NEW GODS. NEW COACH. NEW WORKOUTS | The Awakening Video by Freeletics

The voice telling you you’re too weak is the devil on your shoulders keeping your potential asleep. Wake Up! You’re not f*cking weak! You are your strongest weapon and we, your fiercest challenge. Rise to defeat us Hunt your moment Drown your fears in sweat Throw your mind over the bar And let your body follow. We are the Gods And this, is your AWAKENING

35 Replies to “NEW GODS. NEW COACH. NEW WORKOUTS | The Awakening Video by Freeletics”

  1. Do you need the Coach to access any and all of the new Gods or can someone that doesn't have the Coach get access to some of them?
    Please reply back,I'm really excited about this and would like to know more

  2. When exercise modules itself have word free in it
    Then why the heck they charge so heavy through app
    User from India

    BTW after going through different modules

    I designed my own with combinations of exercise

    Freeletics is hiit basically with good advertising

  3. the old videos (Summer of new beginning) was better. The main different was the music. In this video is no music. The other problem is the fact that you need two years to import some gods and delete the different levels (edurance, 2×2 etc.). Serious? no other ideas? You know that you have before this update 25*3*2 (Endurance, regular, strength – and every in normal or 2×2) = 150 different workouts. Now you have only 60. If you reactivate the old modules you would have 60*3*2=360 different workouts. MAybe this would increase the diversity? MAybe a function to forbide the coach to choose the endurance or some thing else. Maybe include weekly or month challanges. Maybe functions to allow the coach to include running workouts from the running app. MAybe combine the 3 apps in one app. Maybe a function to build your own Workouts and share with other peoples. Oh my god. There are so many ideas what you could do in two years. But what did FL? Include 30 new gods… wow. what great output.

  4. Great video! But why not show real people on the videos? If I'm struggling to get into the fit, I do not certainly look like those people on the video.


  6. It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change!
    Não são as espécies mais fortes que sobrevivem, nem as mais inteligentes, mas as que melhor se adaptam à mudança!
    "do not ask what I'm capable of, just give us the mission"
    We are all FREELETICS!

  7. So many people say "it's a warm-up, it's easy", but if it was easy, everyone would do it. I think that one of the most challenging things with Freeletics is the regularity. That's the most difficult, especially in the summer (cause heat is horrible and so, personally, I have difficulties to do the workouts) but it's also the most challenging.

  8. why have you taken down the options like strength and endurance in the new update…
    only normal option is there!
    why freeletics why???

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