my workout routine

hey guys welcome back to my channel in
my last video I talked a lot about working out and how I’ve been being more
consistent with working out and trying to just stay healthy and active and I
asked you guys if you made a video on what I do for workouts and honestly
nobody responded to that question but that’s okay I have don’t have that many followers yet so I wasn’t expecting that but I figured I’d do a video anyways just show you guys what I
do so I use this app called Fiton which I’m gonna put on the screen right here
but it’s really cool because they have so many workouts everything is
completely free I know there’s usually those apps that always say oh it’s free
to download and then they charge you for the actual classes but this app is
completely free to use all the workouts and they have on there are free anyways as
you can see they have tons of workouts you can browse by category by type of
workout by instructor if you like a certain instructor what part of your
body do you want to workout it’s really cool they have a lot of different
workouts and so far it’s been working really great for me I love it so that’s
basically what I do I just pick a workout and I haven’t really figured out
like a schedule like you know it some people be like like day I’m day today I
just kind of go with what I’m feeling for the day I do kind of alternate so
like I just did legs last night so I’ll probably do something upper body abs or
arms today maybe a little bit of both I don’t know but anyways that’s
basically what I do so I think I’m gonna do like a little time lapse of me
working out this booty builder is what I did yesterday
and that is a big workout for your butt and your legs and it’s so hard but it’s it’s
hard honestly today I think I wanna do some
so I’m just gonna browse through here see a lot of these workouts are like 15
minutes 20 minutes so you can do multiple if you want if 15 minutes is
enough for you the 15 minutes and lately I’ve been doing like anywhere from 20
minutes to doing two workouts that are 15 minutes or sometimes I’ll do a couple
depending on how I feel after I get finished with one of them so I think I’m
gonna do this yoga course so they always tell you what you need usually you don’t
need much equipment like a mat hits some weight what some how they use a band
otherwise you don’t really need much I just have some three and five pound
weights to start off with until I feel like that’s just not enough for these
workouts but yeah you really don’t need a lot of stuff so and it’ll tell you
give you a little description on that so it sounds like an app for this app but I
just really like yeah so I think I’m gonna do like a time-lapse for you guys
and if you guys want to but don’t want to follow along with me because I’m
still new to some of this probably won’t be very good so I’m just gonna do a
time-lapse of my workout this is a 20-minute workout to put my hair up the
effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is I know I said I did legs yesterday but
I’m not really sore from it so I feel like I can squeeze it but it was intense all right well that’s
pretty much what I do I just follow the videos as far as eating I’ve been trying
to eat a lot healthier Adam and I have been at meal prepping so that’s been
going really well so we mail prep all of our lunches for
work every week we’ve been doing that for three weeks now and yeah that’s what
I do to stay healthy honestly I don’t work out every single
day I try to but my off days Sundays sometimes it ends up being Saturdays and
I do work out on Sundays some days I’m just really not feeling it at all and
not just like that I’m lazy but just like really sore or some days it’s
laziness but I don’t beat myself up for missing a day I just really try to work
out most days so my goal is not to work out like every single day even though
that’s what I’ve been doing it’s just to work out most days at least three or
four days out of the week yeah it’s just all about balance I don’t know I’m
really not one to be giving you advice this is just what I do so don’t take
this as this is what you should do I’m just just sharing my life with you guys
so I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I hope this encourages you to do
something today go for a walk go for a run I know it’s cold outside so those
options might not be the best but do something be active today
and it’s just to be your best self thank you so much for watching please like the
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and tons of other random stuff I don’t really have a niece right now it’s just
my life that I’m sharing with you guys so if you wanna know more about me in my
life and subscribe okay I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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  1. Good job 👏 It’s great you are taking care of your body and nutrition now when you’re young! I wish I had done a lot of things for my health when I was younger. I pretty much gave up on trying to loose weight. Every time I went on a diet and lost weight I would give up then end up gaining back what I lost plus a lot more. I finally gave up which didn’t help at all. As you know I was Grossly over weight and my health was quickly going down hill! If I had done what you are doing now perhaps I would not have so many health issues. So my advice to you is to keep up the good work and keep eating healthy. Don’t let yourself go! If you keep up these good habits they will become a life style and you shouldn’t have severe health issues. Love you and what you’re doing!😘❤️

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