North Korean Fitness Center

kinjal lynn uh… has built a fitness center for the wealthier
individuals in north korea and dankie dit sal as a way to encourage people who i worked for the government the healthier but this government of north chris polidore
suspect will government on the planet and a half years of people greatly tumi distance insolvent anne the assumption is usually is the only overweight person in north korea at the will literally starving here but with fitness entire about
having lose weight really casting a vote on a solution which indicate heart
country you know what how well those concentration camps was
labor camps and see how things turn out for that to
me if they might actually get a couple of thousand that have to go to your
fitness that uh… disguised unbelievable and despicable he’s
definitely despicable uh… a few things about this cell decide there’s a part of town that they are
that or there is a town that they’re kind of building up for government
officials and you know it’s pasta have shops and
restaurants and it’s very westernized right it’s close to be
up a place where they came live a better
life as opposed to all the other people in north korea and uh… you know
according to the press in north korea kidder’s always deeply concerned for the
promotion of people’s health and living standards completely bsi close to what you were
saying uh… and then finally every time i see pictures of him and his
girlfriend is this fiance or wife at this point think it’s fiance at this point and just wonder what goes through her
mind flight has she bought into the hype that she truly or she’s scared shipments or does she think it was a man or a
rather be a labor camp or in the states right and and delivery of and so i oblique anyone
but can in the park generals yeah because you’re in a tough tough
situation you don’t know what you would be one of those circumstances so you know i think that that’s it for having to deal with that guy and uh… institutions principle yes beautiful anti and i don’t get me
wrong i wasn’t any criticize her eye feel scared for her i feel horrible for
her because you aren’t a bad situation i
mean regan is saying it’s a note of the dictator units probably not the right way to go immediate success about second or prison

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  1. NK wants nukes only to give their voice more credibility in the world arena just like every other country on the planet with nukes. They're never going to use them because there's absolutely no justifiable reason and every small country like NK knows that. The United States has purposefully ended hundreds of thousands of lives through the use of nuclear weapons. Let me know how many North Korea's killed.

  2. hey dude you people are totally wrong the fitness center is not for north korean government high offcials its for the common people ~right now NORTH KOREA is changing fast ;9 they even open the new TOY stores for the kids ~face reality ~ dude and stop spreading american papagendas ;9

  3. right~ america need to realize that in this day and age nothing is really " secret" anymore soo creating this kinds of papagenda will only creat more enemies for the U.S.A ;9

  4. young Turks are part of the controlled media in west and is so evident in this stupid little twisting of things which is supposed to be considered news. number of America's homeless people are more than the entire north Korea's population.

  5. hahahah, is there such a thing ? If more than 100 years have been passed, we will forget and forgive your crimes? I admit Armenian genocide, but the fact is Ottoman empire is not Turkic, the fact is Ottomanized Armenians and indo-europeans stabbed eachother hahah, Ottomans lost their Turkic asian identity so many years ago, also what do you understand about civilization? You raped every little town in America, you should commit suicide after reading your bullshit stupid history…

  6. If u want closer dates, I remind u Vietnam, Hiroshima, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine (u want more?)

    Just shut your muth up and pay your respect to real civilization makers, u dont have a civilization, its only a fake civlization and its background is full with blood of other nations and sad women.

  7. I love it when people just try to bash America! lol a bunch of HATERS!! I guess HATERS GONNA HATE!! or they are just simply Jealous
    if you don't like America then stay the fuck out! because we don't like you or want you either!
    every country is beautiful and they all have their issues if you don't like a country then stay the Fuck out of it !

  8. How am I a moron? The 1% decide the elections with their donations, and the government bows to them, therefore they rule over us both economically and politically.

  9. Michele Obama already modeled the school lunch program after the North Korean food ration standards, so I'm glad her and Jong-un are cooperating on another nanny-State project.

  10. Listening to the conversation between Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian was humorous. Yes, I think that most educated Westerners realize that North Korea is a communist state that severely restricts its people and that since the mid '80s they have experienced a severe food shortage. However, the comments by Cenk and Ana are shallow and stereotypical. Have either of these two done any serious research and study of North Korea? The tone of their conversation tells me that that is most unlikely.


  12. how are you? I missed you man. I feel like we are old buddies. I don't feel like arguing with you anymore. viva Chavez! viva Castro! viva workers revolution! viva oppressed people of the world! just joking! by the way, I clicked on your user name but you seem to have made every information unavailable. anyway, hope we will talk without being hostile. welcome back.


  14. here, i have one for you, google generation y by yoani sanchez, you can read it in multiples languages, check it out let me know what you think.(but please read it)

  15. hey dude what's up with you? how comes you became so elusive? anyway, try to respond sometimes if you can. I don't think you are a bad person even though we disagree. man, life is too short. I don't know why humans don't live to be a thousand. is it really worth it to be a bad person in this world when we cannot guarantee that if we are going to be alive tomorrow. I sometimes feel like we can be friend someday if you are not going to hold many grudges.

  16. Im good thank u for asking, hope you are too. We dont have to agree in everything, like i said before, you'd be surprise in all the ting we do agree. I spend the summers in Spain, now im back, I dont hold grudges never. I only want you to open up your eyes to somethings that i have seen with my own eyes, like i said before FOX is not the only one lying. Dont believe anything that ANY govt wants you to believe, thats all. I KNOW how dictatorships work, i lived one, one that you admire so much.

  17. #2 Holding grudges against a race is not gonna help either, that would make you one of them dont u think? Communism has killed around 100 million people in many different ways, that does not exactly makes them a good example. If you want peace then try a NWO, cuz either one of them is good, dont you think?

  18. She was a talented singer. Something like a superstar there. Un admired her looks and voice so he wanted to marry her. I'm surprised the Turks didn't kno this…

  19. fuck kim and his goverment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we drop the biggest bomb on that wasteland. They need to get this guy NOW before he really snaps with his so called nuke bombs. String his fat fucking ass up.

  20. North Korea is definitely one of the cruelest countries, have you seen those documentaries of their concentration camps? Or how vice visited them.

  21. I have, not like they showed anything we didn't know. There's a reason they haven't been invaded. It's because they actually *have* nuclear weapons, and they have an army- Every1 wants to face a nation that *might* have nuclear weapons- knowing that they don't- no1 wants to fight a nation which actually does.

  22. NK's army parades around with ak 47's, shitty old tanks, and other weapons that were donated to them in the 60's by the Soviets when they still supported them, they may have a large army, but I doubt they can withstand much, and their nuclear weapons are pretty shit, if they've actually launched a rocket, it would just get shot down, blowing their own country up, probably. Your English also confusing as fuck to understand.

  23. Poor you, not a natural English speaker? Anyways. an ak47 is as effective today as it ever was, one of the most durable and reliable weapons on earth. 2 million men with Kalashnikovs is nothing to scoff at just because no1 we know (or few ppl we know) would be involved. A nuclear weapon can be transported any number of ways, the fact it isn't advanced makes it *more* dangerous as it isn't designed for tactical use, just for mass destruction or genocide (such as in Japan)

  24. I find it cute whenever I judge someones English, they accuse me for being a natural speaker, lol.

    And multiple and improved ak 47 models have been made during the years, plus countless other weapons, I'm pretty sure their technological weakness is a pretty bad trait for their military, and I'm talking about their shitty nuclear rocket, that has been developed for decades, broke apart a number of times, an really is not a threat, if they tried to do anything with it, they'd just get fucked up.

  25. BTW i love how the so call "liberals" who try to defend anything anti-american despite the fact that North Korea clearly is a fucked up country.

  26. they are sanctioned for a reason… they have Nukes and they threatened to nuke their neighbors and their allies. Also, you do know that US and the rest of the world send food aids to North Korea every year so that their people don't starve right? Collective farming never works just ask Soviets & Chinese. Even without sanctions, they still will have no economy and will starve since everything is state owned by the incompetent Great Leader who controls everything.

  27. Poverty exists everywhere but 11 million people died of starvation in USSR as a result of collective farming failures. Holodomor took 7 millions alone. unknown millions in N. Korea. 32 million starve in Great Leap Forward in China! No free market had that kind of devastating effect. N. Korea reformed collective farming in 90's and farmers are able to keep abit of their stock today even Cuba today farmers can sell their surplus. Russia and China no longer use collective farms.

  28. This is where socialism gets you. As if history wasn't full of examples of socialist failures already. Wake up stupid liberals.

  29. Yes I can really imagine the half starved people of North Korea pumping Iron with hardly any protein. Yes, It's certainly going to be a huge success. As for TYT you've been brushing shoulders with the backward, Conspiratainment con-man chicken little Jones over at the Cool Aid Club who justifies Capitalism and corporate dominance over Society as long as his Cool Aid is being sold and InfoWhores Magazines too.

  30. @dyinggladiator, hmmm, wow. You do realize American prisoners are in prison for killing innocent people etc., where in NK you are tortured and enslaved because of listening to foreign music. A little different. Plus America has a lot more people than NK. You are one dumb MFer, lol.

  31. There is a *huge* difference between Socialism and military Leninism/Marxism. Socialism doesn't lead there any more than Capitalism would.

  32. No, it's not. Look up what socialism is. Socialism is when a government gives programs to the the public that the public wanted. This was taken straight from the glossary of my World History Honors text book. Communism is similar, except it is a form of government and the programs are wanted by the government. Marxism is trying to make a "utopia" where everybody plays an equal part, and everybody gets treated equally. Some of these utopias were actually built.

  33. I feel sorry for kim jung un

    he is a kid who inherited a country,he is probably being controlled from behind the curtains.

    and on top of being fat Obama is poking him with a stick and almost everybody else hates him.

  34. she is not scared of kim jung….she is the daughter of one of the nastiest general's over there in north k-town…KIM JUNG is afraid of her…she is like a cold hearted wicked witch of the north…i heard that kim jung had sex with her and didn't satisfy her needs and she WATER BOARDED HIM…and than made him paint her toe nails BLOOD RED she dont play….she so horny….she luv you good.wit handcuffs.

  35. I found Cenk's concentration camp comment funny because we in America still fucking manage to somehow to imprison a higher percentage of our population than North Korea. I don't really get the hate for him, it's not his fault people are starving he hasn't even been in power for 2 years. What's important is if he improves living conditions or not. These guys have defended Obama saying he inherited a shit economy but now they give kim jong-un shit? Hypocrites.

  36. Yes, N. Korea is not socialist-communist state. state or dictatorship never strived for communism that other countries in that block wished and idealized for. Or for that matter Cambodia was bad example that Russians tried to avoid associated with them. So, westerners who idealized better know was is truly was going on and that you ( western idea and idolizations ) also faulty and harmful to mother earth.

  37. North Korea builds fitness centers to keep people fit.
    Unlike i nthe SU where everyone is 50Kg overweight from the food they have robbed from third world countries that can't defend themselves.

  38. Stop spreading misinformation.
    Do you really think Washington could never tell lies when it comes to socialist countries ?

    The nation that dropped napalm bombs of indo-chinese children because they choose communism, is now trying to lecture the world on communism.

  39. No, it's called earning the people respect.
    You probably wouldn't understand that because in the US, politicians are sold out by large corporations so they can fuck you in the ass.
    largest prison population, largest military spending in the world, and puts people in jail for sharing music online.

  40. They respect their leader because he gives them free healthcare and there is no unemployment or homelessness.

    Things that can only be achieved under socialism.

  41. WTF are you talking about? Im not suggesting ANY conspiracy. What I said is 100% fact. The US has the worlds LARGEST prison population. Its not a conspiracy, its called hypocrisy. Clearly, you have the intelligence of a 3rd grader. 🙂

  42. I don't like Kim Jong-un. But I am really surprised by the ignorance of the hostress and especially the guest. The guy knows nothing about N Korea.

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