No Magic Pills, Just Hard Work | Sebastian’s 15 Week Freeletics Weight Loss Journey

Hi guys, I’m Sebastian. I’m 30 years old and I’m from Munich. My goal is to increase stamina and endurance, and to lose weight. Also, my doctor recommended that I start working out and improve my fitness. I want to push through and complete this challenge, because I believe I can reach the goals that I’m setting myself today. I started to use the Freeletics workout and nutrition apps for 3 months. It’s now been 3 months since I started doing Freeletics. When I started, I weighed 89 kilograms and have since lost 15 kilograms. My daily tasks are now getting easier to do, Because after losing those 15 kilograms, I feel much lighter, like there is nothing is weighing me down anymore. Now, I feel amazing, it is really great. The goal that I had at the start, I was able to reach in the 3 months, And I actually cannot be prouder of myself.

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  1. Tolle Leistung, allerdings ist bei der korrekten technischen Ausführung der Übung noch viel Luft nach oben. Lieber technisch sauber als megaschnell!

  2. Stop showing that shit to us, we all know that it’s arranged. The final result you show to us is actually what you were at the begining and they pay you to eat a lot of shit fast food to accumulate a lot of fat mass and they try to persuade us that he was like that at the begining. I try it a complete year with a great nutrition and didn’t have any super result like they want us to believe

  3. Erstmal Respekt! Meine Frage ist einfach nur: was genau ist bei der Ernährung zu beachten? Muss man ein Kaloriendefizit einfahren oder muss man mehr essen und dafür aber diese freeletics HIT Workouts absolvieren? Ich meine du bist schlanker und hast an Muskeln draufgepackt

  4. @Freeletics Ich habe mir das 3 monatige Training gekauft, werde in der App allerdings immer wieder zum Kauf aufgefordert und kann nicht mit dem durch den Coach angeleiteten Training beginnen. Wie kann ich das Problem lösen?

  5. Btw do all freeathles workout in the same…I mean the pull up(goalpost) bar is so similar in every transformation vid

  6. Hola, que bueno lo que has logrado, yo quiero intentarlo pero dudo mucho debido a que tiendo a procastinar demasiado. Pero debo tomar la decisión. Felicitaciones y que sigan los éxitos

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