My First CrossFit Experience in Cayman

What do you think of when I say CrossFit? Many people might say it’s an exercise cult. Is this a cult? Are we a cult? Or conjure up images of people vomiting after
ten minutes. If you’re one of its members you might just
call it a fun way to work out, or a way of life. Like all people who try to stay fit, I’ve
found going to the gym every day can become really tedious. Finding new ways to exercise every now and
then to keep things interesting can be important to keep you motivated. I’ve obviously heard about CrossFit before
but after reading stories about people getting sick and seeing things like this, or this,
or this. I decided to stay away from it, it looks dangerous. Meet my friend Matt, he along with his wife
Teresa are owners of the original official Cross Fit in Cayman, and have both competed
as Cross Fit athletes. They’re very passionate about health and
fitness, and more importantly to me they’re all about doing exercises in a safe and effective
way, and not doing this… So I messaged Matt and asked if he could give
me my first ever CrossFit session, on camera. Matt kicked us off with a run through of the
workout he had planned for me, warming me up and correcting my form. I was gonna do three super sets. One minute per exercise followed by a minutes
rest. Pfft, only three I thought. This guy is taking it to easy on me. After just 17 mins my watch told me I had
burnt more than 200 calories. Which is the equivalent of running for thirty
minutes. Obviously it’s not the most accurate measurement,
but it was telling. I must say I’ve always had a chip on my
shoulder about personal trainers. The ones I’ve seen in gym are generally
on their phones or staring at their clients while they huff and puff their way to a lower
bank balance. But five minutes with Matt and I was shocked
at how many form mistakes I was making just on the rowing machine, he gave me tips to
improve them and constantly corrected me whenever I reverted back to my bad habits. I think I could really get into this CrossFit
thing, although giving myself permission to spend that cash every month will probably
be far more difficult than any challenge that Cross Fit could throw at me. Have you tried CrossFit before? Let me know what you think in a comment below. Smash that subscribe button like it stole
your Creatine, ring that notification bell and I promise that you will loose at least
1 calorie for every video video that you watch. I’ll see you next week for some adventures
in Ecuador.

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  1. The restaurant I’ve been working at is 3 stories high and has their kitchen on the second floor. A few nights a week I help out by food running and all night I have to run up and down stairs with food. No trays, have to carry the food and no elevator. I do about 60 flights of stairs those nights. That’s my workout! Lol

  2. Oh shoot!! This is sick. I haven’t tried CrossFit and don’t plan to but it’s interesting to hear about 🤔
    Yo try Krav Maga if you get the chance!!

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