Nagrywanie przed kamerą jest mega ciężkie | Freeletics week # 1 & 2 (.vlog02)

Hi! I did first blog But creating it, recording I had no idea, no big picture. But … over time, the idea came How It should look like the whole idea, big picture of this blog I thought that before publishing next video blog from my week of workout It would be good to introduce you to my motivation Why I started training freeletics. Why do I do this. And … I want to
show you big picture of it Some time ago, I saw a lot of recordings on youtube, about freeletics. How people change their body. It seemed to me that all of this video are fake And … how is it possible … make the body transformation of the body in just 15 weeks So… My first reason why I started training and recording my video blog is … … documentation and take up the challenge if I can succeed, and whether it is possible! In such a short time … it is possible that those people made it this chalange! and make so huge progress! Is not important for me to change the body itself, to lose 10, 20 or 15 kg… For me important is to challenge my self, to complete my 15-week program. I think this challange, will helps me to make workout rutine in trainings. I would be wery happy if you could stay in touch with me during this challenage! I also hope that this material will motivate others … and somoehow change their lifestyle and will be begin of trainings and this change will have some posivitive impact on their lifes I just started fist week of freeltics I’m curious effects I am after first workout and i’m exhausted 🙂 will see what next, keep your fingers crossed My second workout in first week What is interesting, it was more difficult when I wanted to stop I had the motivation to continue, because I see the workout time and I don’t stop, because that will affect my app scores, and this goes public I can not express myself 🙂 Holly crap … 🙂 Making video is so damn hard the biggest problem no no, it was’t a problem 🙂 I think that a huge challenge for me
was going out side to do workout … to do workout in a park
surrounded by other people you can get the impression that everyone looks at you how you train On top of this i was the only one person in a grass working out so you feel like I focus whole attention on myself and this is not true at all people … they don’t care … but for that was a ch allenge to do workout in a public after a while you get used you really don’t care what the rest think my second challenge during
those 2 first weeks of freeletics was … … exercise frequency I established 5 workouts a week So the big challenge was to organize a time często nie miałem nastroju trenować And I had to somehow deal with this feeling the camera is switched how new episodes will look like? With what problems, challenges a struggle every day how does this affect my professional life Do workouts help me? and may interfere? I want to show the place where the train I found a cool place to workout, but do not know how to get there Take a look… perhaps by the fence as you can see is the night I thought I can not do a workout because of the late hour and I felt lazy today But I did it! and I made it late hours training it isn’t worth giving up! Keep fighting! I was surprised that about 10 PM, there were so many people who exercise On the “Wzgórze Andrsa” hill … w where is the place to practice parkour My big surprise that so many people have been training, about 10-15 people So … I was not alone once again 🙂 thanks and see you in the next episode 😉 are you there? so why you didn’t subscribe yet

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  1. Co jaki czas będą się pojawiać odcinki? No i czy stosujesz jakąś dietę konkretną czy jak to wygląda ?

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