Murph Hero Workout Tips (WODprep Strategy Guide)

What’s up this Ben WODprep and today we are going to talk
about the hero workout Murph. So Murph is probably
the most famous CrossFit workout in existence but the first thing I want to
talk about today, if you were about to hit Murph, this video is going to help you
get a better performance. This video is going to
give you a few pointers that are going to help you
get a better score. But the most important
thing about Murph is to know who Murph is. Lieutenant Michael Murphy
is an amazing person and he has an amazing story
so please do your research and understand the person
behind this hero work out. So first of all,
here is the workout. To run one mile, 100 pull-ups,
200 push-ups and then 300 air squats
followed by another one mile run. In order to get your
best score possible there’s a few tips that
I want to give for this. One thing that we need
to say before going on is that in order to do
this as prescribed you need to wear
a 20-pound vest, okay. So to get an Rx for this workout, technically you need to carry a
20-pound vest on your shoulders. If you don’t do that
it’s not Rx’d, just want to make that clear. Alright, so tip number one
is to make sure that you partition your reps. So 100 pull-ups,
200 push-ups, 300 air squats, that’s the meat of the workout, that’s where most people
spend the majority of their time. It’s very important
to break up those reps so that you are moving
the entire time. We’re going to talk about
that a little bit later but first here’s what
I’d recommend is to either Cindy your reps
which is five pull ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats,
you’re going to do 20 rounds of that. Or I’d recommend doing what
I would call a smart set. So that’s where you break up
the hardest movement. So for me the hardest
movement is push-ups. That’s where I
fatigue the quickest because I’m doing
chest the deck push-ups and my chest was out,
especially after all the pull-ups. So what I do is
I do 20 rounds of five pull-ups, five push-ups,
15 air squats, five push-ups. So I’m taking that set
of 10 push-ups and I’m splitting in half
by the air squats. And what that does is that
helps keep my chest fresh. It helps keep me loose. I’m not sitting there
resting on the push-ups. I’m making sure I get
through those transitions and it helps me move quicker. And the final option I’m
going to give you is 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups,
20 push-ups and 30 air squats. Just the thought of doing 20
rounds of anything kind of blows people’s minds. So trimming it down so you’re
doing 10 rounds of bigger sets makes it a little bit
more manageable. The whole key there
is you need to be able to keep moving the entire time. Key number two is to make sure
that you mind your transitions. So if you waste time
transitioning from each separate movement, so, for instance, if you
do the Cindy style you’re doing five pull-ups,
10 push-ups, 15 air squats. So that’s a transition means
you’re moving from the pull-up bar to the floor
and then from the floor to your squats and then
from the squats back to the pull-up bar. Each one of those
is a transition. And what I see is that
a lot of people waste a ton of time during
those transitions. Just think about it, in the later rounds,
if you’re spending 10 to 15 seconds just moving from
movement to movement you are eating away tons
and tons and tons of time. So watch your transitions. Force yourself to only take
a couple breaths in between each
movement and stay moving. And that’s the importance
of making sure that you break up
the reps so that you can always stay moving,
you’re never forced to take a 15 or 20 second break
throughout this entire workout. Another little note
that I like to make, and this could be
pointer number three is that singles are okay. If your pull-ups hit
a brick wall which for a lot of people
it does in this workout. If your pull-ups
hit a brick wall then switch to singles. The key is you just
have to keep moving. All you need to do
is find a pull-up bar that isn’t too high
of a jump. This one’s a little high for me. I’m not super tall.
(chuckles) But if you have a pull-up of bar
that’s just a little bit over your standing reach,
just hit your pull-up, drop down, shake it out,
and then just keep knocking out those singles and you will slowly
but surely chip away all those 100 reps. Tip number four
is to make sure you scale properly. Too many people try
to hit this workout as prescribed or they
do the scaled version where they’re doing it as Rx just without the the 20-pound vest and so many people will spend
an hour and a half, hour and 45 minutes knocking
through this workout and then they’ll
end up with rhabdo or they’ll just be absolutely
destroyed for the next week. I really don’t recommend doing that. That is not going to honor the
sanctity of this workout. It’s supposed to be a grinder,
it’s supposed to suck but I promise you,
you’ll be much better off doing something like this
which is a half Murph. Or you can even scale it
down a little bit farther to get the same stimulus but please, please, please,
make sure that you scale the work out so
that it meets your ability level. And then the final tip,
tip number five is going to be recover
the right way. Recovery is so key when
you’re knocking out hundreds and hundreds
of reps and running two miles. The recovery portion of this
workout is so paramount, I highly recommend making
sure that you’re drinking during the workout. Maybe you had some BCAA’s or
some sort of electrolytes to your water. And then when you’re finished,
a lot of people are going to crack open a beer and
they’re going to start crushing some alcohol
because a lot of people are off work, they’re
celebrating Memorial Day and that is probably the worst
possible thing you can do. If you consume a ton
of alcohol right after a major workout it will actually
increase your risk of rhabdo. So please be smart
about your recovery. Take some time to cool down. Eat healthy, nutritious foods
and then try to delay that alcohol consumption
as late as you possibly can to make sure you give your
body a chance to recover. So if you like this video and you
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thumbs down if you didn’t, that’s perfectly fine. Leave a comment below
and let me know what you would like
me to help you with and thank you so much
for watching this. It’s been another
edition of WODprep.

49 Replies to “Murph Hero Workout Tips (WODprep Strategy Guide)”

  1. umm "Murph" is meant to be done with all reps of a movement completed before you go to the other. none of this breaking up in sets. bs

  2. Great video as usual Ben, but I didn´t understand the word you said in 5:33 about alcohol consumption, could you write it down? hahaha sorry!

  3. This works! I went from 51 minutes to 41 minutes simply by going from "Cindy" style to his suggested doing two sets of five pushups each round. I didn't stop moving the entire time!

  4. Can Murph be done twice? My box is doing Murph Saturday, but I registered with another box to do it on Monday. Monday Murph will truly honor our disabled vets. Oh yeah, only wearing vest once!!!!!!

  5. i absolutely LOVE your videos. I'd love to get some help with starting to use the "open gym" periods of my box more. How should i program my training, where can i find inspiration and how do i go from only doing classes everyday to also training on my own?

  6. good tips. This is my first run at it and I plan on going slick. I like the idea of breaking up the push-ups. I was planning on front loading the squats so my legs aren't too jello-y on the final mile. So I will do first 10 rounds: 5 pull-ups, 5 push-ups, 25 air squats, 5 push-ups then for the final 10 rounds: 5 pull ups, 5 push-ups, 5 air squats, 5 push ups. I do worry about transition as you mentioned in your video but…who cares, there is no trophy for cutting a minute off your time, especially when it is your first time. I am just looking to push myself to honor all of those soldiers that pushed beyond what all of us are doing and paid for it with their lives.

  7. My box apparently doesn't allow you to partition the reps like that (i.e. you have to finish all 100 pull ups before moving onto the push ups etc). This is my first attempt at it, my goal is to break 1 hour. I was planning on 8 min miles, trying 5 pull ups every 30 seconds , 7 reps every 30 seconds on the push ups and 12 on the squats. thats 52 mins which gives me 8 mins grace for transitions and end of the sets where I might not be able to get that many

  8. Why do I vomit after performing an intense workout? I eat healthy every morning before my workout and after my workout (push-up's, pull-up's, 50lb. curls, 25 lbs dumbbells) I feel kinda nauseous. Am I over working myself?? Am I doing something wrong??

  9. Thanks a ton coach – 1st Murph so opted to do it once before committing to a weight vest (def next time). The 5-5-15-5 format (+ pretty constant motion) was the clincher. Was able to go unbroken all reps and break 40 mins (39:58). Honor to do it and really psyched to do it pretty well. Felt appropriate doing it in the pouring rain too! Keep up the great work & tips. Cheers

  10. Awesome tips, thanks. At what stage would you recommend a athlete is "ready" do perform Murph RX? Without vest I last did 40mins, so wonder if I should first work on getting that to low 30s before adding 20 pounds, or should I just do it with vest now? What would you say is a reasonable RX Murph time for a well conditioned athlete (not regional level, just normalish 5x a week WODer)?

  11. If you want to do Murph as Michael Murphy did it, the real Murph, you need to do it with a 20 pounds vest and you cannot partition the reps. This means you have to do all 100 pull ups, then all 200 push ups, then all 300 squats. I personally think it is a better workout when it is partitioned into 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats because you can keep a better rhythm and better intensity… BUT that's not the original workout, ya know if you're trying to keep it OG. I know HQ says you can partition reps, I'm just saying that's how the man did it himself.

  12. Nice. Thank you. I did it yesterday. It is a very hard work out. Next time I will pay attention to yout tips.

  13. Your tips realy help me , excelent Chanel , i recomend you to do crossfit gear review or nutrition tips for crossfiters

  14. Hey Ben!
    Just passing by to thank you for the tips in the video. I did the Murph on Saturday using a variation of the partition you suggested (instead of 20 rounds of 5 pull-ups / 10 push-ups / 15 squats, I did 15 rounds of 5 pull-ups / 10 push-ups / 20 squats + 5 rounds of 5 pull-ups / 10 push-ups) and I nailed it in 42:28. I did it without a life vest, after all it was my first time doing it. But I appreciated a lot the tip you gave: "just don't stop!"
    Thanks for the help and looking forward for more videos.

  15. Hands down the best video of tips for approaching The Murph!! Thank you so much for discussing the importance of scaling and recovery!! So often overlooked!

  16. How many pull ups should i knock off the 100 since i can't bring myself to do those weird style crossfit pull ups LOL!

  17. Thanks for the tips. I'm 46 and just started Crossfit. I did a subpar 1/2 Murph this evening. Hoping next year to participate. I'm trying to figure out what the word was that you used if you consume a lot of alcohol. After 22 years in the Navy I'm sure your definition of a lot of alcohol compared to mine, differs lol.

  18. I have always done "Murph" with partitioned reps because that is how CrossFit HQ originally programmed it. Check out the details here:
    Please remember to HONOR THE FALLEN. It doesn't matter what score you get or which version you do. What matters is that you give it your full effort! CRUSH IT. Also, if you'd like to get more free coaching from WODprep, we'd love to meet you. Sign up here:

  19. I see you're in the grass. A lot of people will be running on concrete and asphalt. I'm sure this will play a part in fatigue of the joints and over all performance. I actually don't recommend running on hard surfaces but some have no choice because boxes haven't made it a priority no to.

  20. I just did my first ever "Half Murph." I kept the 1 mile runs just because I have a perfect 1 mile loop by my house that I like to do. Took me 40 minutes with no vest. I had the most trouble with the pull ups and I definitely took too much time in between movements. Next week I WILL CRUSH! haha

  21. As always, great coaching Ben! You've helped me through two CrossFit Opens and this will be my second Murph. I did much better in all of it thanks to you! Thanks for reminding us to remember the heroes!

  22. Going to try the 1/2 murph. I’m 43 and been doing CrossFit for a year. Wish I could do the full version, but not quite there yet. Thanks for the tips – really helpful.

  23. I’m so nervous going into this for tomorrow. It will be my second time doing it and i think I’m going to do option 2 with the push-ups broken up. I have had rhabdo before (from a different workout) and the mental recovery is far worse than the physical one. I’m excited though; even bought hand grips. Love all your videos that I had to look this one up again to prepare.

  24. thanks for the vidéo, i need a serious help coach with my double unders, handstand wolk and gains some muscls abd get red of love handels with crossfit.
    i have almoste 1 year of crossfit i moved from 88 kg to 78 kg and i have scolioces.
    i realy need your help…
    [email protected]

  25. Hello!

    I usually do it this way and I do small sets except for the squats.
    100 pull ups
    200 push ups
    300 air squats

    I am worried that if i do the Cindy way i lose too much time because I use a band for the pull ups. Transition will take too much time.
    What do you think?

  26. Nice video mate did Murph this morning no vest haven't got the best kipping pull ups yet so was slower on them push ups sets of 10 reps till 200 then air squats in 20 reps till 300 last 1.6ks run legs where concrete happy with time of 50.10 wearing a vest for next time great videos knew to crossfit enjoying the learning curve thanks for your videos very helpful

  27. Hi Ben
    Got through doing the Murph today. Remembering Lt Murphy and his courage that day.
    Hope you enjoyed your Murphy here in Colorado. Your video helped me do all pull-ups Strict!!!
    No assist or variations.
    Thank you Ben!!!!
    Matt Colorado

  28. I did it my first time 50 rounds of 2 pull-ups, 4 pushups, 6 squats. Since I haven’t done Kipping enough yet. I did strict pull ups. I was able to keep a consistent pace the whole time without breaks. Could have definitely sped things up. 46 minutes.

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