My 2 Favorite + Most Effective Hamstring Stretches

Hey everyone, i wanted to show you two exercises for your
hamstrings. Those are my favorite hamstring exercises; and i have really right hamstrings. Always had really tight hamstrings. And with
these two exercises, I’ve seen results. I’ve tried many exercises for the hamstrings; there
are many out there in the internet, and in books and everywhere else, and those two were
the most effective for me to see progress. So i want to share them with you, and maybe
you can do them too and learn something new today. Let’s see! For the first hamstring stretch, lay on the
back. Now we want to stretch the right hamstrings first, so extend your foot, and make sure
that your foot is pointing toward your body. Okay? So like this. And then you just go upwards, until you’re
at your limit and your knee is still straight. So not like this, but keep it straight and
if it’s here, that’s okay. Go back down, and go back up. Then you can do this dynamically, to loosen
up your hamstrings. Everytime you notice a stretch on the hamstrings, stop, and go back
down. You can do this for up to 30 repetitions.
Remember to pull your toes to your body, so don’t point them, like this. And repeat. And then you do the other side. This is one of the most helpful stretches
and mobility exercises for my hamstrings. I know it sounds crazy, but this one really
worked for me and made great progress. The second one I’m going to show you is by
sitting on one foot, like this – okay? – and extending the other foot. Now make sure your
hips are not to the side, but aligned to the front. And now you just sit up straight. This
already will be a really good hamstring stretch. If this is too intense for you, you can also
lean back a little. But make sure your back is straight, this is really important. Left
leg is pointed, right leg is under my bottom. Okay? Now if you can already sit here, you
can make this more intense by going forward in these small bumping movements. Now i know that this active stretching, where
you bump into the stretches has a bad reputation; but for me it really worked. So, just don’t
go too far, but go slowly, and this will work. And again, 30 repetitions, and then you switch
the side. Left foot under your bum, right foot extended,
make sure your back is straight, and then bump into this stretch 30 times. Okay? With these 2 stretches, I’ve made incredible
progress in my hamstring tightness, so maybe they are good for you aswell. I hope so! Have
a great day, everyone!

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  1. Not only are these two you showed highly effective, I think they also have the least chance of hurting your lower back and other parts of your body. I do then both. The third hamstring exercise I do (that also stretches the inner thigh) is to lie flat on my back, lock my knees, then spread my legs wide. My legs will start to lift off the ground by itself due to the tight inner thigh, but keep the feet as low off the ground as possible. When you feel the tail bone is about to be lifted off the ground then return to the starting position.

  2. Been looking for a good stretch to help hamstring mobility for ages and the second one showed here works a treat. Gonna do 2mins each leg 4 times a day hopefully my staff pose and L sits will start to become a walk in the park. Liked! Thank you

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