Nude Gym-Goer Claims He Thought Planet Fitness Was a ‘Judgement- Free’ Zone

Hey guys for Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez. Imagine running on the treadmill at your gym
and seeing a fully grown man walk in naked and start doing yoga. You’d probably be scarred for life. Unfortunately that hypothetical situation
is all too real for some gym members at Planet Fitness in New Hampshire. 34-year-old Eric Stagno walked into the crowded
Planet Fitness, stripped down at the door, checked himself out in the mirror, then proceeded
to do yoga in broad daylight. Eric was arrested around 1:30p.m. but his
defense was that he thought Planet Fitness was a judgement free zone. Fair enough considering one of the company’s
new commercials advertises the gym’s no-judgement philosophy. Too bad for Eric though, because nudity is
not a part of the judgement free zone and now he’s been charged with indecent exposure/lewdness
and disorderly conduct. According to the Boston Globe, police Captain
Brett Morgan said, QUOTE CARD– Police Captain Brett Morgan via
The Boston Globe When officers arrived, they found him there,
completely nude: on his knees in a yoga-type position. He walked into the gym, stripped down at the
door, then proceeded to walk back and forth a couple of times before settling in on the
yoga mats Some of the comments that witnesses gave ranged
from being uncomfortable, disgusted, sick, and unsafe. All great words you want to be described of
while naked. Morgan said there were more witnesses coming
forward that authorities could count for. Eric also had some drug paraphernalia in his
possession, though it’s unclear if he was on drugs when he rocked his birthday suit. It would make more sense than believing the
gym’s “judgement free zone” slogan though. Eric has been released on bail and will be
going to court on September 21st. //// That’s your news for now, for more on
this and the rest of today’s stories subscribe to Complex on YouTube. For Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez.

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