are still your friend inside of you, and inside of you is where this resides. The Kingdom of heaven is found
by the place of your compassion. It’s found in the place of your loving, it’s found in the place of your generosity, it’s found in the place of your healing
of yourself and others. Pull up inside of you,
bless the exterior senses, bless what you see, bless the food you eat, bless the bodies you touch, be thankful for the clothing you have. Have compassion upon this planet. It’s in need of it, but it only can have compassion
by someone who carries compassion. You carry compassion, exercise it through your senses, and you walk through it
karmicly free. Baruch Bashan.

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