My CrossFit Open journey so far…

hi guys welcome back to the channel
today is a different video I’m not doing a vlog I’m doing a review of my CrossFit
Open experience so far so the CrossFit Open starts on October 10th and it’s the largest fitness competition in the world! the CrossFit open is a competition over
five weeks with five workouts, you have approximately four days to do the
workout and submit your score into the CrossFit database online the great thing
about the Open is it’s for all ages and all abilities anyone can do it from the
age of 14 to 104… so my first CrossFit open was in February 2017 I’d been doing crossfit
for about a month and weightlifting for about four months, I don’t have any
videos or photos of that experience but I’m really glad I did it because it
meant I could see the progress I made the footage you’re about to see was
filmed for Instagram and it was just for me to review my progress but here’s how
it went coach Mike was so encouraging throughout this workout as you can see in this next video
Joel is judging me and he was super super patient although in the video I’m
doing double unders I was literally down to singles but I
was so determined to do it RX the overhead squat was also a P.B.! so I hope you’ve enjoyed my CrossFit
Open experience so far, if you’re new to CrossFit and it’s your first Open here’s
a few tips double-check that your gym kit and the gear you’re wearing fits properly go to the toilet empty your bladder and
your bowels – you’ll thank me for it, promise tie your hair back or wear a headband, it gets annoying make sure you’re well fuelled before the workout if you’re not too sure ask your coach or someone with plenty of experience to help warm you up before the workout don’t overdo the caffeine your heart might be racing a bit practice some of the movements beforehand so you’re confident with what you’ve got to do look after your hands protect them if you submit your score in nice and early, you can be quite hope the high up the
leaderboard so you look like you’re really good and then screenshot it and
then show your friends I wouldn’t do anything like that… when I approach the Open I think… what would Sam Briggs do? so if you haven’t signed up for the Open yet what you waiting for? do it! thanks for
watching my CrossFit journey so far I hope you’ve enjoyed it, just remember unless you want to get to the Games it is all just a bit of fun
and just do your best she’s turned the bloody radio up, don’t
you know I’m trying to film on the earth I’m not reading this from my iPad

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