My FULL Stretching ROUTINE for the Lower Body

Hey Guys! Today I’m going to show you my FULL Stretching Routine for the lower body. I’m going to hold every stretching position for about 35 seconds The time of every exercise changes from person to person Indicatively from 30″ up to 1′ per exercise. Of course if needed, you can repeat the routine. Or focus on the single exercise that you want to improve. So… Here it is my full routine. Enjoy it!

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  1. Hey guys! Here it is my FULL STRETCHING Routine for the Lower Body.
    English subtitles are available by using the youtube option.
    My Calisthenics Programs:
    Exercise 1 Starts at 0:38
    Exercise 2 Starts at 1:18
    Exercise 3A Starts at 1:51
    Exercise 4A Starts at 2:28
    Exercise 5A Starts at 3:10
    Exercise 6A Starts at 3:46

    Then from minute 4:22 to 6:52 I do all the exercises from number 3 to 6 on the opposite side. (3B, 4B, 5B, 6B).

    Exercise 7 Starts at 6:55
    Exercise 8A Starts at 7:40
    Exercise 8B Starts at 8:20
    Exercise 9 Starts at 9:05
    Exercise 10A Starts at 9:45
    Exercise 10B Starts at 10:22
    Exercise 11 Starts at 10:57
    Exercise 12A Starts at 11:31
    Exercise 12B Starts at 12:09
    Exercise 13 Starts at 12:48
    Exercise 14 Starts at 13:25

  2. Rieccomi Andrea, volevo chiederti se fosse possibile,magari entro certi limiti, tradurre certi termini stranieri che ti sento usare spesso, del tipo "planche"ecc….

  3. Penso di avere il problema sciatica dato che solo a toccare con le mani per terra da eretto mi parte una fitta dal gluteo destro fino al quadricipite. Mi consigliate di fare stretching comunque (dovrei solo sopportare diciamo) o farmi vedere da un esperto?

  4. ❤️Yo! Larosa! Fantastic vid as always!
    Can you make a no-equipment workout for upper body?
    I really need this because I'm traveling often and don't have access to anything.

  5. Cazzo sei la mia musa ispiratrice Andrea..una vera forza della natura, spero un giorno di arrivare al tuo livello e magari superarti anche 😂💪💪

  6. Bro the best thing of this video is that you don't put too many ads like other Youtubers on a 10+ minutes video
    Btw always love your content 🤗

  7. I especially like the fact that you include ankle mobility in some of these stretches. I'm planning on joining the military but I have to seriously improve my running and my poor ankles are taking a beating. These will help tremendously. Thanks!

  8. Sarebbe fico vedere un tuo video dove spieghi come allenare insieme Calisthenics e BodyBuilding. Come abbinarli e combinare i due allenamenti all'interno di una settimana

  9. Ciao Andre! Ieri ho provato alcuni di questi es. e si riesce a stretchare davvero bene il muscolo, potresti fare un video di stretching anche per l'upper body?

  10. Thank you! Very nice Routine. How you deal it with Lower Body and Upper Body Strech, you change every Day? One Day upper and one Day lower? Greetings!

  11. Nice video… Please make a full upper body stretching routine… Ur personal. Ur very motivating Andrea larosa…. Just keep going bro

  12. Hello Andrea Larosa my name is Victor Lisboa, greetings from Venezuela…
    Any Ritual you recommend me to gain seconds Straddle Planche?

  13. I did this drawing for you please go to this link and see it thanks a lot

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