my extreme transformation!! (2019 glow up)

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I thought I’d do a really fun video idea that I’ve seen a bunch of people do. this is gonna be an extreme transformation video I always thought like 2019 new year new me how it
always goes so I just need to transform myself and like make myself better for
2019 so I think I’m gonna dye my hair paint my nails put on self-tanner be
superficial we love that but then I thought I’d also do kind of like an
emotional mental transformation that sounds weird but my 19 I just want to
become the best version of myself so we’re gonna do all that and then we’re
gonna somehow figure out how to get my mental state in tip-top shape but I say
tip-top shape I really did so I’m outside the salon it’s 10 o 9 which is
like early-morning for me so if I sound asleep
are you no but I’m about to get my hair more blonde in real life it’s kind of
darker I don’t know I’m kind of nervous I’m really hoping I don’t look ugly I
will get back to you when my hair is blonde and hopefully I like you okay bye
wish me luck I am blonde you might not be able to tell just cuz like the filter
I put on my videos I feel like makes my hair look more blond anyway
wait let me like keep looking at myself it’s definitely blonder but it’s still
like natural-looking I feel like I was afraid I’d end up being like platinum
and that is definitely not the case but it looks really good
before you she’s blonde I really like it I feel cute and I saw some really soft
so I love I’m gonna use the only technique I know
painting all over my skin and killing it off in the shower like my left hand I’m
kind of okay but when I get to my right hand I’m like did a toddler paint that
there are definitely like seven year-olds I also just put way too much
polish on okay hand one I’ll probably do a second coat too but like they kind of
look good it’s like I like it there’s also a good reason why I brought
in the piece of cardboard I don’t know why am i incapable of not getting it on
the table so yeah we got the nails seal like an ASMR channel right now like only
my hands alright guys see what even was that you can literally see my studio
light I use the loving tan deluxe bronzing mousse in dark and then I have
at the loving 10 minute this is the 8 hour one so I’ll wash it off in the
morning and they show you how I’m looking but yeah oh we’re literally
selling our house and we have an open house we have an open house in two days
okay I’m just gonna go shower okay it’s the next morning and I’m tan in this
lighting I feel like I don’t look tan at all I miss you I’m tan and then I need
to figure out my outfit I’m gonna try and figure out like a trendy sort of
outfit I’m here with Anna oh my gosh I’m here with Hanna we found these fun pants for Emily and I
was thinking where there would be a matching look we
found my aesthetic its body and its yelling in the evident well oh wow this
is a full fit Emily noit’s knows that looks good on you no it’s literally just
a mom’s it’s not my shoulders good I really like it we put off the shoulder a
little this bodysuit it’s so small I get so nervous and lugging a nervous
so it I got the stripes Pam got this red pants it’s super cute I tried on some outfits
but it kind of flops a little bit me Dean name he’s extreme conductor you’re
gonna get those yes your new style Maya might break in the desk the new trend is
snow pants everyone she thinks they’re everywhere you would walk and you is
just like she doesn’t really zip up Wow
but why are they up that high it’s my face weird yeah it probably is I think
it’s a good look I agree I’m a vacation thank you I’m a beach or maybe like in a
cornfield that’s it okay no it’s not scarecrow vibes because this is are you
having a good day so all I ended up getting was this pair of brandy stars
not really an outfit relationshipgoals so I’m here with Ryan the guys and I
have the outfits I’ll show you when we’re there to reveal
my transformation I kind of think I look the exact same we’re gonna get coffee
which it’s not a transformation at all she’s gonna get tears time what never
except March of 2019 is the year of moksha for me the year of being a moksha
mommy if they have much of their I might get it because I would actually be like
a good transformation thing okay let’s get our coffee and then I’ll
show you the outfit so that’s like the point of the video fair I can see my
breath babe could you drill down I gonna make jumpers gonna get my outfit on that
wall but this is low-key the tractor hi cubic yard high key the drive-thru knock
on it and be like hey I like this got my photo booth photo oh wow
look you can’t see us in any of them they’re just completely white I even put
on self-tanner we had some coffee I really wanted
matcha but it’s fine I guess I got it a nice caramel macchiato they also have
paper Charlotte’s which I love it’s kind of dissolving in here it’s good I’m naturally not really an organized
person I wouldn’t say I’m like fully a mess but also this is my floor right now
I can be forgetful which like I think I’m not and that’s why I’ve never made a
big deal of like using a planner but I’m kind of forgetful especially when I have
a lot going on so putting it all on my phone has saved me from any embarrassing
moments cuz obviously like I joined a sorority I want to make a good
impression on everyone like I want them to like me so I don’t want to like
forget our coffee date and okay this is like the most unimportant part of this
but look at how next to like coffee it puts a picture of coffee and next to
dinner it has like a picture of food but it has changed my life it can change
yours hope you enjoyed my head talk okay the next step is this one called willies
yet I heard about this from my friend Anna this app this is not gonna be for
everyone but like it’ll give you like notifications on your phone every once
in a while but literally just like say quote
something to kind of like get your day going like put you in a better mindset
and with so crazy about this app I was like talking to one of my friends about
being worried about like not having everything figured out and I literally
got a notification saying like it’s okay to not have everything figured out that
is insane like that’s so weird to mean even if it’s completely random like just
seeing those little like affirmations really helps me
I kept seeing these girls on Instagram who were like in the perfect sorority
wearing the perfect outfits like looking gorgeous and I was like wow I’m gross
too relatable but I was like you know what I don’t want to feel like that so I
was never someone who was like yeah like Instagram sucks but when it’s making you
feel bad about yourself delete it it literally was for like three days while
I was in kind of a I guess just like stressful week so yeah sorry that was
like very rambly but true okay another thing I want to do is start journaling
which I haven’t actually started doing last year I did a video on my phone like
where I filmed one second of every day and that was a cool way to do it but I
don’t know I kept like forgetting to do it so I think journaling could be a
better way to just like write out what’s going on in my life the last thing I
want to do is like expand myself creatively so I’m gonna try and be
creative with my editing with my video ideas in general and yeah I’m really
excited Ryan’s calling hey so yeah that’s everything I’m gonna do to kind
of like get my life together this video was gonna be like a new year new me
transformation but it’s the middle of February so never mind hopefully you
like the video if you did be sure to give it a like and subscribe press the
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comment down below any other videos you want to see more thrifting videos are
coming soon bye

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  1. i wish i was kidding when i say that i filmed the intro on december 30…but the video's finally up!! give this a thumbs up if you like it & comment any other video requests (& i'll try not to take 2 months to make them LMAO) 🦋🌟🌈

  2. I love your videos! You're very inspirational and I love that you're doing new things like this content. Keep it up, you deserve every bit of success!


  4. going into the college decision season it might be a cool video to see you talk about what you wish you knew before picking a college or what you think is the most important thing to consider!!

  5. ur my favorite youtuber ever i love your aesthetic and ur so real and unique. all your videos are original and unlike everyone elses. you are so underrated!!! love you!!!

  6. I love how your nails were so perfect that you literally just had to put paint on them and they looked professionally done.

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