My Opinion on Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and I feel peer pressured by myself to make a Halloween themed video so that’s what you’re watching. But when I sat down to try and think of something to talk about, nothing really came to my mind. I don’t have any crazy Halloween stories, or over the top thoughts about it, it’s kinda just a… “meh” holiday for me. Then I realized, “I have nothing to say about Halloween.” So that’s what this video’s about! Reasons Why I’m Not the Biggest Fan of Halloween, But I-It’s Not Like I Don’t Like it… it- I’m just Overall Neutral About the Whole Thing. (Whispers) Please don’t dislike this video I always only hear people either thinking, “Halloween is the BEST holiday, and anyone who dosen’t think so can be sacrificed by goats.” or, “Halloween is HORRIBLE and it’s just an excuse to make dumb skeleton puns and worship Satan.” And I’m… neither of those. The most I’ll really do is reference the Halloween SPOOPY meme an unhealthy amount of times because that’s really my favorite thing about the whole season. That probably explains very well the extent of my Halloween enthusiasm. The thing is, I’m willing to give Halloween a chance. I just haven’t had any great, amazing, SPOOPTACULAR things happen when I celebrate Halloween. So, to all you huge Halloween enthusiasts… I don’t know… tell me how to be more spoopy. See, yeah, it’s pretty bad. I decided to cover some main Halloween staples, and explain, I guess, why Halloween doesn’t stand out to me. So hurray! Let’s get ready for some transition slides. (Goosebumps Theme Playing) HA! You think I’m popular and outgoing enough to be even be invited to regular parties? PHHHTTHSHHH!!! Who do you think I am? an extrovert? The majority of the Halloween themed parties I’ve been to, are those neighborhood parties where all the adults get together with their kids and everyone’s got mediocre costumes on and… nothing fun really happens. Just, small talk and alcohol for the adults and hyperactive kids running around, being brats. I never know what to do at parties, so I just follow my mom around like an idiot. Sometimes people would be like, “Oh Jaiden, you’ve gotten so big since the last time I saw you”. (Laughs) how’s school?” Literally. I think that the only thing adults know what to say to us and, I can understand, because when I try to put myself in their shoes, and think about what I would try to say to a Millennial, I wouldn’t know what to talk about either. So… do you guys still dab? (Laughs) Just kidding, that meme has been brutally murdered. Last Halloween though, all my friends wanted to go to some random Halloween party at some person’s house I didn’t know and in my head, I was like, Ehhhhhhhhh, but what if we just stayed… here? But I just went with it, because… I don’t know. I could have stayed at the dorms, they weren’t forcing me or anything, I just already knew what was gonna happen. They’re all gonna split up and I was gonna end up following one friend around like an idiot. and that’s… exactly what happened! I don’t understand how people can just go to a party where they don’t know anyone like, they’re not even technically invited. Their friend is going, so they just came along too. And they can leave, being best friends with everyone and also, being in a relationship. HOW??????? I can’t even try to initiate a simple conversation with someone without over analyzing the FREAK out of everything (Jaiden inhales, then exhales) JAIDEN’S MIND: I should talk to someone. Wait, what’s her personality like? Are they outgoing? Do they even like talking to new people at parties? What do I even… say? I hate small talk. No! Don’t think about that. What’s the best way to introduce myself? Should I be friendly, or try to say something funny? What’s her comedic preference? I don’t know what makes them laugh! I don’t even know them! I guess I… know if I… talk to them. What do I say after I say the first thing? I don’t want to end up saying one thing and all of a sudden it’s awkward tension. They seem annoyed, they probably hate me already. (Goosebumps Theme Playing) I’M A WEAK PERSON. Scary things are not my forte. The other night, I scared myself by accidentally turning the bathroom fan on instead of the light. So you can guess that I don’t regularly indulge in SPOOPY movies by my own free will. But last year, my friends all decided to celebrate the Halloween season by watching a scary movie, every single night of October leading up to Halloween. UGGGGHHHHH!!! I GUESS! Every night, I was absolutely terrified because I thought I was about to be scarred for life. But after it ended, I was very underwhelmed and dissapointed. It’s complete based on the specific movies we watched. I know there’s undeniably, horrifying ones out there that would absolutely destroy me but, even a fragile leaf like me thought the ones that we watched were below par. One example was “The Blair Witch Project”, which we all know is a huge classic on the old horror movies list. If you haven’t seen it, don’t waste your time by skipping the video to not hear spoilers. A group of teens gets lost in the woods with their video camera while looking for something spooky. I can’t remember what it was, but it’s not really that important. They just needed to go into the forest. Then they get lost and wander around in the woods. Sometimes they find a pile of rocks and they think it’s spooky even though every seven year old who plays outside with rocks does that. The one guy goes conveniently insane for a minute and kicks their map into a river and they get even more lost and wander around in the woods. Then… I fell asleep for an hour. Then I woke up and they’re still lost and wandering around in the woods. They find an old house and… The End. I fell asleep for the majority of the movie and I didn’t miss anything when I woke up. I know there’s a new remake of it and that’s probably a little bit better… or at least I’d hope so. But I wasn’t spooked at all considering all the hype around it. And yes, I know it’s special because it’s one of the first to do the “found footage” style horror movie film thing. But, I mean, that still doesn’t cover the fact that it was boring with failed tension. But I do like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” That’s a good Halloween movie. I asked on Twitter if you guys thought it was a Halloween or Christmas movie, and it was way closer that what I thought it was gonna be. Even though, it’s obviously a Halloween movie, people were still adamant about the fact that they thought it was Christmas! Now, it’s okay to have an opinion, and not many people can change the way you view something but to all you people who think it’s a Christmas movie, you have to be willing to accept the fact that your opinion is actually wrong. It was originally released October 13, 1993, closer to Halloween, and the director of the movie himself, Henry Selick actually answered the question in an interview that it is, indeed a Halloween movie. Cry me a river and scream all you want, I’m not attacking your opinion. You can see it as whatever you want. It can be St. Partick’s Day for all I care. Just be able to accept the fact that it is literally cannon that it’s an official Halloween movie. There’s enough Christmas movies around anyway. We don’t need any more. Let Halloween have a turn. Share a bit. (Goosebumps Theme Playing) I’m talking about things like corn mazes or haunted houses. Going along the haunted houses topic, I haven’t been in many, but they’re all just… awkward. It’s kind of just a conveyor belt of people walking through a semi-decently decorated area with other people in costume yelling and groaning at them. Like, it’s kind of just courtesy to go, “ahh”. when they come at you because otherwise, it’s kind of weird not to do anything else. I’m sure there’s really awesome, well-executed ones out there. I’m very willing to accept that fact. But, I just don’t think that it’s worth spending $20 to go out and do. Just my opinion, no harm if you enjoy it. Again, this video is my general neutral view. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just haven’t been to any that amaze me. (Goosebumps Theme Playing) Of course, how could I not talk about the biggest part of Halloween, Trick-or-Treating. RANDOM PERSON: Jaiden! Are you saying you don’t like going out with friends in costumes and getting candy? I don’t know! It’s not that I didn’t like it! I always went out and did it, but I was never really super enthusiastic about it. And save your gasp, but… I’m not the biggest fan of candy either. ehhhh, it’s a good treat, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t handle too much of it. (gibberish) My costumes, growing up, weren’t really the best. I mean, not really the worst either. One of the only costumes I even remember is when I was younger. I was obsessed with “The Powerpuff Girls”, and I wanted to be Bubbles, because she was my favorite. So my mom ordered a Bubbles costume online and when it arrived the wig wasn’t even a wig. It was this huge cut out, foam, hat thing the eyes were these huge, dumb glasses that were bigger than my head, The dress was the same fabric as the hair, and it just draped over my entire body like, a curtain, It looked, ridiculous, but little Jaiden at the time thought it was the FRICKEN, BOMB! Like, I BECAME Bubbles. The powers were literally bestowed upon me via the tacky $15 costume. I think that was my favorite costume in my trick or treating years. So… yeah, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Hey, so, you’re about to hear a side of me that not a lot of people hear… or see. So I was editing the video, and, I realized that I forgot to record an end card. and it’s 5:45 AM, in the morning, so… I’m kinda… I don’t… I… mmmMMMM. This is what I have to do. I just- you just- gotta do it. I can’t not just have no end card, so I gotta say something. (Smirks) This is a mistake, I’m gonna wake up and post the video, and listen back and be like, “What in the world?” SSSssso yeah. I’m… not… conscious right now. So… Pardon me. This end card sucks. (Inhales) You know what? You win- youuu win some and you lose some with your end cards. You know? They can’t all be good dude. What do you expect from me? Do you want perfect end cards? Because that’s not what you’re gonna get. How long have I’ve been talking for? Is this good? Um… yeah, I’m going to finish editing, so… I love you… Goodnight.

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  1. You dont have to be spooky for Halloween. You can be anything capricious as you like. Be a fairie princess. or a panda bear, or even dress up as an animator!

  2. 6:11 have you heard there's a haunted house that you stay in for 10 hours and you get tortured but you have to sign a 40 page waiver saying that you want sue them

  3. I don’t go trick or treating anymore even though I spend a week making my Halloween costume for me to use for the Halloween parade at my middle school. Why.

  4. In the place I live there's this one person who goes all out and makes a haunted house for free and they just scream at us and like hide under tables and grab are ankles and we kicked them and they stoped it gave me anxiety and then I stay at he for two days

  5. I was halfway through watching the Blair witch project for the first time when the power went out and it was 10:30 at night and I had school the next day and I had to get ready for bed in pitch blackness I have a over active imagination so I kept scaring myself

  6. For Halloween my friend and I were planning something for two weeks and than it snowed and it got canceled last minute, so I was stuck at home Halloween night, and then the next day at school everyone had done stuff and got candy and had a great time while I was stuck at home, even my friend got like two large bags if candy from some people she knew, I… Feel… Great…

  7. 0:32 Ummmmm sir are you cracked you get more value in Christmas than in like 48 Halloweens combined so STFU FAKE PERSON JAIDEN MADE UP

  8. nightmare before Christmas is official a Halloween movie, but it was actually a really good idea to release it before Halloween because if the movie’s dvd or vhs got released in December it could still work since part of the movie takes place during Christmas time

  9. ok yall i, lia-mai, have made a petition. so far only 1 person has signed, and i want to put it on a video in which spoopy is mentioned.


    every night, i will say “spoopy”. those will be my last words. in case i [die] in my sleep, my last words will be spoopy. i like and agree to this comment.

    [now i like my own comment. if you see only 1 like you know who it is]

  10. Triggered does not mean annoyed. A trigger is something that causes true psychological pain. Like, I have a lot of respect for you, but I hate it when people use terms like that as jokes.

  11. MOM: sweetie don’t take candy from strangers u could end up kidnapped or murdered (dang my Latino mom is odd)

    KIDS at my moms house on Halloween: trick or treat

    MOM: awww cute costumes here’s some extra candy since u guys are so adorable!

    ME: …

  12. Hey jaiden there are other holidays with candy like Easter and the fact that a stranger is giving out candy is messed up

  13. My moms New boyfriend told me about the horror movie pet cemetery, and I thought a lot of it was horrifying but some of it was funny

  14. Why do you hate Halloween why you shut up. All right sorry that was all of my iPad I love your videos I'm 6 your damn you're the best

  15. Sorry my iPad is not working very well so is the first place I don't know the first Common then sound way why did you not why do you not like Halloween

  16. I like Jaiden cuz she's like me. an introvert. If I talk to someone new or meet my friend's friends, I will sit down listen and not talk the whole time. I socialize better with cats than regular people. Get cat's introverts.

  17. In October I always watch 1 movie, last year it was The Nightmare Before Christmas, this year Beetlejuice/ Betelgeuse

  18. I watch the nightmare before christmas in November because i like to reminisce on Halloween and get ready for Christmas so yeah

  19. 1:40 (about) "I don't know what to do at parties so I just follow my mom around like an idiot." Well that sounds very familiar.

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