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Uncle C is back in the office. And I’m coming at you with the topic that
I just came up with off the dome and it actually came from a strategy session that I had with
a client last night. Now this client has been struggling with getting
his woman to have sex with him they haven’t had sex in over 15 years. So what I’m titling this video as I’m titling
this video, never stop gaming your woman, and how no fat can help you with this. Okay, now listen closely and pay attention. Here’s what a lot of men run into. And I’m going to cover the long term relationship
in this I’m also going to cover the marriage. Gay one of the things that has sparked my
interest in masculinity and coaching is because I’ll talk about this later sometime when I
have more subscribers and more people to share the message with but when I was younger, I
went through a very tough divorce with my parents. And it was very, very hard to see all this
stuff and that is what really sparked my ability to grow and develop myself and to make sure
sure that I spread the message. So what I saw and witnessed and went through
never happens to other people again. Okay,
so this is very close to my heart. Now, what I titled This is never stopped
gaming your woman. Oftentimes when people enter into long term
relationships, or oftentimes when people enter into a marriage or they they enter into some
form of exclusivity with a woman, what happens is there’s some point in the interaction when
it goes stale. There’s some point in it when the woman pulls
back, there’s some point in it when she dries up and is no longer attracted to that man. Now what I tell all men is I say this Listen,
I say if she was once attracted to you, and she no longer is, it is always 100% your fault
that the relationship itself and the reason for that is because if you are the man you
have to take ownership and leadership of where the direction of the relationship is going. I don’t think this is talked about enough
with people. If you don’t control the outcome. Then you’re in For a rude awakening because
the woman doesn’t want to control the outcome as soon as she’s with a man who she can control
the outcome with, she will lose even more respect and attraction for you because now
this guy is her walking toy. This guy is now her walking little puppet
that she can just get to do whatever he wants. It can’t be like that. Okay, if the interactions going stale, it’s
because you have to own up to it and say, hey, my seduction probably wasn’t on point. The way I carried myself with that woman probably
wasn’t on point the way I tried to engage her emotions probably wasn’t on point. And because of that, she starts to realize
that this guy is not a man that she wants to settle down with. She realizes that this is not a man that’s
worth pair bonding with any more fellas. You can never stop gaming your wife, you can
never stop gaming your girl. You can never resort to the phone and start
fasting. In order to release those sexual fantasies. You have to get her to feel that way about
you. Okay? You have to always make sure that when she
closes her eyes and she’s having that fantasy you want it to be with you. You want her to think of you as that guy that
she just does it with. Because if you can’t get that out of her,
the chances are is that somebody else is now these alpha dominant hyper masculine traits
that she desires, she’s going to desire things like a strong able successful guy, right? Or a strong lean, tone ripped dude. Okay, or just a strong leader, even, you know
somebody who’s very direct somebody who tells her exactly what he wants. There’s a reason fellas 50 Shades of Grey
is like the most popular movie among women in America. It’s because that’s what they’re all craving,
and that’s what none of them can get. So they’re constantly settling down like think
of the word for a second, settle down. Settle means an agreement between two parties
down means that you just agreed down you agreed to go down and rank. You agreed to settle down with a person who
you just had to settle with. Meaning you leveled the playing field you’re
no longer playing it. If you don’t seduce your woman, if you don’t
engage your woman’s emotion sexually, somebody else will. Now here’s what happens is guys, the longer
they’re with a woman starts to get into this lover boyfriend, this frame to where they
start to actually believe that the girl really just likes them for them. When in reality she was liking you for your
behavior in the beginning she was liking you for the attractive qualities that you had. No, if you stop displaying those, you’re going
to be in for pain. You’re going to be in for lots of pain during
the pullback because she’s not actually going to be able to articulate in her head why it
is that she’s pulling back she’s going to disguise it as other things she’s going to
say things like it’s a girls night out. I just want to go hang out with my friends. I think we need space. What that saying is Dude, you messed up a
long time ago. You messed up a long time ago and you didn’t
realize it. The problem is this fellows
women are very sexual. Women are extremely sexual and men don’t want
to believe it. Men don’t want to believe that women are freaky
men don’t believe that women want to do these crazy things. The thing is this she’s not doing these crazy
things with you she’d rather doing with somebody else because she doesn’t view you that way. You have to get her to view you that way. Always. Why I titled it never stopped gaming your
girl never stop gaming your wife. And no, this isn’t cold approach game. This isn’t some tactics like that. I mean, gaming is in being that arrogant dude
that just says whatever you want to her. Okay, this is what’s going to turn her on
is when you show that even if you’re in a relationship, you will still offend if necessary,
you will still make those gestures sexually if necessary. Meaning that, you know, if she is doing something
that’s attractive, if she’s looking hot, if she’s doing something that is, you know, maybe
she’s wearing something a little scandalous, you know, what you do is you escalate in a
way where it shows some sort of engagement You know, it’s like, shit this dude, I was
talking to those he’s been married for a while he hasn’t he hasn’t slept with her in a while. I’m like, dude, like next time she’s in the
kitchen making you coffee, like tap her ass. You know, get her to engage with your sexually. There’s so many guys that get into lover boyfriend
and you can’t do that. Now, here’s where no fat comes in. I do not. I’m a big fan of semen retention, and no fat. But here’s the thing, if you’re in a relationship,
if you’re in a marriage, no fat might be a better option. And at minimum, no fat is going to be the
way to go. And here’s why. When men don’t get their sexual fantasies
delivered out through their woman, they typically turn to this right here, they turn to the
cell phone. And when they turn to the cell phone, here’s
what happens. They have the disconnect with their woman
even more, even more, so they can’t resonate with her even more so they can’t flirt with
her even more so they can’t get the emotional spikes with her and they just can’t articulate
why it is That she is not sexual with him anymore. And she’s in a bad spot in the relationship. She probably doesn’t appreciate him. She doesn’t like him. And she thinks he’s not a man. Now, fellas, it’s not that she has low sex
drive, it’s that she has low sex drive with you. And every time that you’re stroking it on
the phone to somebody else, what you really should be doing is interacting and carrying
that out with her especially if you’re married. Okay, if you’re married or if you’re in a
long term relationship, you need to be dropping it down with your girl because she needs to
view you as that guy who’s sexy and that can make her feel certain ways you get so many
guys that expect that this girl is just going to like them. They’re going to pay for some dates. They’re going to hold hands and kiss and walk
in the park and that’s it. Fellas, women are freaks to women like to
do all that crazy shit to like anything you fantasize about in the pornos. You best believe your girl fantasizes about
that too. Now you get to take the pic. Does your girl do that with you or not? And part of it is going to be through the
no fat part of it is going Going to be through the retention because here’s the thing, if
you tell yourself straight up, if you look at yourself in the mirror and you say, Listen,
I’m a man who will not result to the mass majority behavior. I’m a man who will not submit to what the
other 95% of men do. I’m a man who will actually do things my way
that I know will lead to success with my woman. So if you say that, hey, I’m not watching
porn, I’m not stroking it. I’m not doing any of that low level behavior. Well guess what’s going to happen? You now are forced to interact with your woman,
you are now are forced to carry out that life with her you now are forced to carry out all
of those experiences with your girl. The reason for that is because you’re not
using artificial women on a cell phone. And you’re also not using your fantasies and
your left hand in the bottle of a vino to carry it out. You’re connecting one on one with that girl,
you’re releasing your masculine energy with her feminine energy and what happens fellows. Women will do a lot for you in the bedroom. You just tell them what it is that you’re
wanting. In fact, the more direct you are and the more
you tell her what it is that you’re wanting in your way of seducing her, the more it is
that she’ll probably just let you do it or even desire to do it with you even more than
you desire it in the first place. Women want to feel that way. Women want to feel like their man can just
take control of them and drop it down for them. I know that’s hard for a lot of you boys who
like to go for walks in the park and hold hands. But fellas, these women get freaky to I don’t
know where this ever came about where every woman is just a Cinderella Princess, and you
got to go on six dates. And now you have to do it like I’ve, in the
past when I would sleep around a lot or when I would hook up or something. I’ve slept with girls and 15 to 20 minutes
after meeting them before. Not saying I’m proud of that. But it’s like if you can create the right
type of energy and emotional space and she sees that you’re this guy that like is comfortable
in your sexuality and comfortable in your own skin. She’s going to be very much drawn to you. Now the key is to not lose this evening. When you’ve known the girl for a while, you
see I’m not a I’m not a certain pill, like everyone talks about you have to be this color
pill of red or now you entered a purple. Now you’re a black. It’s like, Dude, what are you talking about? I’m a man. I’m a human being. I connect with women. They’re all on the planet. There’s only two types. There’s either men or there’s women. No such thing as good girls and associations,
Bad Girls, and no such thing as nice guys, none of that. It’s like,
there’s the male race and there’s the female. How can you make yourself the best male possible
so that way your genes are worth carrying on. So that way, your woman is worthy of what
you have to offer and she’s worthy of what you have to offer. You get it. This goes both ways. Now, a lot of you don’t have a very good example
of how to apply this. So instead of just telling you what to do,
I’m going to show you what most men do and then I’m going to show you what you probably
should do to have a better result. Here’s the thing fellas, you can’t get emotional
with women. You must stay logical and rational Unless
you’re trying to give her an emotional spike and make her feel a certain way now what I
mean by this is, when a guy enters into a long term relationship, here’s what he typically
does in order to try to create sexual energy. He will try to do things like kiss her very
sweetly. Tell her how much he loves her. And then say, you know, we should either shut
up say we should have sex or he will be in this kissy lover boyfriend like kissing her
a lot and like feeling her and then what he’s going to do is he’s going to try to like remove
her clothes, or he’s going to start to try to get her to have sex and like get her to
agree to have sex like, Hey, can we have sex right now and it creates this awkward vibe. Instead, what you should be doing, if you’re
in a relationship or if you’re married with that woman is you tell her exactly what you
want her to do. For example, if you would say this, if you’re
on the phone and you say honey, when I get home from work, I want you should be wearing
something so tight that it just pops so nicely. And not only That after dinner, what we’re
going to do is we’re going to screw right away when I get there. So, take a shower, take a bath, get relaxed,
and wear something hot for me. Okay, so if you say that notice you weren’t
being a dick, you weren’t being an asshole, you were leading her as to how you want the
relationships to go. You’re leading her as to what you want. You want her to look hot and cute. You know what she’s going to do when she hears
that she’s going to okay? Because all of a sudden, you’re demonstrating
that you’re okay with your sexuality. You’re okay with leading where the sex is
going to go. And not only that, if she’s your wife, your
gaming your woman, you’re telling your woman Listen, get sexy for me, because I’m about
to drop it down. Like, I don’t know where this come. It’s like, this is so crazy. All the guys think it’s cool to interact that
out on the cell phone. Like you see the craziest shit on the cell
phone you’d see multiple toys go in and play places they shouldn’t be and you see multiple
appendages going in places they shouldn’t be. And when it comes to real life the guys label
you can’t say that. You can’t talk like that. It’s like Dude, you can’t talk like that. What are you stroking into your stroking into
every single night, that exact situation. But the thing is, is you can do it in real
life because you’re too scared. And then you have women who are doing it to
their stroking it to that every night with their toys. It’s like some women watch porn too. It’s like, but then with their man, it’s like
there’s this disconnect in energy. And then they wonder why there’s divorce. They wonder why that there’s pissed off partners. They wonder why their guys not acting masculine
or their wife isn’t behaving a certain way. This is all interlinked. It’s interlinked with self care. It’s interlinked with going to the gym. It’s interlinked with the retention for example,
if you’re overweight, and you’re not eating appropriately, well guess what most food has
chemicals in it, your estrogen levels are off the charts you have more woman hormone
and you as a man, of course, you’re not going to feel sexual and masculine towards her. Maybe we should go to the gym. Maybe we should eat better, maybe we should
lose some weight. Maybe we should practice masculinity and tonality
and how to not break frame and how to attract. It’s like what type of quality of life Do
you want one that’s broken or one that’s put together because to put it all together, you
can’t be doing the shopping you have to be doing the retention. You have to be learning how to create emotional
spikes in your girl and understand female dynamic you have to understand masculinity
and how to hold frame you have to understand how to flirt. You have to understand how to get your confidence
there and how to get your finances together so you can be confident you have to build
a good body so not only do you look like you resemble masculinity, but she also views you
as masculine and not only that then you have to have your body fat in check so you radiate
the right type of testosterone and you’re not riddled with estrogen like every other
male in America. I’m done with this video Like comment subscribe
if you want dating coaching book a call with me. If you want masculinity coaching book a call
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fellows, Uncle CS, signing off.

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