17 Replies to “Nokia Steel HR review: Best fitness tracker 2018?”

  1. It's a sharp looking device, and I have the Activite steel but I prefer my Fitbit for fitness. The Fitbit app has alot more features and does the same thing

  2. when you use it whilst walking or running, it auto detects your activity thus it's ability to track calories? What if you use it whilst cycling? How does it know how many calories you have burned during activities which are not automatically detected? Can you please explain this? I'm new to smart watches and trying to get my head around overload of information I've read up on online. Lastly, the HR starts from $329 in Australia, the regular Steel is $100 cheaper, everything is a rip off in Australia unfortunately. Thanks for your time.

  3. I thought that this would talk about build quality and how good the band is, try to streach the band and see if if pops off at the watch or hasp breaks.
    This video was what i already know from Nokia website reading about this.

    No offense but this video was useless as a review. Good as describing the item etc…

  4. My first one stopped working and I got them to send me another one. Soon after I looked down on the new one and kabam!….I saw the glass had cracked. I wasn't aware of anything that I did to crack it. It stopped working soon after.

  5. Thank you for the great review! I've ordered my watch and can't wait to get it! Question- if I want to go swimming, do I need to replace the leather band with silicon one every time I go swimming?

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