Navy SEAL Workout Series (3 of 3): Strength Training

Digging down deep and tapping your raw power is what Navy SEALs are often called on to do. You never know when that raw power will be needed to push a Humvee out of a sand dune, or have you sprinting through a firefight carrying a 30lb machine gun. I’m Navy SEAL Instructor Lieutenant DeCoster. In this segment, we’re going to focus on strength training. We will teach you a series of 3 simple exercises, that when combined, will give you total body strength. While you may not need it on the battlefield, it definitely will come in handy on the ball field. Hi I’m Instructor Castro, and today with Lieutenant DeCoster we’re gonna demonstrate 3 simple lifts that increase your pure strength. The first lift we’re gonna demonstrate will be the squat. The second will be the shoulder press, and then finally we’re gonna demonstrate the dead lift. We do 5 sets of 5. We’ll do a set, and repeat it 5 times, resting in between each set 3 to 5 minutes. You start with a load you can comfortably handle, and between each set you slowly raise the weight. We’ll start off with the squat. He approaches the bar, steps under, and racks it across his back. Steps back, then he’s gonna descend keeping his weight on his heels and his knees track over his feet. Chest up, nice straight back, and then he rises. Good, down. Notice he’s looking out in front of him, he’s not looking up at the ceiling. And rise. The second movement we’re gonna show you today is gonna be the shoulder press. For the shoulder press he’s gonna walk up to the barbell, address it in his front rack position, wrap his thumb around it, keep a good grip on it, and then take a deep breath and drive to overhead. Good. His feet are about hip width apart, we don’t want them wider than shoulder width. And drive. Good. The last movement we’ll show to increase your strength is the dead lift. The dead lift is a great movement to pick stuff off the ground. It’s really important in our job. Take it off the rack. Bring it down. The dead lift starts from the ground, you address the bar, what we’re looking for here is the shoulders over the bar and the arms are straight down. Flat back, and the bar touching his shins. Now he’s gonna stand, pushing his knees back. Once the bar passes his knees he pushes his hips through. Good. And return. Nice position, raise your hips a little, good, and rise. Now we’re gonna start the workout. The first thing we’re gonna do is 5 reps of back squat. Go ahead. Normally, we do 5 sets of 5. We’ll do a set, and repeat it 5 times, resting in between each set 3 to 5 minutes. You start with a load you can comfortably handle and between each set you slowly raise the weight. Good. You wanna maintain good form so you don’t injure yourself. And stay tight through – throughout the whole movement. Weight on the heels, knees tracking over your feet. Press your knees out at the bottom, drive – good. And rest. He would rest 3 to 5 minutes, we throw on more weight, and he’d go again, repeating a total of 5 times. Next for demonstration purposes we’re gonna go to the shoulder press. We’re assuming he’s finished 5 sets of 5 on the back squat, and now we’re moving to the pushing overhead movement. The sets and the reps will remain the same. He starts with a load he can comfortably handle, and progressively moves up each set. Feet hip width apart, good. Drive to overhead, driving through your heels, no re-bending of the knees or hips, lock out overhead. Good. Tight core, and press. Rest. That would be his first set, we’d raise the load, rest for 3 to 5 minutes, and do 4 more sets. Now we’re gonna bring the bar to the deck. Now we’ll move onto the dead lift. Again, the sets and the reps will be the same. 5 sets, 5 reps each set, resting 3 to 5 minutes in between rounds. Start with a load you can safely handle, and in – increase the load each time. Good. Tight back, maintain that lumbar curve. Bar stays close to your body the whole time, driving off your heels. Chest up, good. These are 3 great simple movements that you can do with any barbell and a few simple weights. Do these movements correctly and you’ll build a lot of strength. The ability to tap into your inner strength is what will get you to the next level. Answer the call.

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