Ta da! The doors are a extremely crooked and needs to be adjusted The build is otherwise complete A new piece of furniture in the upstairs bathroom In which we will stow away towels and all that type of stuff Some adjustment is needed And that painting over there, is going to hang on this wall His ticket is for a plane departing from Sundsvall, not Östersund And we’re currently in Östersund, which means he is in trouble Inexperienced You coming with was just a gag I was supposed to be with Jens at least Well, you were allowed to come along in the end So it was Next stop, Prague And then Nove Mesto Arlanda first Sundsvall first Where is Prague located? Uhm…Czech Republic Now we’re going to check out of the tracks I’ve been here one time in the past, but it was 4 years ago I can’t really remember how the course is laid out. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve come up with, seeing as the snow is lacking Not the toughest of courses They’ve managed to prepare a 3.6 km long track, i believe Which means you have to go back out on the same tracks for a bit in order for the track to be 5km Its unfortunate when the snow is this lacking But they’ve made a decent enough track, considering the awful conditions. As mentioned, it’s not the most demanding course in the world But it is what it is The snow itself is actually pretty decent About -1*C It’s not that wet Now we’re done Ready to go and warm ourselves up before the 15km race (f) They’ve swapped the order of the disciplines, meaning its Freestyle today and Classic tomorrow. It was intended to be the other way around But they changed it up a bit Im headed towards the bus now Then I’m going to try out some skis and warm up The race has commenced Good job Willam! Now we’re getting tagged Let’s go! See you after the race That was propably one of the worst races i’ve done In a long while It was really rough today Unfortunately our skies we’re not optimal It’s a shame I had Niskanen in front of me on my first lap He was on his second lap But I got unlucky and broke one of my poles And lost Niskanen who got second place today, which means it would have been nice to be able to keep up with him My luck was poor today Dreadful starting position in tomorrows race Ready for another race? Pursuit Inspiring starting position The ladies are racing Well, well Time to pack and get ready warm up and prepare for the race Today I will have to do my own thing Hopefully I will be able to advance a couple of positions At least a couple Otherwise… I dont know 15 minutes left before the start Back in the hotel room Another awful day I had an okay postion But then I messed up and fell in a downhill curve And got stuck In between the snow and the netting It took me a while to recover from that fall Which ruined my chances today It’s been a terrible weekend here in Czech Republic, frankly speaking No time for regrets, let’s instead look ahead I’m okay with being a bit unlucky Because of last week’s extremely lucky lottery win Maybe I deserve a bit of missfortune We’re going to wait until tomorrow to travel back home We’re stuck here for the day So I’m gonna go for an hour long jog Otherwise I will take it rather easy Take look at this Have they published the fall And then I get stuck What are you doing? I couldn’t get up My foot was stuck Theres “Mackan” He is too wondering what you’re doing Get up, don’t just lie there! Have another look Check out your reaction when you get up What in the world? Now I’ve been running at pace eleven for a while What pace does the Marathoners have? About 2:50 per kilometer High 2:50s Kipchoge may run even faster than that, but I’m not sure But in the Olympic Games, it’s high 2:50s Let’s give it a go Let’s see if I am a marathoner Only 41 kilometers to go That’s nice to hear How did you do? Around 3 km/h 3:00/km I mean That’s not even the pace of a marathoner On a really good day I might be able to keep that pace up for 3km Maximum Well, that would be 9 minutes on the spot But again, that’s on a good day No marathon for me Perhaps I could do some terrain running What are those? I have no other He’s running so fast he is in need of boxer shorts A little friendly competition on the way What are we doing? “Bear Strength” We’re gonna see who can hold on the longest Let me get my phone to do the timekeeping I’m ready We should’ve done this to begin with Before you did your Squats With five tons of extra weight Go on! It’s a good time 36 seconds How much weight is that? 30 pounds? Yeah, I think so You shouldn’t tilt You should hold them straight It’s impossible 5 seconds! My turn! No, I’m gonna do one more I have to have the big one in the middle Fine… Nilsson has tampered with them Here we go Go on then! Eight seconds! For how long did Nilsson hold on? William is about to overtake me Sh*t (35 Seconds) Damn They’re too high up Here? Yeah, thats fine Go on then! Big boy! Strong No! 46 Seconds… That’s a long time, I’m impressed I can barely hold the camera after that You’re already shaking! Lower your left arm Good! Keep your arms straight 54 Seconds Damn, you guys are doing well! He’s cheating that’s why. His arms are crooked! No, I’m not cheating! You didn’t say anything. Idiot. You looked like you were going to die, from the start Ready, set, go! Let’s go Nilsson! (2 hours later) I don’t feel particularly steady Yeah, your chest is now starting to vibrate Like an Airplane Go on, Nilsson! You’re liking this! 1:23 Well done! There we go! Good job! Go on! What’s the result? 24 seconds It looks easy He’s falling asleep, like a sloth! STOP IT! 25 seconds! One second improvement Now it’s my turn I got this! I’m so short I don’t have to bend my legs That’s an advantage I can film, if you help Jens reach the bar William No feet on the ground please No! I’m spinning You’re not allowed to grab! Swine! You were sitting on the wall bars How did I do? 31 Seconds Congratz Thanks I won the in masters category You guys competed in the elite category One winner in the junior category, one in the masters and What are you doing? Thanks for watching, See you next week!

31 Replies to “NOT SO LUCKY THIS WEEK..”

  1. I saw your crash in the footage on the weekend. Such a bummer, but you had a smile on your face. I also heard that Saturday's race was crazy with weird loops and many people DQ'd. It's all good experience, and you manage to stay positive! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your luck will come around again. Oh and by the way your bathroom looks beautiful 🙂

  2. Synd att du ramlade där men det var jättekul att se där på telefonen när du hade snö på näsan o ett litet leende på läpparna! Kul vlogg!😊

  3. Sorry for the misfortune! At least you guys had fun in your gym contest. You've gotten even leaner than last season too. Have you lost some unnecessary muscle mass as well?

  4. Tack för rolig vlogg Jens! En fråga som jag funderat på länge : varför skriver Ni skidåkare er signatur på den där glasskivan innan ni startar?

  5. En bra mix i vloggen och kul med tävlingen i gymmet. Bara och bryta ihop och komma igen när det gäller Nove Mesto. Det har ju annars gått väldigt bra denna säsong.

  6. Tack Jens för att du tar dig tid att vlogga, alltid lika roligt att följa. Blev sjukt imponerad av herr Nilssons bröstvå… nej biceps menar jag, som han visade upp i slutet 😉 💪

  7. Oflyt med vallningen och vurpan, men huvudsaken att du inte drog på dig någon skada i fallet. Du får fortsätta att njuta av Emelies tur istället! 🙂

  8. Watched your fall, FIS operators did show it from start to the end. How come you and Calle got into this race? I thought you both will prepare to next races. 35th is not bad out of 70.
    Be careful next race. I am rooting for you.

  9. Följde etapptiden, du var nånstans runt 10-15 innan fallet så formen verkar ju ändå finnas där för resultat. Nu börjar tremilssäsongen 🙂

  10. Hej Jens
    Detta lopp visades i Ryssland på central-tv. Under hela säsongen hålls endast 10-15 lopp, främst för män.

    Detta lopp kommenterades av Elena Vyalbe, olympisk mästare och president för ryska skidförbundet. Hon var upprörd och önskade dig hälsa.

    Lycka till under säsongen och inte längre falla. Ryssland och Norge behöver ett starkt Sverige.

    Tack, Jens och Klebo för videon, Gleb Retivykh gör dem också, men väldigt få och sällsynta.

    (Tack till översättaren google översättare)

  11. Good thing you wore the ankle bracelets so they could find you in the snow. Nothing broken except pride. Next race will be a lot better. Looking forward! 🤬 Go Jens

  12. Surt med stavbrott och fall, men det kommer fler tävlingsregler. Det är bara att titta framåt.

    Riktigt kul och se dig springa 3-minuterstempo på löpbandet. Men du såg ju för tusan inte ens trött ut!!! 😯 Bra jobbat! 😀 Själv skulle man ju inte ens orka 3 sekunder i DEN farten.

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