Neutral Spine in the Air Squat

We’re having fun. That’s good. Fun is good. Alright. So, we have the arch being maintained as best as possible Sometimes you coach that from the front. Raise your arms up, pull your shoulders back, stick your chest out. Sometimes you can address that at the bottom of the squat, right? Come out of the squat a little bit, push up into my hand, right, where you’re trying to create some pressure. Here, I want you guys to see what I did with Jay on that one. You guys are gonna come to the side. I want you to be able to see Jay’s back and you guys can come to this side so you can see his back. And as Jay—Jay spread your feet apart just a little bit for me, there we go— as Jay comes down into his squat, go ahead So, what I was concerned about is that we get all the way the bottom and we have a lot of flexion down here. So I put my hand here so I can say Jay, press your hips up into my hand. Good. Now push your knees open and then push your chest up into this hand, Oh yeah, and then stand. He’s like, oh I didn’t like that. Right? With that you guys can see the angle of his back change from flexion back to extension. And that’s a way to address a fault down here from this side versus up here. Make sense?

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  1. could explain why a neutral spine position should be used? to avoid excess strain upon vertebral discs, Neutral spine helps dissipate force through the spine evenly, preventing injury ūüôā

  2. Mil gracias por la corrección. Tenía ese problema con la posición de mi espalda y ahora se como arreglarlo. Gracias.

  3. This is posed to experienced Crossfit Coaches and/or Certified Trainers.  The girl to the left of Nicole, "Diana", does not seem very happy to be there and appears bored and not interested in what the instructor is saying (through body language and facial expression).  What can you suggest on how to deal with such a poor attitude from a student/participant so it does not spread to others.    Thanks in advance.  PG

  4. I have been trying to fix my rounded lower back (also known as butt wink) for almost a year. Its improved but not there yet. Watching this is useful but do i need a coach or someone to constantly press on my lower back while im squating?

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