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  1. Getting red in the face from a workout is a good thing! And since it is not the norm for you, it just shows that you pushed yourself! Congrats!

  2. i love riley! also morning workouts are the only good workouts. i'm up at 5am every morning and i find that my morning workouts are the best. but i would never workout before eating.

  3. I bet having a friend around is one of the reasons you feel better and more energized to workout!

  4. “albertsons it still exists” meanwhile i hadn’t heard of an albertsons until 2015 even though there is one, i kid u not, right across the street from my house

  5. What did you mean when you had hormone stresses? My lip sweats a lot if that’s what you were referring to, I’ve always thought my hormones might be off! Thanks in advance 😘

  6. Those work outs aren't a joke I really couldn't walk for 3 days afterwards I plan on going back once I'm caught up on all my bills. Blah I was broke for a bit which really put me behind.

  7. Hey girl , I couldn’t help but to stare at your lashes the whole time ☺️ are you wearing lash extensions or a lash perm? Or are they that long ? I love them

  8. I would love to live with a roommate that does hair 😍❤️
    I’m obsessed with strawberries 🍓
    I was looking at how flawless your face looks can you do a makeup routine vid or even a skincare routine soon!!! Thanks girly .
    Keep on keeping on 🔥😍🤗

  9. $8 for strawberries? Damn, I know it's a larger box but America is expensive. No wonder people are rallying for a $15 minimum wage.

  10. Could you possibly do a video on what may be causing your lack of weight loss, and elaborate on hormone imbalance? I’ve been going through the same thing, despite tracking and working out, and its so frustrating 🙁

  11. Those strawberries 🍓 look so good 😋 where do you get your eyelashes done? I know you've mentioned it before but I cannot remember 🙈

  12. Woah jaz the quality of this bid was amazing especially during the strawberry scene, defo made my mouth water lol

  13. I feel like Riley is just such good energy. Especially with how you've been feeling lately. You seemed so happy in this video 😊💕

  14. Lol if i worked out early….. then id end up going back to the gym again later, cuz it would feel so wierd not to. 😂

  15. Hi I love your blogs, they inspire me to go the gym everyday!🤗🤗
    Jazmine, I was hoping you can please help?? How do I start a you tube channel. I asked you a few but never received a response??

  16. Yup, Jazz is still gorgeous. Seriously, I don't know why this chick keeps beating herself up about her weight? She's never looked "fat."

  17. Been feeling pretty defeated lately. I watched your mental health video and had all the feels. Seeing you push yourself to do something you're not 100% comfortable with and making the choice to keep putting one foot in front of the other is so inspiring. Thank you for the motivation to keep on going and live a healthy, happy life.

  18. Omggg u have the P’TULA leggings! I loooovvvvve SAMMI!!!! How do u like the leggings?? Did i miss that?? K love u! Love ur new room mate!!

  19. I love you SOOO MUCH. Your blogs make my days better every single time. ❤ And I hope that you know how beautiful and amazing you are; your beautiful soul is shining and I know you will overcome every obstacle you have. ❤ And I also want you to know that you help me to overcome mine too, because I am also fighting with so much troubles and things right now and you give me courage to continue fighting them. ❤

  20. Jaz! Glad to see you explore with Riley and improve 😀 Keep going girl! P.S. the red face looks good 🙄

  21. Awe Jaz you look so happy here 🙂
    Also, where do you get your nails done?!?! THEYRE SO PRETTY😊

  22. Your looking back in the game , Jasmine . It’s great to see you smiling . You are so naturally beautiful . Thanks for sharing this wonderful vid . Love to you . Norm.xxxx

  23. I love that Riley's moving in and going to be in more of your vlogs. He seems like such a positive influence for you and your always so happy when he's there.

  24. Don't really watch your videos. Just remembered u from a couple of years ago. I guess u and Omar split. Honestly… learn BJJ, U going meet alot of good guys that's fit. I swear, most guys now days are turning in to chicks. Just too damn obesses with their looks and shit. The right guy will be the guy that wants to have kids with u. And someone that doesn't care about your height. Cz I know Omar is all about that genes bs when he's not even 6"3… but yeah just hope u don't get passed around toomuch because that's what most guys are going for. Good luck grasshopper

  25. Damn! You look so great and so much happier. This look suits you 😊👍💕

    I think you are making a amazing work on YOU. Keep up the good job 😃

    Strawberries are the best thing! We finally have some here in Sweden that doesn't leave you bankrupt 😂😍👍

  26. You should try to incorporate maca powder it help balance your hormones and has great benefit! ❤️

  27. Holy cow. In the car at the end of the video you look so radiantly beautiful! Glad to see positive changes happening in your life and thank you for sharing those moments with us. This was such a positive vlog!

  28. I'm barely catching up on my backlogged subs. This was such a fun vlog. Man, summer fruits are so delicious. I mean watermelon, strawberries, cherries and peaches. The sucky side is the heat makes everything spoil faster. Like can I just counter ripen my tomatoes without them getting nasty?!

  29. Extreme workouts are horrible for your hormones. You really should focus on something more mild like yoga or Pilates.

  30. You inspire me…love how happy you are in this video…love ur vibe girl….xo…(Kendra Fortin…on my sons iPad so it’s his YouTube acct)

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