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Go crazy! Ahhhhh! Go stupid! Ooooohh! (music playing) We rollin’? Hello, my name’s Caleon Fox. I’m an artist, not a runner. I don’t even really know where to start. Like how do I, what I need to do to start running? I just heard a question about running. Hey! Ooh! How ya doing? I was just listening to you talk to yourself… I was walking and I heard a question. “How do I start running?” I know the answer. Wait, wait, who are you? Coach Bennett, the Nike Running Global Head Coach. I know that you want to start running and I think before we start running I want to hear a little bit about why you’re worried about the first run. Okay, cool. Let’s do that. Be fwalk we run… Wow, I don’t know what I just said right there. Before we run, we walk so let’s go. Let’s walk. (music playing) I did used to run a lot. I ended up getting to 5 miles. What’s keeping you from running again? I think it’s just… starting. Like, the idea of getting back into running 5 miles again is crazy overwhelming to me. Alright, well we don’t need to run 5 miles today, okay? There should be no minimum distance. It’s not how fast, it’s not how far you go, it’s starting, right? You just want to finish the run wanting to run again and you can’t finish anything until you start, so we’re just going to start right now. We’re ripping the band-aid off… Oh, right now? Yeah, we’re literally going right now. You said that the first run is supposed to be easy? So, what’s considered a good pace? Alright, well that’s an awesome question. Easy is not a pace. Easy is an effort. So you’ve got to throw the numbers on your watch out the window. I mean, I’m enjoying myself so much I’m running in the rain, which is not normal for me. Is that not a normal thing? Oh, no. If I was back home in Cali, I’d for sure be on the fu- fu- fu- fu- fu- fu- fu- fu-ton. Ok, that’s definitely not a path. Alright? Okay. We continue the run. And we’re running again… (music playing) Hey look, it’s the sound guy. Mother nature. Okay, the key to having fun in your running, is to sometimes stop and smell the roses. Okay, how you feeling? Man, Coach I feel great. Ok, then we’re done. We’re done, that’s it. That’s it? That was all? Yeah, that was it. That’s how you want to finish a first run. Alright, now you look great. We’re done. Look, it takes guts to start a run. So, thank you. I’ve got to ask though, obviously the purpose of a first run is that there’s a next run. So, when’s the next run? I’ll be honest, I could go for a run right now. Yeah, that would be a terrible idea. But, that’s what I want to hear. You end the first run by celebrating the first run. That’s it. Well Coach, there’s only one way to celebrate. (music playing) Now, I like to run in place. You know? And I’ll just pretend like there’s a camera in front of me. And I’ll do things like, you know? Stuff like that. Yeah, you’re not the only one who can dance.

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