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– What’s up, elite THENX
athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official THENX. Today we’re with Magga Braco, to get all you girls bikini body ready. Let’s do it. (cool synth music) All right, so let’s get started. Today’s video is for all
you THENX girls out there, we got Magga Braco in the THENX gym, and we’re gonna do a workout that’s gonna get you bikini body ready. All right, but before
we start this workout, I want to say that just doing
those generic booty workouts, it’s a good start, but it’s not going to give
you the shape that you want. Getting in shape is a complete body thing, you have to work out all
the muscles in your body. You can’t just expect
to work out your glutes and think that you’re gonna get in the best shape of your life. It doesn’t work that way. You need to be working out your upper body as well as your lower body. – Yes, also, as you know, getting big is a result of caloric surplus and lifting heavy. – [Chris] Exactly. – Yeah, I always train my upper body. – Exactly. Magga, she trains
her upper body with me, we train together all the time, she does upper body workouts all the time, and she still keeps her frame. As you can see, she’s toned, and the reason why she’s not getting big is because she’s not lifting
those super, super heavy lifts, and she’s not creating a caloric surplus. She’s actually on a caloric deficit which is keeping her body nice and toned. So, this misconception of girls, “Oh, I don’t want to
work out my upper body” because you’re scared of getting too big, that is not gonna happen. Especially with body weight training, the thing about that is you’re building really,
really, really dense muscles, so you can be doing this stuff for years, and you’re going to
develop slowly over time, but you’re not going to putting
on crazy amounts of mass. You have to be lifting heavy, and you have to be
having a caloric surplus to really be getting those mass gains. And of course, you have to be
doing the compound movements, which are gonna give you those gains. So, girls, do not be afraid
to work out your upper body, workout your lower body,
work out your upper body, do cardio, do high-intensity
training, do everything, and you are going to get
the body that you want. So now we’re going to a workout that’s going to get you bikini body ready. It’s going to target the areas that all you women are
normally struggling with, which is the areas here,
and the lower back, up here, belly fat area, exactly, glutes, legs, hamstrings, basically your whole body. So we’re going to be doing a
lot of whole body workouts, but we’re going to be
specifically doing glutes, specifically doing core, back, and arms, and we’re also going to show you how to incorporate some
calisthenics, upper body. And a lot of these moves, as
well, are compound movements, so they’re going to be engaging
your upper body anyway. Like the first move that we
have, which is Walking Lunges. I chose this move because you’re gonna be engaging
your back, your shoulders, your forearms, your core, just by moving, with this movement, and of course, you’re gonna be engaging
the majority of your legs, your quads, your glutes,
your hamstrings, your calves. After that, we’re gonna
move on into Sumo Deadlifts, we’re gonna go for 10 reps. From there we’re going
to go into Box Step Ups, with dumbbells, we’re gonna
go six times each leg. Then we’re gonna move on to
High Knee Taps for 30 seconds. From there, we’re gonna go
into Australian Pull Ups, for 10 reps. Then we’re going to move
into Spiderman Push Ups, about 20 feet. Then we’re moving into Walking Squats. From there we have Hanging Toes To Bar, we’re gonna go for 10 times. And then lastly, we’re gonna
finish off with 30 Squats. So what do you think, Magga,
are you ready for this? – [Magga] Oh my God. – [Chris] Let’s do it, girl. – [Magga] I’m ready. – Wooh! All right, so I chose these moves to really get your heart rate up, we we’re going to be burning fat as well as toning our bodies
throughout this whole workout. So the first move we’re going
to do is Walking Lunges. Let’s go for it. All right. We’re gonna get that bikini
body ready for the summer, let’s do it. And we just got a boat, so
we’re gonna have a lot of fun. Here we go. Walking Lunges.
You wanna get right there. 3.. 2.. 1… let’s do it. (cool synth music) And back. You know what, let’s go back backwards, because when you go backwards, you’re gonna be engaging
these muscles differently. Try to control this. (cool synth music) There you go, all right,
we’re good on these. Let’s put them back. Let me tie my shoe really quick. There you go, that’s a nice little break. All right, moving on. Sumo Deadlifts, you ready? Here we go. So now we’re going to
do a compound movement that’s going to hit our
outer quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, shoulders. Let’s go for it. Ready? Let’s do it. (cool synth music) I feel that. Good job. Alrighty. Let’s move on: Box Step Ups. Let’s go for it, six times each leg. Ready? (cool synth music) Is that six? All right, just making sure. Circle onto your side. Cool. (cool synth music) There we go. Woooh. All right, High Knee Taps. We’re gonna go for 30 seconds. Let me hit that timer. 3.. 2.. 1… (cool synth music) All right? Good job. Let’s move on. Australian Pull Ups. You want to come right here? We’re gonna go for 10. Let’s do it. (cool synth music) All right. Woooh. Piece of cake. All right, we’re ready. What’s the next one? Spiderman Push Ups. Ready for this? Let’s go
all the way to the end. We got this. I used to do this one all the time, back in the old gym, do you remember? All right, let’s go for some Spidermans. (moody synth music) All right, girl, you’re killing
it, girl, you’re killing it. Alrighty. Next we have Walking Squats. Ready? – [Magga] Ready. – [Chris] Let’s go for it. Be sure to keep that back
straight. Don’t slouch over. Get a nice little pump every time you go. All right. Let’s go all the way to the end. (moody synth music) Next, we have Hanging Toes To Bar. See, Magga’s tough, so she’s
going to do this with me. But if you girls can’t do this, you can always just do
some Knee Raises instead. All right, ready for some
Toes To Bar? Let’s go for 10. (moody synth music) One more. Girl, you’ve gotten a lot better. Alrighty. Now, we’re going to
finish off with 30 Squats. Ready to do it? Here we go. 3.. 2.. 1… Let’s go. (funky synth music) Last one. Woooh! Girl, you killed it. All right, that’s the first round. We got two more rounds to
go to complete the workout. If you guys like this workout, “like” the video, comment, share it with somebody that can use it, and of course subscribe
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now at Magga, you rock, girl. – You rock. – Check out Magga Braco, one
of my best friends right here, you can go on, check out her own Youtube
channel, she’s awesome, and she has some really
cool booty dance workouts, and booty dance videos, they’re
awesome. Check them out. Thank you guys so much. Peace. (cool synth music)

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